Commendations Corner - March 2016

Birchmount: Ryan Bodmore, Stephen Burley, Simone Carrington, Patrick Choo, Steven D’Agostino, Alan Dykstra, Stephen Fielden, June Greer, Steve Firebrace, Ahmad Hamidullah, Neil Hermes, Donica John, Derek Landry, Terrance Lewis, Stephen Lyn, Robert Maatman, Christos Nikoletopoulos, Donlad Oake, Kathy Peonidis, Ernest Perera, Jovan Pop Dimitrov, Darryl Wilcox, Christopher Williams, Andrew Wong

Community Relations: Christina Joseph: “We just wanted to thank you and the TTC crew for the tour you invited us to last Friday. Both MP Levitt and myself were thrilled with the experience.”

Customer Service Centre: T’Rone Buchanan, Sylvana Caballero

Danforth: Anil Thakur

Eglinton: Juleesa Anthony, Tameka Bailey, Christopher Bradshaw, William Broad, Daniel Cawley, Adrian Chan, Ahsan Chowdhury, Christa Ciok, Liann Craig, Panagiotis Christou: “A colleague of mine and I are on a committee resettling a new Syrian refugee family who arrived in Canada three weeks ago. We took three teenage boys to the Eaton Centre and City Hall to help orient them to the TTC. … The driver put the bus in park, got off and shook each boy’s hand and said ‘Welcome to Canada.’ It was such a simple, yet magnanimous gesture. It almost moved me to tears – even now thinking about it is very emotional. Thank you to the TTC for employing such thoughtful people. Made me proud to be Canadian.” … Tim Cullen, Chad Donohue, Keith Doucette, Peter Doyles, Kevin Elcock, Jermaine Frank, Shennel Frederick, Pirabu Ganeshanadan, Tanya Gardiner, Benson Genah, Faruk Hatia, Trevor Humphrey, Kevin Karacorovski, Steve Landry, Sylvie Larouche, Trevor Lyons, John Mallia, Christopher Mancini, Cathlena Mason, Justin Mckesey, Sean McKnight, Jamaar McLeggon, Kent Pelletier, Charanjeet Randhawa, Tristan Rose, Daniel Price, Shane Sayers, Suzanne Sherman, Steven Sleightholm, Vincenzo Viapiana, Lawrence Wein, Steven Wrigley, Wei Xia, Tyrone York, Christopher Yu, Patrizio Ziccardi

Malvern: Michael Edwards, Leonard Elliott, Jayemark Elliston, Robert Greenhalgh, Feroze Hameem, Chantelle Herbert, Tim Jollimore, Christopher Jones, Judith Martin, Anthony Ramjit, Nicolas Renda, Bradley Sharp, Kristopher Talbot, Linda Thompson

Mount Dennis: Ashraf Ali, Keshia Anglin, Jasjit Bajaj, John Bekiaris, Michael Benjamin, Patrick Bygrave, Helder Da Ponte, Haver Demirer, Rhonda Felix, Yegish Gregorian: “I was in a rush to go to Lawrence West so I could catch the subway to go to Yorkdale for a movie. But I wasn’t quick enough and the bus began to pull out of the terminal. But the driver noticed me and was kind enough to stop the bus even though it had already pulled a good distance away from the terminal. I thanked the driver and promised him I would make sure to mention it.” … Miroslaw Jacyniak, Shamsher Jaswal, Mandeep Kang, Victor Maleek, Brian Sidsworth, Joravar Singh, Richard Tenaglia, Stuart Yalowsky, Jackson Yee

Plant Maintenance: Fitzpatrick Benoit, Kevan Black, Preston Ho Sue, Trevon Ishmael, Victor Nnabuogor, Angelo Pitocco

Queensway: Giuseppe Ciardullo, Nelson Do Rego, David Foster, John Gill, Adrian McCann, Isidoro Pizzo, Jose Quintanilla, Jacqueline Waring

