Obituaries May-June 2013

IVO BISCHOF (employed from 1962-1996) Surface Operations, Wilson Division. Died on June 3 at age 82.

ANTHONY CAPPUCCIO (employed from 1975-1993) Equipment, Eglinton Garage. Died on May 15 at age 82.

JASON CATE (employed from 2003-2013) Service Delivery, Bus Transportation, Malvern Division. Died on May 31 at age 36.

JOHN DIBIASE (employed from 1965-1994) Equipment, Roncesvalles Carhouse. Died on June 2 at age 88.

IVAN DINGLE (employed from 1963-1989) Gray Coach Lines. Died on May 20 at age 84.

FRANK DVORAK (employed from 1951-1988) Transportation, Danforth Division. Died on June 4 at age 88.

JOHN ETHIER (employed from 1978-1998) Service Planning, Field Staff. Died on May 19 at age 81.

HERMINIO GALEZ (employed from 1989-1998) Wheel-Trans, Lakeshore Garage. Died on May 25 at age 67.

LEE HEYWOOD (employed from 1987-1998) Surface Operations, Roncesvalles Division. Died on June 8 at age 65.

JENS HOLST (employed from 1962-1994) Engineering, Design Co-ordination. Died on May 19 at age 75.

JAMES MASSON (employed from 1964-1993) Surface Operations, Queensway Division. Died on March 24 at age 77.

LIVINGSTON MITCHELL (employed from 1988-2006) Bus Maintenance and Shops, Malvern Garage. Died on May 7 at age 71.

BARBARA MORROW (employed from 1989-2010) Wheel-Trans, Lakeshore Division. Died on May 21 at age 67.

GEORGE PARSONS (employed from 1974-2008) Signals/Electrical/Communications, Signals Engineering. Died on May 25 at age 60.

MICHAEL PLESE (employed from 1969-2000) Signals/Electrical/Communications, Subway Wiring and Service. Died on May 17 at age 65.

ALEC RALPH (employed from 1974-2002) Surface Transportation, Birchmount Division. Died on May 17 at age 65.

FRANK VANVUGT (employed from 1965-1995) Surface Operations, Queensway Division. Died on May 14 at age 75.

CLAYTON WHITE (employed from 1957-1987) Gray Coach Lines. Died on June 1 at age 81.

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