Rewards and Recognition Winter 2022

Congratulations to all the recipients of the Rewards and Recognition Winter 2022 program held virtually on February 15.

Customer Service Award Winners

Kathy Devos - Operator, Bus Transportation
Kathy had a biohazard on her bus and was told to drive back to the garage to change vehicles. Instead, she flagged down a bus that was heading in, and asked to switch vehicles, which allowed her to go back into service with a different bus much sooner. By finding a way to minimize delays on the 501 line, Kathy demonstrated great pride and dedication to customer service.

Julian Green - Technical Analyst, IT Services
Julian always provides exceptional customer service, not only to the IT Service Department, but to other business as well. He is quick to respond to inquiries, works diligently to find solutions and follows up to confirm whether issues have been resolved. Julian is committed to excellence and regularly goes above and beyond in his day-to-day work.

Milica Micevski - Station Collector, Stations
Milica demonstrates an unparalleled emotional intelligence in her daily interactions with the public and her colleagues. She mentors others, resolves conflicts and addresses tricky subjects with professionalism and courtesy. She has developed a unique rapport with the public and has a positive impact on those around her.

Michael Puplett – Transit Operations Manager, Transit Control
Michael took the initiative to improve schedules for Mobile Supervisors and Dispatchers, which improved efficiency, emphasized employees’ personal needs and reduced absenteeism. On many occasions, Michael has attended traumatic personal injury scenes on his own time to help with crowd control, clean-up and whatever else is required.

Devon Webley - Station Collector, Stations
Devon comes to work every day with a friendly and approachable attitude. He takes pride in his job and the station he is working in. Every morning he wipes down the microphone and counter outside of the booths because he truly cares about customer safety. Devon goes out of his way to make sure customers understand his directions and even walks with them, if needed.

Safety Award Winners

Stephanie Fortin - Occupational Hygiene/Environment Manager, Safety/Environment 
Stephanie has provided consistent and clear messaging on how management should handle COVID-19 within her work group. She has been the Subject Matter Expert and participated in weekly COVID-19 call-ins attended by both management and union leaders. Through her work, she has made critical operations areas more resilient and enhanced the safety of TTC workers.

Joseph Lacaria - Substations Foreperson, Subway Infrastructure 
Joseph took the initiative to investigate and improve the TTC’s safety program by identifying gaps and hazards. To ensure the TTC is meeting requirements, he has helped improve signage and documentation, implemented arc flash clothing and improved the eBus area. He has increased electrical safety awareness among all non-electrical employees.

Dave Ramnarine - Supervisory Control/Data Acquisition Technician, Grade 1, Plant Maintenance 
Dave helps co-workers and management become aware of daily safety-related agendas. His proactive approach saves time and energy and has greatly improved safety-related items for his area.

Diversity Award Winners

Shabnum Durrani - Head, Corporate Communications 
Through Shabnum’s leadership, the Corporate Communications Department has expanded its participation in recognition days and months. The employee communications that the TTC creates for recognition months have reached more people, and have become more focused on first-person experiences. Shabnum also encourages the team to learn more about diverse perspectives and experiences in the transit industry, and is an active member of COMTO.

Cindy Lepine - Customer Service Agent, Stations
Through her work on the Line 1 Extension/University Spadina Zone newsletter, Cindy demonstrates incredible teamwork. Her way of collaborating with others underlines the importance of inclusivity. She always takes input seriously and offers suggestions on how to make content better and even more inclusive. Through the newsletter, she effectively communicates events, safety information, departmental career moves and diversity information to a diverse audience.

Amoy Wynter - Customer Service Agent, Stations 
Amoy has a knack for finding things in common with customers, no matter their background, age or gender, to deliver customer service that the customer will remember and appreciate. He has gone above and beyond as a CSA through his role on the Health and Safety Board and as a member of COMTO. Through COMTO he has shown other transportation employees the importance of diversity and highlighted the achievements of other people of colour.

