Dupont Collector expresses sincerest thanks

I am the Collector who was hurt at Dupont Station last February. I'm at home now, recovering.

Dear Coupler,

I am the Collector who was hurt at Dupont Station last February. I'm at home now, recovering.

After my initial surgery, I had the second bullet removed in a follow-up procedure in April. I still have swallowing and talking problems. I also still have some confusion and fear.

I am trying to organize myself to thank all those who have been so concerned for my health and safety during this time.

I would like to thank all the frontline staff and management for all their kindness, help, support and care.

A special thanks to Andy Byford, Karen Stintz, Bob Kinnear, Rocco Signorile, and other union members who have been very kind, concerned and helpful. Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support – a very big thanks.

A special note of thanks to Wheel-Trans management and Operators who arranged to transport my wife to and from the hospital every day.  I never expected so many people would be so concerned about me.

Flowers came from many people, including co-workers, union execs, Mr. Byford, and even a young customer from Dupont Station. Many thanks for these to you all.

I am so pleased that the TTC and Toronto Police held their press conference last Tuesday morning (May 29) announcing the $25,000 reward for info leading to arrest and conviction of the person who shot me this past Feb 26th.

I hope this reward helps someone to come forward with what they know about this event. We really need to get this person off the streets and to protect the citizens of Toronto. I have no personal vendetta. But I have many friends who live and study near Dupont Station and I’m worried for each of them while this attacker is still free to walk the streets.

Thank you to all of you!

Collector at Dupont Station

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