Message from the Executives

Attention TTC All-Stars!

The NBA All-Star Weekend is almost here! I e-mailed all of you last week and now here are the details as promised.

Dear all,

The NBA All-Star Weekend is almost here! I e-mailed all of you last week and now here are the details as promised.

Toronto is proud to host the NBA All-Star Weekend this year. This is an honour for our great city, and the first time the NBA All-Star event takes place outside of the United States.

At the TTC, we want to provide world-class customer service during special events – for all those attending, visitors from out of town and our regular customers.

It’s clear from everything our customers have told us that having more employees available to help during special events like this is a slam dunk for improving our reputation.

The NBA All-Star Weekend takes place Feb. 12-14. This is a great opportunity to show your TTC pride! It’s also an opportunity to work with colleagues from other areas while providing a great service directly to our customers.

There’s an FAQ below, but if you’ve read through this and still have questions please e-mail: and someone will respond as soon as possible.

Sign up now by clicking the link or copying and pasting it into your browser: There are a variety of shift times and locations, including at Union, Bloor-Yonge and Bathurst.

To be an Ambassador, you may trade one of your regular shifts (or a portion of it) for one of the NBA All-Star Weekend Ambassador shifts. For example, you might want to trade a half-day during the week for an evening, or a full-day for a couple of Ambassador shifts.

Anyone who received training as an Ambassador for the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games is eligible. Please speak with your manager before you sign up.

Thank you for helping make the TTC a transit system that makes Toronto proud!

Chris Upfold
Deputy CEO/Chief Customer Officer
January 23, 2015

2016 NBA All-Star Weekend Ambassador FAQ

What is an Ambassador?
A TTC Ambassador is someone who will help transit riders by providing directions and answering any questions they may have. During the 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend there will be many first-time customers travelling on the TTC. It’s important that we make them feel comfortable and welcome. Ambassadors will provide customer service, way finding, and information to our customers as well as accessibility information and alternative routes in case of any elevator outages. During peak times, they will provide crowd control.

Ambassadors are also the eyes and ears of the TTC.  They will be expected to report any suspicious activities at their locations.

At every location there will be a Location Lead. The Location Lead will provide a briefing at the start of each shift, place you in a specific location, and familiarize you with the station itself. The Leads will be uniformed frontline Supervisors.

How do I know if I am I eligible to sign up for Ambassador shifts?
All hands on deck! We need employees from all areas to help out. This is a great opportunity to step out of the office and get involved during this exciting time for Toronto. If you’re interested, we want you! This will be a fun experience for all and a time for the TTC to shine.

This role is open to every current staff employee at the TTC who participated as a Games Ambassador during the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games.

I’m a frontline uniformed Supervisor. Am I eligible to do an Ambassador shift?
No. Uniformed Supervisors (mostly from Stations) will be the leads at the locations. As a frontline Supervisor, you’re vital to our daily operation so we need you to keep our transit system running.

Do I get paid for these Ambassador shifts?
Yes, you will be paid for the shifts you work, but it won’t be overtime pay. The hours you work as an Ambassador will count towards your total weekly hours. There are some exceptions to this, however.

If you’re a frontline uniformed Supervisor or an Instructor, you will already have a role during the games as a Location Lead. This means your regular work will likely be part of the coverage. If you choose to, you have the option of signing up for a shift as a volunteer. If you volunteer to support the All-Star Game you will not be paid, but you will be volunteering your time for a great purpose! You will be helping the TTC provide world-class customer service.

What if I work more than my total regular hours of work per week?
If your combined Ambassador hours and regular work hours are more than you’re regularly paid hours in a week, you’re volunteering your own time. This applies to staff employees with both a 35- and 40-hour work week.

What if I sign-up to work an evening or weekend shift?
The majority of activities for the All-Star Game are on the weekend and we need lots of Ambassadors available during those times. Taking a weekday (or part of a weekday) off in recognition of the time worked during a weekend may not be a bad idea as you may be able to extend one of your weekends. This is your opportunity to swap a weekday and work an evening, Saturday or Sunday instead.

Will I get any training?
You were already trained prior to your Pan-Am/Parapan Am Games Ambassador shifts. This training will help you perform your duties as an Ambassador. You asked and we listened! We will provide you with more detailed location specific information to help you assist customers more effectively.

Where are these Ambassador shifts?
There are three subway stations in the downtown core that will be our main focus. These stations are Bathurst, Union, and Bloor-Yonge.

Do I have to wear a uniform?
Yes, a smock will be provided to you when you check in with your Location Lead at the start of your shift. Please return the smock at the end of your shift.  Remember to dress according to the weather; some stations can be extremely cold in the winter so please come prepared.

How long are the Ambassador shifts?
The Ambassador shifts will be three or four hours in length.

Will I get any breaks?
Location Leads will provide a break as required. There will be no formal lunch break as the shifts are not very long.

What’s in it for me?
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Not only will these shifts be fun, you will be giving back to the TTC and bringing us one step closer to our vision of a transit system that makes Toronto proud.

When is the sign up?
The sign up system will be activated very soon! Please stay tuned for an e-mail letting you know the sign up is active and provide you with the link.

I picked a shift, but I changed my mind, could I cancel it?
Once you’ve selected your shifts you’ve committed to them and the system will not allow you to cancel them unless it is done within one hour from the time submitted. Please think about your selections prior to confirming so you’re not stuck on a shift you don’t really want to do.

What about payroll?  How do my hours get tracked?
There will be information going out to all Payroll Administrators explaining how to enter the information into the payroll system.

Rules of engagement

So you’ve read and understood the FAQs and you’re ready to sign up for shifts. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you sign up:

  1. Talk to your Manager and get their approval before you sign up. Let them know your intentions. It’s important to co-ordinate with others in your department.
  2. There are three basic rules everyone must follow:
  • You cannot work more than 16 hours in one day.
  • You must have a minimum of eight hours between shifts scheduled over two consecutive days.
  • You cannot work for more than 44 hours in a week. Although we said earlier you can volunteer to work more than your regular hours on your own time, you still cannot exceed 44 hours in one week.
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