Innovation and Creativity Award Winners

Sam Farhangi - Manager, Bus Maintenance/Shops 
While focusing on his regular duties, Sam is always looking for new ways to improve the reliability of the bus fleet. He advocates for improvements that enhance customer satisfaction and experience. He always provides thoughtful and effective options to customers and always follows up to ensure resolutions are in place.

Michael Puplett – Transit Operations Manager, Transit Control 
Michael identified gaps in training and knowledge amongst his team members and created a skills matrix. He then mapped out a plan to help his team achieve the skills, training and tools each member was missing. He worked with OTC to cater to his team’s specific needs. He was able to increase employee productivity and boost confidence in his team members.

Leadership Award Winners

Robert Hoddinott - Operator, Bus Transportation 
Robert has set up and continues to maintain a support group for new Operators. He supports new Operators and reminds everybody of the importance of customer service. Day or night, Robert is available to help others, even on his time off and on weekends.

Troy Morris - Divisional Assistant Manager (Nights/Weekends), Operations Support 
Troy created an extensive training program for the 144s, which included in-field peer training, employee relations training, divisional and clerical training necessary for the job’s requirements. Troy always demonstrates leadership characteristics whether on or off the clock to ensure his new co-workers have the tools and support they need. His professionalism, leadership and credibility are exceptional.

Bill Mylonas - Foreperson, Wiring and Service 
Bill takes the time to make sure employees are comfortable with their job responsibilities. He listens to his crew members and takes action immediately when there’s an issue. Bill demonstrated great leadership when he took responsibility for resolving problems with the bus wash at McNicoll Garage. His positive attitude motivates others to do better and resolve issues more effectively.

Dany Ricardo - Category Manager, Procurement/Category Management 
Dany has strengthened the Operations Group’s Internal Stakeholders Compliance with TTC Category Management System policies. He started a training program that provided Subway Infrastructure and the Infrastructure and Engineering Group with updates on category management procedures, increasing use of available training tools by 50 per cent. There are now 60 per cent fewer non-compliant audited documents within the Subway Infrastructure Department.

Parth Suthaharan - Project Manager, Major Projects 
Parth always works with the team to properly distribute work tasks for best use of time and resources. He demonstrates professionalism, ethics and integrity in all he does. He would not leave things hanging, nor does he let things go, if things are complex. He gives his team members all of the tools, authority and direction needed to achieve their work goals.

Robert Toplis - Divisional Manager (Bus and Rail Transportation), Bus Transportation 
Rob is a strong leader and inspires others around him to excel. He improves the overall work environment by supporting employees at all levels. He actively shares important information with his team. Rob has an open-door approach and is always available for advice and guidance. He has a genuine interest in seeing his staff succeed.

Dwyke Young - Station Supervisor, Stations 
Dwyke consistently exhibits amazing leadership skills and constantly uplifts customers and employees around him with his infectious charm and humour. Everyone that he supports recognizes his commitment to the organization. The work he does is exceptional. Dwyke is positive, encouraging, knowledgeable and is always more than willing to help.

Teamwork Award Winners

Project Team (Construction, Major Projects, Project Management Office, Procurement and Category Management): Mina Baik, Murat Caliskan, Jonathon Carpino, Bryan Chung, Ziad Dawd, Mark DeCoste, John Dimovski, Eric Faber, Marcello Favaro, Murtadha Hamid, Kenneth Hui, Athir Jamil, Kerri Lai, Charles Lee, Claudio Luciani, Jason Macdonald, Brian Merits, Hari Nair, Enzo Scroppo, Renata Wojteczko and Qi Zong

The project team, made up of staff from the Engineering, Construction and Expansion, and Procurement and Category Management, collaborated with many external stakeholders to complete the design and construction of McNicoll Bus Garage. The project team worked countless extra hours to meet project deadlines and deliverables. They engaged many stakeholders to minimize the impact on neighbouring residents, reduce the project cost and accelerate project timelines. 

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