See something, say something

TTC employees are the eyes and ears of the system and play a vital role in keeping the transit system safe.


TTC employees are the eyes and ears of the system and play a vital role in keeping the transit system safe.

In the wake of the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, France on Nov. 13, all TTC employees are reminded to remain vigilant while working and riding on the TTC.

Although there is no evidence or information of a threat to the city of Toronto or the TTC, employees are reminded to observe and report any behaviours, activities or objects that are out of place or out of the ordinary.

“Employees know their workplace better than anyone in terms of what looks different, out of place or suspicious,” says Chief Special Constable Mark Cousins. “If you see something, say something by reporting it immediately to a uniformed employee on duty or Transit Control.”

The Transit Enforcement Unit has stepped up Special Constable patrols and will continue to work closely with the Toronto Police Service and other intelligence agencies across Canada and the U.S. to provide employees with any new updates regarding security conditions.

Visibility is vital when it comes to deterring crime. The TEU requests that employees wear their ID visibly at all times while working. All staff should also ensure their work areas are secured properly by not leaving doors propped open and by double checking doors that are supposed to be locked to ensure they are secured.

Employees are also reminded that while working or travelling on the system they may spot a suspicious object or package on TTC property or onboard vehicles. Report it to a uniformed employee on duty, identify yourself by full name and badge number and provide pertinent details, such as: what is the unusual incident, its location and direction and vehicle number, if applicable.

Subway riders are also being reminded through PA announcements to report suspicious or unusual activity to TTC staff.

If you see something, say something. Observe and report anything suspicious right away. Your attention to detail is greatly appreciated.

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