Message from the Executives

Message from the Chief People Officer

Moving to a hybrid working model in April

As you may recall, in the fall of 2021, employees who had been primarily working from home began gradually returning to the office as we prepared to introduce a more formalized post-pandemic hybrid model. A lot has happened since then, including the implementation of the TTC’s Mandatory Vaccination Policy, a cybersecurity incident, and of course, the Omicron wave of the pandemic, which we are finally beginning to see subside.

With a vaccinated workforce in place, the TTC will reboot its plans to gradually return to the office while maintaining a balance of remote work. As always, this will be subject to the advice of Toronto Public Health and we will remain ready to adapt as we have many times before.

By April 4, 2022, all employees who have been working remotely will return to the office two to three days per week. We want to give everyone time to adjust, but if you would like to gradually return to office sooner, starting February 28, you can work with your manager and we can start returning slowly.

In the meantime, the TTC is developing a Flexible Work Policy to ensure that we emerge from the pandemic in a position to retain and offer a modern work environment for you as well as the new talent we want to attract. In the coming weeks, we will share our Flexible Work Policy; however, this policy will evolve over time as we learn from our experiences and best practices that allow you to bring your best work to the TTC.

Safety reminders
As always, the health and safety of employees is our top priority. We will continue to follow the TTC’s COVID-19 safety protocols while in the office:
• Complete a daily screening: If you are going into the office, you must complete your COVID-19 screening online through MyTTC | Home ( before arriving and no more than two hours before the start of your shift. If your workspace has a security guard, you can also speak with them to answer your screening questions.
Wear a mask: Medical masks are mandatory on all TTC properties, even if you are alone. It is only okay to take off your mask if you are actively eating or drinking.
Maintain physical distancing: We will no longer be enforcing capacity limits in the office. Please work with your Manager to ensure that your schedule in the office allows for physical distancing with others (two metres). Please follow the signs signalling which direction traffic should flow in the office as well as the signs indicating how many people are allowed in different spaces – these signs have been posted to help maintain physical distancing.
Use disinfectants and hand sanitizers provided: We continue to clean high-touch surfaces across all offices. Use the disinfectants, extra wipes and sanitizers that are provided in your work space, particularly if you are using a shared item or space. If you require any additional PPE, do not hesitate to reach out to your Manager or Supervisor.
Above all else, if you are feeling sick, even with mild COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home and get tested.

Stay tuned for more communications as we get closer to April. If you have any questions in the meantime, please speak with your manager.

Thank you for your ongoing hard work and dedication throughout the pandemic.

Mary Madigan-Lee
Chief People Officer
February 25, 2022

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