Employee Engagement Update

Our vision of a transit system that makes Toronto proud begins and ends with the TTC’s greatest asset – you, our employees.

You asked. We’re listening.

Our vision of a transit system that makes Toronto proud begins and ends with the TTC’s greatest asset – you, our employees.

We are committed to transforming our culture to make the TTC an even better place to work. And, the best way to identify what needs improving is to ask employees. In the past, management may not always have welcomed – or acted upon – employee feedback. The Employee Engagement Survey (EES) process is a direct result of the commitments outlined in the Employee Charter. It’s designed to demonstrate that leaders are listening to your ideas and concerns and are committed to working with you as a team to make things better.

So what are we doing with your survey feedback?

  • The results from the first survey were published last April.
  • Since then, teams and departments across the TTC have been sharing the results and developing action plans to address priority issues.
  • Most teams are now implementing their plans – you may already be hearing or seeing positive changes being made.
  • In the coming months, TTC leaders will track the status of team action plans regularly to ensure that promises are being delivered.
  • The next cycle of survey > results > action planning will start in Q4 2016 – be sure to participate in the survey to get your feedback heard!
  • If you are not aware of the Employee Engagement Survey action plans for your area, talk to your manager. For more information about – or support with – the EES process, please contact Jody Humble, Director of Change Management, at 647-458-9778 or at

A reminder of the commitments to employees outlined in the Employee Charter:

  • A culture of honesty, transparency and integrity.
  • An environment that encourages teamwork.
  • A healthy and safe workplace.\
  • To be treated with respect and dignity.
  • To work in an environment free from harassment.
  • To share concerns without fear of reprisal.
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