Roncesvalles: Teresa Adach Cupek, Glenny Alishah, Joshua Anderchek, Simone Bahia, Roger Dow, Milton Netto, George Schpuniar, Mitchell Soares, Moses Wajcenberg

Russell: Jessie Antonio, Alton Barton, Christine Bulmer: “Shout out to the most pleasant, loveliest streetcar driver going east on King.” … Ibrahim Dilan, Anthony Ferguson, Thomas Gill, Trevor Glassco, Rafal Goralczyk, Thedore Grozdanis, Stephen Jean, Matthew Lewin, Bon Lockrey, Ryan Manza, Joseph Martinez, Marzen McCook, Charles Morrow, Mohamed Ousman, Peter Panagiotakopoulos, Curt Richards, Brian Thomas

Spadina Extension: Joanna Kervin

Wheel-Trans: Zalby Alba, Anthony Annibale, Dragan Balog, Gaston Beckles, Kelly Bland, Andre Chiotti, Marlon Cooper, Anthony Delmedico, Damien Egan-Wyer, Dave Ennis, Philip Fermo, Steve Fitzgerald, Evelyn Gartner, Elmer Gavanzo, Eric Gottlieb, Husam Hajjar, Peggy Howard, Andrew Keenan, Chris Latour, Matthew Lombardi, Brian Lucas, Karim Mohamed, Bill Petelka, Tony Policelli, Ken Pollard, Brett Prosper, Obeng Robinson, Bill Sibbitt, Carol Simmons, Kimberly Smith: “She was lovely. I also want to pass the message to her that I appreciate her spirit very much.” … Brian Spragg, Meg Takazato, Nick Tefoglou, Jim Theocharidis, Marissa Wells, Ian Whelan, Lyn Whitmore, Mike Verma

Wilson-Bus: Robert Bennett, Davide Demarinis, Shabinz Mitha: “The lady bus driver was so lovely!! She waved to my three-year-old son as we crossed the road. We were just walking by and my son was so happy as he loves buses. Thank you so much to that driver for her enthusiasm, kindness and smiles.” … Lester Moseley, Rolland Okai

Wilson-Subway: Noemia Alves, Tomasz Chac, Davinder Saini, Darren Webster

Letter: On the way to Home and Garden Show

I was going to the show with my friends using public transit. At the Home Show, I wish to treat my friends for lunch and I discovered that I do not have my wallet in my purse. At that time I did not know if I somehow dropped the wallet or somebody stole it from my purse. In it I had some money and few prepaid cards. We returned home at around 6:30 p.m. and there was a message on my phone. The call was from the TTC to call them back. I called and was extremely surprised that my wallet was found on our first bus No. 50, leaving Burnampthorpe loop at 9:40 a.m. The driver’s name of that bus was David Foster (Queensway). I picked up my wallet with all belongings in it next day at the TTC. Thank you, David, for your honesty and fast response. Thank you to the TTC in general for good work. We passengers must be appreciative more. I am using public transit quite often and I hope will meet David on my next trip and I will thank him in person for that. Keep up good work, TTC.

Josephine P

Letter: Thank you for generous donation

Dear Mr. Tim Baubie,

We are very grateful to have received your very generous donation of winter coats for our students. It is especially heartening to receive such a donation during the Christmas season – and beyond – and know that the spirit of giving is alive and well! Thank you very much to the staff at the TTC Mount Dennis Bus Division/Garage for thinking of us at this time of year.As an inner city school, we do have a number of very needy students. As you may imagine, students who aren’t comfortably warm in winter are less likely to focus, behave appropriately and learn at school every day.  On behalf of our students, staff and community, please accept our sincere appreciation for your donation!

With gratitude,

Steve Bannerman
Principal, Elementary
Lambton Park Community School
March 31, 2016

Mount Dennis received a similar thank-you letter from Brookhaven Public School.

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