Obituaries June-July 2013

PHIL ASTBURY (employed from 1982-2013) Service Delivery, Bus Transportation, Malvern Division. Died on July 11 at age 62.

JOAN BELL (employed from 1970-1989) Finance, Labour Accounting. Died on June 22 at age 92.

FRANCIS BOSSENCE (employed from 1968-1987) Transportation, Lansdowne Division. Died on June 14 at age 87.

JOSEPH BROWN (employed from 1988-2008) Bus Transportation, Wilson Division. Died on July 10 at age 65.

THOMAS CONNOLLY (employed from 1973-1996) Subway Operations, Greenwood Shop. Died on June 6 at age 80.

JOSEPH CORBEIL (employed from 1960-1991) Transportation, Birchmount Division. Died on July 3 at age 80.

WILMER DUECK (employed from 1968-2001) Surface Operations, Birchmount Division. Died on July 14 at age 79.

RENE DUMAS (employed from 1959-1989) Schedules, Operational Planning. Died on July 8 at age 77.

DONALD ELLIOTT (employed from 1948-1978) General Counsel of Legal and Claims, Executive. Died on June 29 at age 96.

ANTONIO FERRONE (employed from 1952-1986) Plant. Died on April 21 at age 92.

CHESTER KASSALIK (employed from 1954-1986) Plant, Heating. Died on June 26 at age 86.

JOHN MACDONALD (employed from 1946-1984) Safety and Security. Died on June 14 at age 89.

JOSEPH MIKLOSI (employed from 1964-1989) Safety and Security. Died on June 30 at age 89.

ALVIN PAUL (employed from 1994-2013) Service Delivery Group, Streetcar Transportation, Russell Division. Died on June 18 at age 55.

DOUGLAS PERKINS (employed from 1949-1986) Transportation, Malvern Division. Died on June 20 at age 88.

NORMAN TUCKER (employed from 1948-1982) Transportation, Eglinton Division. Died on May 2 at age 91.

RAYMOND WHISTON (employed from 1974-2002) Surface Operations, Arrow Road Division. Died on July 5 at age 72.

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