Message from the Chief Operating Officer

Over the last several weeks, a number of personnel changes have occurred in the Operations Group.

Changes within Operations Group

Over the last several weeks, a number of personnel changes have occurred in the Operations Group.

To support our group through this, there are some important changes I need to share with you.

As Acting Chief Operating Officer, it is my job to ensure the right people are in the right positions to get the job done. It is also my job to ensure those people are supported.

I have asked Jim Fraser to join the Operations Group temporarily as Deputy Chief Operating Officer. Jim, as many know, had recently announced his retirement, but has graciously agreed to wait and assist me as we rebuild our group and position it to succeed – both on the maintenance and infrastructure side, but also on the transportation side.

Over the next few weeks, Jim will transition over to Operations. He is currently Head of Capital Programming in Engineering, Construction and Expansion. Jim’s position will be filled on an acting basis until the selection of a permanent department head. As many will recall, Jim was originally in Operations, having overseen Rail Cars and Shops, and Subway Transportation.

As announced last week, Fort Monaco has been appointed as Acting Head of Subway Infrastructure. There is much work to do in that department, ensuring crews are working safely and efficiently, and that the infrastructure they’re charged with maintaining remains in a state of good repair. Jim will assist Fort with that incredibly important work, while also working with the ATC’s Project Director, Pete Tomlin, on keeping that project moving forward.

The subway is the nerve centre of the TTC; without it, this city cannot function. Our management team of Raewyn Jackson, Glen Buchberger, Harpreet Nagi, Chris Salvador, Fort, Pete and, now Jim Fraser is well-positioned for success.

Every organization sees periods of change; the TTC is no different. I understand that change can sometimes breed uncertainty and, so, I welcome your questions or concerns. At the same time, I also ask that you give the Operations Group’s new management team your full support.

James Ross
Chief Operating Officer (Acting)
April 30, 2018

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