Obituaries October-November 2013

LAWRENCE BABINEAU (employed from 1962-1989) Gray Coach Lines. Died on November 1 at age 83.

PATRICK CRONIN (employed from 1971-1998) Surface Operations, Malvern Division. Died on October 1 at age 76.

LOUIS GEORGIADIS (employed from 1968-1998) Surface Operations, Malvern Division. Died on October 22 at age 71.

KENDALL HYDE (employed from 1969-1995) Surface Operations, Queensway Division. Died on October 26 at age 82.

MAUREEN MAGEE (employed from 1998-2013) Corporate Services Group, Information Technology Services, Client Services. Died on October 25 at age 61.

JOHN MENDONCA (employed from 1954-1988) Equipment, Duncan Shop. Died on October 5 at age 85.

ROBERT MILLIKEN (employed from 1954-1985) Equipment, Birchmount Garage. Died on October 27 at age 78.

RAYMOND PEDDLE (employed from 1973-1999) Surface Operations, Eglinton Division. Died on October 28 at age 74.

SHANTHY RUPASINGHA (employed from 1976-2008) Surface Operations, Wilson Garage. Died on October 25 at age 68.

WALTER SCHULZ (employed from 1965-1985) Equipment, Harvey Shop. Died on October 3 at age 87.

WARREN SCOTTWOOD (employed from 1980-2000) Surface Operations, Russell Division. Died on October 6 at age 68.

ALBERT TAYLOR (employed from 1964-1993) Engineering and Construction, Construction. Died on October 20 at age 82.

GORDON WILCOX (employed from 1963-1996) Service Planning, Traffic Checkers. Died on October 4 at age 82.

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