Lovely day for a streetcar ride

Test car #4401 was taken out for a ride on Bathurst Street on July 23.

Test car #4401 was taken out for a ride on Bathurst Street on July 23.

The TTC gave the media a preview ride on the third test car, which arrived on property last month. The media was taken from Hillcrest to Bathurst Station and back.

The TTC now has all three test cars (#4400, #4401 and #4402) on property.

Car #4401 was operated by Maintenance Instructor Allen Boyd. LRV Curriculum Specialist Mark Knackstedt provided the media with a demonstration of the accessible ramp.

These vehicles are being used for extensive vehicle reliability, performance and technology verification testing. System compatibility tests include: accessibility features, platform- and on-street boarding interface with the vehicle, door operation, noise and vibration, farecard system and overhead power interface.

Car #4400 is presently loaded on a CP flatbed at the Hillcrest Yard spur line awaiting shipment to the National Research Council in Ottawa. All system functionalities, including heating and air conditioning on #4400 will undergo extreme temperature tests from -35 C to +40 C.

The first time the new streetcar appeared on Bathurst was a test run of #4400 on the night of March 15.

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