Department-level reports now available

Last November, the Employee Engagement Survey was conducted throughout the TTC. The detailed results are now available, both at the organization and department/group level.

Employee Engagement Survey: Next Steps

Last November, the Employee Engagement Survey was conducted throughout the TTC. The detailed results are now available, both at the organization and department/group level.

How do I get my area’s results?

You can log onto the TTC Human Resources page from your desktop, or at a shared computer station (available at most divisions) or via The Coupler website (all reports attached below). For those who do not have access to a computer, results will also be shared through specific engagement sessions (see ‘What’s next?’ below for more detail).

What’s next?

Over the next few months, all departments will arrange engagement sessions to involve as many employees as possible in three specific steps: 1) share and discuss  the results for your area, 2) try to identify what the underlying issues are and 3) create action plans to address them.

These discussions will take place either at town-hall sessions or team meetings, depending on the group. For example, employees in Service Delivery may participate in group discussions during Board Period sign-up days, while Operations teams might set aside time during safety talks to go through their results.

During each session all suggestions and ideas will be captured and used in the development of action plans. Everyone is encouraged to participate and bring ideas forward. The primary objective of the sessions is to engage in proactive conversations on how we can improve. Once these discussions have been completed, action plans will be created at the team, department, group and organization level. All action plans will be tracked to ensure improvements are delivered, and key changes will become commitments as part of the Employee Charter – to be developed later this year.

These discussions and action plans are an opportunity for you to participate in making the TTC a better place to work.

For questions and comments about the Employee Engagement Survey, please contact: Viktoriya Artemyeva, Research Manager, Customer Development –, 416-393-4133 or Rita Lunardo, Employee Development Manager, Human Resources – 416-393-4580.

Gemma Piemontese
Chief People Officer
April 20, 2015


CEO’s Office

Group Report – CEO’s Office

Department Report – CEO’s Office and Staff/Corporate Communications/Audit
Department Report – Safety and Environment
Detailed Organization-Level Report

Corporate Services Group

Group – Corporate Services

Department Report – Commission Services/Human Rights
Department Report – Finance
Department Report – Human Resources
Department Report – IT Services
Department Report – Legal
Department Report – Materials and Procurement
Department Report – Pensions
Department Report – Training and Development

Engineering, Construction and Expansion Group

Group Report – Engineering, Construction and Expansion

Department Report – Capital Programming
Department Report – Construction
Department Report – Engineering
Department Report – Property, Planning and Development
Department Report – Subway Extension/Spadina/Scarborough

Operations Group

Group Report – Operations

Department Report – ATC Project
Department Report – Bus Maintenance
Department Report – COO’s Office/DCOO’s Office/Operations Control
Department Report – Plant Maintenance
Department Report – Rail Cars and Shops
Department Report – Revenue Operations
Department Report – Streetcars
Department Report – Subway Infrastructure
Department Report – Subway Transportation

Service Delivery Group

Group Report – Service Delivery

Department Report – Bus Transportation
Department Report – Stations
Department Report – Transit Enforcement/CSO’s Office

Strategy and Customer Experience Group

Group Report – Strategy and Customer Experience

Department Report – Customer Communications/Customer Development/Farecard Team
Department Report – Customer Service Centre
Department Report – Strategy and Service Planning

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