Obituaries April-May 2013

JAMES ARSENAULT (employed from 2001-2013) Service Delivery Group, Streetcar Transportation, Roncesvalles Division. Died on April 28 at age 53.

JACK BARNES (employed from 1961-1992) Surface Operations, Eglinton Garage. Died on May 10 at age 72.

JACK FERDMAN (employed from 1996-2013) Operations Group, Subway Transportation, Danforth Division. Died on May 8 at age 63.

ROLAND GUILBAULT (employed from 1973-1989) Transportation, Davenport Division. Died on April 19 at age 85.

MIKE HAWRYLKO (employed from 1965-1988) Transportation, Wilson Division. Died on April 19 at age 90.

WILLIAM LEMAY (employed from 1966-1993) Surface Operations, Russell Carhouse. Died on April 9 at age 84.

ALEXANDER MURRAY (employed from 1977-2005) Surface Transportation, Malvern Division. Died on May 2 at age 73.

BRIAN MURTHA (employed from 1982-2013) Operations Group, Rail Cars and Shops, Davisville Carhouse. Died on May 7 at age 62.

HOWARD NICHOLSON (employed from 1963-1989) Transportation, Collectors Division. Died on April 22 at age 80.

SAVIOUR PORTELLI (employed from 1953-1989) Equipment, Duncan Shop. Died on April 27 at age 84.

MICHAEL SISKO (employed from 1951-1989) Transportation, Queensway Division. Died on April 11 at age 88.

ANTHONY TAI (employed from 1975-2003) Surface Transportation, Wilson Division. Died on May 7 at age 72.

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