Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113 Election Results

President/Business Agent
Bob Kinnear**

Executive Vice-President
Manny Sforza

Kevin Morton

Assistant Business Agents
Scott Gordon, Maintenance
Frank Grimaldi, Transportation

Executive Board Member At Large
Paul Callaghan, Maintenance
Rocco Signorile*, Transportation

Executive Board Members – Maintenance

Phil Horgan, Equipment “A” Automotive (Garages)
John Di Nino, Equipment “E” Carhouses
Tony Vaccaro, Hillcrest Complex Maintenance
Sandro Bonadies, Plant Department

Executive Board Members – Transportation

Cliff Piggott*, Arrow Road/Mount Dennis
Carmen Lint, Birchmount/Malvern
Mark Bertoia, Bloor-Danforth Subway/SRT/Eglinton/Wheel-Trans
Anthony Watson, Queensway/Roncesvalles/Russell
Frank Malta, Wilson-Bus/Wilson-Subway
John Wales, Collectors/Clerical/Patten Traffic Checkers/Wheel-Trans Administration

Shop Stewards – Maintenance

Hillcrest Complex

Elio Panaro*, Building Trades-CC 712, 713, 715, 716, 785 – Hillcrest/Plant
Sergio Chianello*, Duncan Shop – North Side
Peter De Angelis, Duncan Shop – South Side
Jamie Robinson, Harvey Shop – North Side
Luigi Garda*, Harvey Shop – South Side

Plant Department

Frank Taylor*, Plant – HVAC-CC 741, 2802, 757, 783 – Hillcrest/Plant
David Maher*, Plant – Mechanical/Maintenance-CC 719, 785, 718 – Hillcrest/Plant  
Alex Amm*, Plant – Subway Janitors – East/West-CC 745
Steve Chanos*, Plant – Surface Track – Streetcar Way-CC 735 
Enrico Signore, Plant – Subway Janitors – North/South-CC 745
Tina Robichaud, Plant – Surface Janitors and Landscaping-CC 744
Tom Clissold*, Plant – Track & Structure – Greenwood (Day)-CC 736
Gregory Priaulx, Plant – Track & Structure – Greenwood (Nights)-CC 736
Alex Papaevangelou*, Plant – Subway Structure-CC 714, 733

Equipment “A” Garage

Amirmohamed Ladak*, Arrow Road Garage
Nizar Visram*, Birchmount Garage
Wayne McKeown*, Eglinton Garage
Paulo Fontainha, Lakeshore Garage (Wheel-Trans)
David Herbert*, Malvern Garage
Frank Agueci, Mount Dennis Garage          
Norm Vince*, Queensway Garage
Tony Tuzi*, Wilson Garage

Equipment “E” Garage

Paul Arseneault*, Davisville Carhouse
Joe D’Ambrosio*, Greenwood Carhouse
Gary Barnes*, McCowan Carhouse
Domenico Abate, Roncesvalles Carhouse
John MacLennan*, Russell Carhouse 
Massimo Gallo, Wilson Carhouse

Greenwood/Harvey Shop

Vince Perulli*, Greenwood Shop
Tony Meglio, RSEM Greenwood Shop
Aleem Tharani*, Duncan, Greenwood, Harvey Shop Stores, Materials & Procurement

Shop Stewards – Transportation

Marvin Alfred, Arrow Road Traffic
Gregg Taggart, Birchmount Traffic
Tim Merrlles, Clerical
John Bethune*, Danforth Subway
Jody Kerr*, Eglinton Traffic
Roland Beaudet, Malvern Traffic
Steve Hajoglou*, Mount Dennis Traffic
Rob Kempers, Queensway Traffic
Eddie Braga, Roncesvalles Traffic
Doug Pickering, Russell Traffic 
Keisha Hensworth, Subway Collectors
Jason Da Silva, Wilson-Bus
Brad Pugh, Wilson-Subway
Steven Piniotes*, Traffic Checkers
Paul D’Oppido, Revenue Operations-Patten Building
Don MacLeod*, Wheel-Trans Transportation
Mary Casuti, Wheel-Trans Office Clerical & Technical Employees

Election held Dec. 5, 2012
* Acclaimed
** Acclaimed to fourth term
(CC) Cost Centre

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