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Office of the Chief Executive

This week, the GTA was hammered by a massive snowstorm that won’t be forgotten for some time. Upwards of 40 centimetres of snow fell in Toronto with temperatures feeling like -14 Celsius. The last time Toronto saw more than 30 centimeters of snow was in 2008.

The snowstorm has made for long days for our workforce – especially when you take into account we are also dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The issue that’s not lost in all of this is that of employee burn-out. Employees across the organization were working above and beyond regular shifts to remain with vehicles, clear track switches or dig out yards and open cuts buried deep under heavy snow – not to mention starting or ending their shifts with major shovelling assignments at home.

The TTC prides itself for having a robust severe weather protocol that is activated before a storm hits. As is the case after each major weather event, we examine the circumstances and results and apply lessons learned to further evolve our procedures during severe weather conditions. You kept the City moving and I can’t thank you enough for everything you do.

But one thing we know is that the TTC is very fortunate to have a resilient and dedicated workforce. While our services were affected by situations beyond our control (i.e. snowbanks, cars foul of the rail, etc.), I think it’s widely recognized that the TTC continued to provide the best possible service to our customers over snow-covered routes – in the safest way possible.

COVID-19 boosters available
Next week will mark the second anniversary of COVID-19 in Toronto. I know we have had to make many changes here at the TTC and in our personal lives. I know we are all looking forward to putting this pandemic behind us. We know getting vaccinated remains one of the most effective ways to do that.

I’m pleased to say that the TTC is once again planning a number of vaccine clinics for employees to make it easier to get your booster. There’s more information below about the upcoming employee booster clinics.

Please remain diligent and book a booster shot as soon as you can – it’s important to not let your guard down. Along with the TTC clinics, you can also use the City of Toronto website to find a clinic closest to you.

Richard J. Leary
Chief Executive Officer
January 21, 2022


Upcoming COVID-19 booster clinics

• January 26: Sheppard Distribution Centre
• January 28: Hillcrest Complex (Subway Ops lunchroom)
• February 1: McNicoll Garage
• February 3: Leslie Barns
• February 7: Wilson Training Centre
• February 8: McBrien Building
• February 9: Hillcrest Complex (Subway Ops lunchroom)
• February 11: Sheppard Distribution Centre
• February 14: McNicoll Garage

Open to TTC employees, consultants and contractors. All clinics will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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