TTC to expand solar panel use

The TTC is exploring opportunities to incorporate solar panels at all bus garages as part of the eBus charging infrastructure. This will build on the success of existing initiatives, such as the rooftop solar panels at the McNicoll facility.

The TTC’s large, flat roofs are ideal for solar panels and some garages may be able to generate as much energy as they consume. To store excess energy during the day, cutting-edge energy management systems will direct the power into the eBus fleet or large battery storage systems. Stored energy can reduce the demand on the electricity grid at night or be part of backup power systems.

Solar panels will also be added to Greenwood Complex as part of the Greenwood Pilot under the Innovation and Sustainability Program. The study phase of the pilot seeks to improve energy conservation and efficiency, thermal and solar performance, evaluate innovative renewable energy generation opportunities, maximize carbon offsets, and harden operations during extreme weather events.

Through these and other initiatives, the TTC is prioritizing ways to make the TTC greener and more sustainable, and better serve future customers. Solar power energy can offset the energy needed during the most expensive and polluting times of the day, keeping the air cleaner and reducing energy costs.

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