Message from the Executives

FROM THE CEO: TTC Board Highlights

On Thursday (July 15), Commissioners sat for their last scheduled meeting of this Board term – and their first in-person session since February 2020.

My opening remarks began with our deepest condolences to Ms. Nyima Dolma, the victim of the horrible attack at Kipling Station on June 17. Ms. Dolma died in hospital on July 5. She was 28 years old and dedicated her life to assisting others through her work as a professional caregiver.

I wanted her family, friends and loved ones to know that our thoughts are with them as they grieve their loss.

Updates from the Board Meeting

I also updated Board members on the impact that last Friday’s (July 8) Rogers outage had on the TTC. Fortunately, we saw only minor disruptions to our business thanks to good planning more than a decade ago. The TTC has a redundancy backup system in place for network connectivity through two providers – Rogers and Bell.

When the Rogers system went down, we were able to re-route all our internet traffic through the Bell system and maintain hardwired internet connectivity to, from and between TTC work locations. We experienced only a temporary setback to Wheel-Trans operations until we switched to radio communications. For PRESTO sales, only debit purchases that rely on the Interac service were offline. Credit cards and cash were still being accepted in our vending machines.

TTC employees with mobile phones lost network connectivity as our cell phones are with Rogers. As a result, we’re looking at a similar emergency backup plan for mobile devices. I want to thank Dhaksayan Shanmuganayagam, Head of IT Services, and his team for leading us through an outage that affected Rogers customers across Canada.

TTC to expand Wi-Fi Pilot
Later this summer we’ll be expanding the public Wi-Fi pilot on two additional bus routes – 165 Weston Road North and 34 Eglinton East. This is part of a phased proof-of-concept trial aimed at improving the TTC’s service offerings, and is specifically launching on routes in Neighbourhood Improvement Areas as part of the ConnectTO program in Toronto.

Last year, we introduced public Wi-Fi on buses on the 35/935 Jane and 102/902 Markham Road services. That means we now have Wi-Fi enabled on more than 180 buses. Data gathered from the pilot is assisting the TTC as we develop a business case for expansion of the program. Special decals on those buses will inform customers that Wi-Fi service is available.

The TTC Board voted on several major reports and staff recommendations on Thursday. Please see below for highlights of Commission decisions approved this week.

Stay safe.

Richard J. Leary
Chief Executive Officer
July 15, 2022

TTC Board Highlights

TTC Board Meeting July 14, 2022

Advancing the 5-Year Service Plan (2024-2028) & 10-Year Outlook Reset
After receiving a detailed staff presentation, the TTC Board endorsed the project purpose and work plan for the next 5-Year Service Plan (5YSP 2024-2028) & 10-Year Outlook and approved the following two motions:

Request staff to review ridership levels on different weekdays due to changing work and travel patterns, and incorporate the findings in the development of the 5-Year Service Plan & 10-Year Outlook.

• Request the TTC CEO consider options for improving service levels and reliability on the 51 Leslie route, in line with ridership demand, through possible increased service, splitting the route north and south of Leslie Station, and other last-mile options as part of the 2023 Annual Service Plan.

The report provides an overview of lessons learned with regards to COVID-19 over the past-two-and-a-half years. Based on the work completed to date, the findings of this report will form the basis for engagement with the community as part of the 2023 Annual Service Plan process currently underway this year. Building on these findings, work will then begin to develop the next 5-Year Service Plan & 10-Year Outlook, which will be presented to the Board in Q4 2023.

The objective, work plan and approach to undertaking the reset is specifically focused on accessible, conventional transit services. Strategies and initiatives identified will look to make the accessible conventional system more attractive to potential new customers, such as Wheel-Trans registrants taking Family of Services trips, and to diverse travellers in Toronto.

Transit Network Expansion Update
The TTC Board received a fourth update report on the progress of transit projects to expand the TTC network. Among the approved recommendations included delegating authority to the TTC CEO to authorize hiring of a total of up to 86 Line 6 Finch West Operator, Transit/Power Control, Instructor, divisional clerical and supervisory positions, as of January 1, 2023 and in advance of 2023 budget approval, if required, to meet the Line 6 mobilization timeline.

The report provides updates on the following programs:

• Provincial LRT Program: Line 5 Eglinton and Line 6 Finch West;

Provincial Priority Subway Program: Yonge North Subway Extension project (Line 1 Yonge Extension); Scarborough Subway Extension project (Line 2 East Extension); Ontario Line project (which will become the new Line 3); and Eglinton Crosstown West Extension project (Line 5 Eglinton West Extension);

City Priority Transit Expansion Projects: Eglinton East LRT, Waterfront East LRT, RapidTO, Durham-Scarborough BRT and Dundas BRT.

As the network operator, the TTC must provide a seamless and reliable customer journey. This includes a consistent fare payment and wayfinding experience and an overall seamless customer experience that is consistent across the TTC network.

Green Bus and Wheel-Trans Green Bus Program Update
Board members received for information the Green Bus and Wheel-Trans Green Bus Program Update with the following recommendations:

Direct staff to report back to the TTC Board in January 2023 on the status of the eBus procurement through the CEO’s Report; and

• Endorse TTC staff’s continued efforts to develop a financing strategy to enable the TTC to contribute to the funding of its Innovation and Sustainability Program implementation such that operating savings, from fleet electrification and other innovation and sustainability initiatives, can be reallocated to offset TTC operating costs and be secured to service debt borrowing costs for capital works arising from the implementation of the TTC’s Innovation and Sustainability Program.

The following motion moved by TTC Chair was also approved: The TTC Board request staff to review and evaluate durable seat covering options that are easily cleaned and maintained.

The TTC’s Green Bus Program includes the procurement of only eBuses starting in 2024, one year ahead of the 2025 target. The current program schedule will target full fleet conversion to zero-emissions by 2037, which is three years ahead of the City’s TransformTO Net Zero Strategy target of 2040.

As part of the transition to a zero-emissions Wheel-Trans bus fleet, the TTC is planning to procure its last gasoline buses (six-metre and seven-metre) between 2028 and 2029. In parallel, the TTC will begin its battery-electric Wheel-Trans eBus pilot program.

With the finalization of the TTC-PowerON principal agreement targeted for Q3 2022, the TTC is ramping up work to install 540 charge points at eight garages between 2023 and 2025 to support the 400 eBuses anticipated for delivery during this timeframe.

Easier Access Phase III project status
Commissioners approved a status update report on the Easier Access Phase III project. To date, 55 stations are accessible and there are 17 remaining subway stations to be made accessible by 2025. Since the last update to the Board in February 2022, elevator construction has increased to 14 stations: Lansdowne, Donlands, College, Summerhill, Rosedale, Castle Frank, Glencairn, Greenwood, Lawrence, Christie, High Park, Spadina, Museum and Warden (EA component). Another three stations remain in the design or procurement phases. In 2023, up to 16 stations will be in various stages of construction. There remains a number of challenges at King, Old Mill and Islington stations, which may delay the start of construction and meeting the AODA compliance date for accessibility by January 1, 2025.

Ernst & Young (EY), at the direction of the TTC CEO, has conducted a review of the Easier Access Phase III program. EY is in the process of completing the deep dive review of the following stations: Islington EA and Redevelopment, King, Old Mill, Spadina and Lawrence. Based on its preliminary findings, Islington, King and Old Mill are at risk of not meeting the AODA deadline.

Contract for Russell Carhouse track and yard overhaul
Board members approved the award of a contract worth $42.6 million (inclusive of all taxes) to Duron Ontario Ltd. for the state-of-good-repair replacement of streetcar yard storage tracks and new pantograph-capable overhead wiring.

Construction work involves replacing ballasted tracks with concrete embedded tracks within a fully paved yard; upgrading the yard and carhouse overhead system and poles for pantograph-ready operation; and installing a new, extensive storm water collection and management system to meet the City of Toronto Wet Weather Flow Guidelines. Construction is expected to begin in Q3 2022.

Contract for Managed Security Services
Board members approved the award of a contract worth $28.1 million (inclusive of HST) for the provision of Managed Security Services and other associated security services to IBM Canada Ltd. for an initial term of five years, with two, two-year extensions, to be exercised at the TTC’s sole discretion. The TTC Cybersecurity Program is a fundamental initiative to achieving all five critical paths identified in TTC’s Five-Year Corporate Plan. This program is focused on implementing various security initiatives identified in the Cyber Program to mitigate cybersecurity risks.

Delegation of authority during Board recess
The TTC Board approved the delegation of authority during the Board recess to the TTC CEO to ensure critical and time-sensitive TTC operating and capital activities continue to move forward after the July 14 meeting, which is the last of the current term. Commissioners have provided delegated authority in the past during a prolonged recess to ensure officials are able to continue with key TTC business. Delegated authorities remain in effect until the first scheduled Commission meeting of the new term. The number of Board meetings in 2022 was reduced due to the municipal election on October 24.

New entrance connection approved at 4050 Yonge St.
Board members approve a new entrance connection to York Mills Station within the development at 4050 Yonge St. and the subsequent closure and demolition of the stand-alone TTC entrance building located at the northwest corner of Yonge Street and Wilson Avenue. Commissioners also authorized staff to execute the Entrance Connection Agreement and any other agreements arising as a result of the development, entrance connection and closure and demolition of the existing entrance.

There is one existing accessible path to this station through York Mills Centre on the northeast corner of Yonge Street and York Mills Road. The new entrance connection will add a second accessible path with new elevators designed in accordance with TTC requirements for TTC customers.

Contract amendment approved for ATC project

Board members approved staff recommendations in a confidential attachment required to amend the Automatic Transit Control project contract.

The scope of work involves Phase 6 implementation, which includes functional fixes to ongoing revenue issues and functional improvement changes (all non-safety-critical). The expected completion of Phase 6 is Q1/Q2 2023, followed by a reliability demonstration period of six months resulting in full contract completion in Q3/Q4 2023. Alstom is also required to relocate the station stopping location at Eglinton Station to support improved passenger exchange between Line 1 and the Eglinton Crosstown LRT (Line 5).

ATC has been successfully implemented on 85 per cent of Line 1, from Vaughan Metropolitan Centre to Eglinton stations. Full operation to Finch Station is scheduled for Q3 2022.

2018-2022 TTC Board term concludes
TTC Chair Jaye Robinson declared Meeting #2066 on July 14 as the last meeting of this Board term. The schedule of regular Board meetings this year was shortened due to the municipal election on October 24.


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