Commendations Corner - October-November 2015

Arrow Road: Robert Burroughs, Marlon Davis: “Bus driver was extremely kind, funny, talkative, made a couple of jokes, enforced the rules in a way to make people smile and laugh about it and actually want to listen … provided helpful reminders and acknowledgement when leaving the bus. ONE OF THE BEST RIDES I’VE BEEN ON, ONE OF THE BEST BUS DRIVERS I’VE HAD, AND THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY DAY! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK WHOEVER YOU ARE! :)” … Shahin Derakhshandeh, Donna Duncan, Brian Dunham, Mykal Griffiths, Michael Maguire, Frank Ragone, Delroy Rankine, Mario Rucci, Ranjit Singh, Jeremy Steed, Giancarlo Trimmeliti

Birchmount: O’Neil Gabbidon, Roobasingha Manosingham, Nuno Ribeiro, David Salsbury

Corporate Communications: Milly Bernal

Danforth: Rajeev Bhardawaj, Sumit Joshi

Duncan Shop: Susan MacAulay

Eglinton: Esmael Abdurahman, Ammar Ahmed: “I always appreciate the Operator’s job because it is tough to deal with customers sometimes. But I was amazed by the observation of this Operator and his safe driving … I asked the Operator how he knew that car would not stop at the red light. The Operator told me that the head of the car driver was downwards so it means that he is texting on his phone and not aware of the red light.” … Juleesa Anthony, Sameer Arora, Christopher Barlow, Percilis Christopoulos, Sophia Clarke, Roy Dobrijevich, Michael Easthope, Carlton Fowler, Egbert Felix, Benson Genah, Alfred Grimbleby, Craig Hunter, Patrick Hurtubise, Mohmed Jeebhai, Athanasios Kollias, Constantin Kotsopoulos, Nick Niciforos, Colin Pinder, Kashif Rafiq, Jim Stojanovski, Risto Temelkovski, Amanda Trebicock, David Woolridge, Steven Wrigley: “He was very kind and funny. He made many jokes. He was outgoing and positive. I got on at Sheppard to go to school and he literally made by morning. I felt like my day went well because I was laughing so early in the day.” … Nasrat Ullah, Brian Williams, Curate Williams, Harriet Younge

Malvern: Carlos Allen, Douglas Chassels, Cheryl Chiassin, Gary Chong, Lisa Crawford, Brian Dempsey, Jonathan Fitzpatrick, Kevin Germaine, Philip Hoosain, Mike Jarrett, Gregory Lamoureux, Jason Leblond, Grant MacDonald, John McGreeghan, Ellington McLeggon, Evan Patterson, Catherine Pereira, Kevin Sartain, Gerald Southwell, Mahshid Vatani

Mount Dennis: Abdulahi Abdi, Sarif Ali, Kenrick Augustine, Caitlyn Baker, Kannav Bedi, Kevin Borges, Kurt Bowman, Jose Silva Carvalheiro, Carlos Debrito, Fedele Defrenza, Edmond Dervishi, Emanuel Douldouras, Irving Edwards, David Elrick, Robert Fallone, Antonio Febbruario, Angelo Flabiano, Afework Gebreselassie, Harpreet Girgla, Gaetano La Marca, Devendra Narayan, Franco Pitruzzella, Kiran Rampat, Mark Reed, Marcus Richardson, Shawn Riviere, Giuseppe Rizza, Nelson Rodrigues, Edith Routliffe: “Please express our heartfelt thanks to the Bus Driver who found my mother, Maria, on Old Weston Road and took her to the police station. She has Alzheimer’s, left our house without anyone’s knowledge and was completely disoriented. We can’t thank her enough. God bless.” … Paul Ruberto, Wing Yin So, Iris Thompson, Mark Wilson

Plant Maintenance: Mike Benzie, Paul Castro, Preston Ho Sue, Scott Jones, â€┼ŻLuis Sanabria

Queensway: Bartosz Cieslikiewicz, Oluwole Kushimo, Gianluca Lacobellis, Isidoro Pizzo, Sean Patterson, Alkiviadis Stratigakis

Roncesvalles: Malik Ataul, David Freitas, Mike Dasti, Perry Howell, Everton Morris, David Peacock, Ahmed Raza, William Seymour, Mitchell Soares, Chris Soutis, Eric Tull, Stephen Welch, Allison Willis, Kathleen Zitnak

Russell: Corey Allan, Kashif Amanullah, Christine Bulmer, Benjamin Escultor, Alton Frederick, Ralph Gerry, Jason Healey, Karen Hoare, Lori Hughes, Dinesh Khujju, Sridaran Krishnarajah, Charles Morrow, Curt Richards, Mark Urrea, George Zavos

Stations: Phil Foubister

Strategy/Service Planning: John Nestor

Wheel-Trans: Ellie Burtt, Anthony Cerqua, Andre Chiotti, Marlon Cooper, Evelyn Gartner, Eric Gottlieb, Mike Grasso, Peter Gunn: “Thankful for the extra effort to locate me … waved my cane and he came and picked me up.” … Sam Hajjar, Shelley Hollingsworth, Danny Jeffries, Lawrence Knight, David Lam, Jason Langley, Vish Maharaj, Kathy Paparizos, Bill Petelka, Alison White, Brad Zuber

Wilson-Bus: Shabniz Mitha: “I wanted to commend the woman who was driving the bus on this trip. She was friendly, courteous and a careful driver.” ... Vito Perri, Laura Ryan, Josephine Slark

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