Commendations Corner - November-December 2016

Arrow Road: Christopher England, Christian Gendron, Syed Gillani, David Graham, Kevin Higgins, David Hoy, Gary Juhasz, Mike Kennedy, Paul King, Robert Klikroka, Fia Mohammed, Ray Pennant, Wesley Perry, Marcia Quidley, James Marinos, Nunzio Signore, George Turczyn, Jamal Vanderpool, Daniel Voce

Birchmount: Ryan Bodmore: “Outstanding customer service! Helped make a young mom who was stressed feel a lot better; helped an elderly woman get safely on and off with understanding and respect; took time to listen to teens who were struggling with finding their fares. Overall, demonstrated kindness and caring towards all on the bus. Just seeing it made my long day a lot better!” … Patrick Cassar, Greg D’Cruz, Craig De Zilva, Gregory Gee, Nicola Givans, Jennifer Graham, Dale Hawtin, David Jardine, Serguei Jirnov, Ron Kemp, Thomas Leithwood, Ibrahim Mohamud, Nellon Pemberton, Brian Tucker, Darryl Wilcox

Community Relations: Chris Joseph

Corporate Communications: Mike DeToma

Eglinton: Nick Arfanis, Christina Atkinson, Tameka Bailey, Devon Brown, Paul Cantos, Daniel Cawley, Brian Chapman, Tim Cullen, Khalil Elhaj Khalil, Rosario Figliano, Bernard Friday: “I went to his bus while he was stopped. I just got off the 100 bus because my nose started to bleed heavily. He opened the bus door and I asaked when will this bus be leaving. He said we will go , but first wash your hands. He took out his water bottle and poured water over my hands and gave me a platic bag to put my used tissues in. He asked if I needed paramedics. I refused, though I really appreciarted this very kind gesture.” … Luigi Gabriele, Charmagne Gilgannon, Alfred Grimbleby, Steven Gutenberg, Faruk Hatia, Kevin Karacorovski, Carlo Lasola, Jordi McLauchlin, Melissa McLeod, Tim Mitchell, Brown Mohammed, Debra Raymond, Mark Stoeckle, Cassandra Superville, Bryan Taylor, Blair Thomson, Michael Venditti, Kevin Zenglein

Plant Maintenance: Kevan Black

Malvern: Paul Alexander, Shahzad Awan, Alan Bourne, Neil Bulpitt: “Whether the bus is packed to the brim or empty, I know I can expect a polite greeting and the certainty that I will get to my next transfer stop on time or with an wxtra minute to spare. Thank you very much for this driver.” … Davy Colquhoun, James Espiritu, Jonathan Fitzpatrick, Robert Greenhalgh, Daniel Herrera, Zabeehullah Kobari, Tim Jollimore, Philip Koberstadt, Martin Lavallee, Hing Lee, Pierre Menard, Kiritharan Nadesapillai, Billy Papas, Gurpreet Sekhon, Abdul Shaikh, Christos Skoufaris, Richard Wafer

Mount Dennis: Kannav Bedi, Ross Bendle, Kevin Borges, Rony Canas, Miguel Cano, Sukhjinder Cheema, Nichola Cousins, David Elrick, Leslie Fodor, Rajveer Garcha, Amandeep Grover, Anthony Gullo, Leigh Ann Hearne: “I use a wheelchair. I am asthmatic. The trigger is scent. When I am around perfumes I can’t breathe. A passenger boarded the bus south of Bloor wearing perfume. She sat directly across from where I was sitting. The asthma attack was immediate. I had to get out. I told the driver and she not only let me out, she waited to make sure I was safe. There was no curb cut to get off the road so she shielded me with this bus until I could wheel up to where there was a curb cut.” … Ira Irving, Keith Kinsella, Jeff Lauder, Levin Moci, Michel Nunes, Harshal Patel, Mauro Pistillo, Natasha Richards, Antonio Rossi, Adam Ruddell, Malik Sattar, Jaswal Shamsher, Joanne Simpson, Derrick Sinclair, Joravar Singh, Navindra Singh, Grantley Soudine, Inderjeet Tak, Ernest Titus, Richard Wafer, Rudy Wilson

Queensway: Vida Baksa, Mary Bilbija, Claudio Cappadocia, Lance Collins, David Foster, Drew Hannigan, Ayanna Hazle, Cameron Jackson, Amal Jama, Steven Lachapelle, Corey Legore: “Operator noticed a woman in a bus shelter that looked distraught. The Operator exited the bus, approached the shelter and asked if she was okay. She replied no and asked if he can call police. The Operator saw that she wasn’t wearing shoes or a coat so he asked her to come on the bus. He advised Transit Control of thesituation and police were dispatched.” … Michael McDermott, Carlo Naccarato, Natasha Noel, Nelson Amaya, Stephanie Noble, Isidoro Pizzo, Domenico Porfido, Randy Ramsukh, Jennifer Saunders, Glenn Simons, Tristan Simmons, Michele Thompson, Marco Tucci, Patricia White

Roncesvalles: David Gellatly: “Very good Operator. The amount of problems he had to deal with even for the short time I was riding was impressive.” … Perry Howell, Terrence Harrison, Natasha Le Cointe, John McElwain, Leonard McMurray, Marlon Mendoza, Sharon Murree, Mitch Soares, David Taing, Moses Wajcenberg

Russell: Jessie Antonio, Christine Bulmer, Enriquito Delariva, Chris Dundas, Terry Mannella, Mark Rozynski

Stations: Michael Bajohr, Donald Brown, Kenneth Ilechukwu, Robert Lima, Josie Muringer: “You helped the men cleaning their wounds while police took statements. You further purchased TTC tickets with your own money and gave them to Patrick (victim who had taken the brunt of the assault) so that he could get home … He lived alone so he accepted the tickets.” … Clarke Smith, Richard Ridge, Wendy Tilley-Pospischil

TYSSE: Carolyn Farmer, Rob Grossi, Joanna Kervin, Tom Murray

Wheel-Trans: Youssef Abi-Nadar, Ramanan Arulanantham, Gaaston Beckles, Trevor Blunt, Kenneth Brown, