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FROM THE CEO: TTC Board Highlights

Earlier this week, the TTC launched a small fleet of specially wrapped buses and streetcars into service in recognition of National Indigenous Peoples Day as well as Indigenous Heritage Month. The vehicles feature artwork by local Indigenous artists and are running on routes across the city until September.

I took the opportunity at yesterday’s Board meeting to publicly thank the following artists whose brilliant and beautiful work adorns our vehicles: Ashley Cattrysse, David General, Dayle Hawkins, Ken Maracle, Nishina Loft, Paula Gonzalez-Ossa with Na-Me-Res-Sagatay, Philip Cote, Que Rock, Steve Haven and Thomas Anderson.

I’d like to remind everyone that this Saturday, the TTC will celebrate the culture and strength of First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples with an employee-led Pow Wow. Our Indigenous colleagues have extended an invitation to all employees, pensioners and family members to share in the experience of a traditional Pow Wow ceremony at Mount Dennis Division, starting at 11 a.m.

This Sunday, employees, pensioners and their guests can march proudly in the 2022 Pride Parade alongside our specially wrapped bus. We’re absolutely delighted to be back celebrating in person and it’s never too late to join in the fun. Simply meet at the TTC Pride Bus on Rosedale Valley Road at 1 p.m. Volunteers will be handing out official TTC Pride T-shirts so get there early while supplies last. The parade kicks off at 2 p.m.

The TTC Board voted on several reports and staff recommendations on the agenda at Thursday’s meeting. Please see below for highlights of Commission decisions approved this week.

This was the second to last regularly scheduled meeting of the year. This year’s meeting schedule was condensed as a result of the municipal election on October 24. The next meeting is on July 14.

I’d like to acknowledge all of our staff who planned, operated and participated to make all the events that took place this month happen, including our Board meeting. There’s a great deal of work and co-ordination involved and it’s truly appreciated and admired. Thank you.

Have a happy and safe start to summer.

Richard J. Leary
Chief Executive Officer
June 24, 2022

TTC Board Highlights

TTC Board Meeting June 23, 2022

2022 Accessibility Plan Status Report
Board members received the 2022 Accessibility Plan Status Update. The report highlights the progress in achieving the objectives of the 2019-2023 TTC Multi-Year Accessibility Plan, which identified 47 specific objectives to improve the accessibility of TTC services and facilities by 2023. Twenty-five of these objectives are completed; 17 are in progress, with three planned for completion by the end of 2022; and five are ongoing activities with no set end date.

Major planned accessibility initiatives by the end of 2022 include: completing Easier Access accessibility upgrades at Lansdowne Station; continuation of platform edge tile upgrades at up to 10 additional subway stations; and launching the new Wheel-Trans mobile app.

In 2023, the TTC will begin work on its next Multi-Year Accessibility Plan for the five-year period from 2024 through 2028. Customer and stakeholder consultations are planned next year to help inform the direction accessibility planning initiatives will take in the coming years.

Wheel-Trans Transformation Program 2022 Update
Board members received the Wheel-Trans Transformation Program 2022 Update. The report outlines progress made on the implementation of the Wheel-Trans 10-Year Strategy and highlights some of the significant achievements since the last update to the TTC Board in June 2021. The report outlines accomplishments, impacts and next steps, including operationalization of Family of Services (FOS), Travel Training, documentation of policies, construction of remaining Access Hubs and rollout of new technology. It also provides an update to the comprehensive review of cross-boundary Wheel-Trans service for riders travelling outside and into Toronto.

Last year, Wheel-Trans successfully launched Phases 3 and 4 of the Reservations, Scheduling and Dispatch system upgrade to support Family of Services Conditional Trip Matching. The Wheel-Trans Mobile App pilot will be expanded as work continues in 2022.

At the end of 2021, there were 148 six-metre Pro Master mini-buses in service. Through a joint procurement process with Metrolinx, a seven-metre demonstrator bus was obtained and a pilot was executed and successfully completed. In 2022, 109 seven-metre buses are scheduled for delivery.

TTC’s 10-Year Collection Outlook – Modernizing Fare Collection
The TTC Board received a confidential report on the progress made with the 10-Year Fare Collection Outlook to modernize the TTC’s fare collection system.

The report outlines two options identified for implementation and a way forward to achieve established goals and a proposed business case approach that will be used to evaluate the best path forward:

1) Continuing with the existing PRESTO contract; or

2) Implementing a new, independent fare collection system.

The 10-Year Fare Collection Outlook project continues to inform the TTC’s risk mitigation plan underway in preparation for the expiry of the TTC/Metrolinx Agreement. In the near term, the TTC continues to work in good faith with Metrolinx on PRESTO’s re-procurement for a next-generation system and delivery plans under the draft TTC/Metrolinx PRESTO settlement agreement, which includes the delivery of Open Payments.

Commissioners last voted on Fare Collection Modernization and the 5-Year Fare Policy at its February meeting. Since that time, the TTC has worked with Metrolinx on the detailed design and implementation plan of Open Payments and Virtual Cards to ensure the original solution developed by Metrolinx meets the interests of TTC customers and encompasses the TTC’s business needs. Collectively, a revised implementation plan was developed to launch Open Payments and Virtual Cards in Q3 2023.

Digital Connectivity update
Board members received for information a confidential update on the progress of the TTC’s new Digital Connectivity Strategy. The Strategy is designed to proactively respond to the frequent unsolicited proposals from existing and potential partners. Initiatives may result in new revenue-generating opportunities for the TTC, in addition to improving operations and the customer and employee experience. Commissioners approved the Digital Connectivity Strategy at its meeting on April 14. A further update to the Board is scheduled in July.

Property acquisition for 10th bus garage
The Board approved the recommendations in a confidential report for the acquisition of an industrial property that is strategically located and highly suitable as the future site of a new TTC bus garage. The property is also suitable to provide an interim solution to meet majority of the TTC’s industrial space requirements until the start of construction of the new facility.

The 2021-2035 Capital Investment Plan and the Real Estate Investment Plan identified a 10th garage and maintenance facility as being required by late 2030s and the need to accommodate the loss of existing industrial warehousing space due to the expiry of leases or displacement from the redevelopment for higher-order city building uses in the near future.

Appointments to TTC Pension Plan Board of Directors
Commissioners approved the following appointments to fill a vacancy on the TTC Pension Plan (TTCPP) Board of Directors: Anja Schiralli, Director of Employee Services and Systems as a Director; and Steve Anderson, Solicitor, as an Observer. Commissioners also approved necessary changes to TTCPP Bylaws in a separate report. Membership approval of the amendments will be requested at the Annual General Meeting on June 25. The 2021 TTCPP Annual Report was also submitted to the Board for information.

Next meeting of the TTC Board
The schedule of regular Board meetings in 2022 is condensed as a result of the municipal election on October 24. The next scheduled TTC Board Meeting will be on Thursday, July 14.


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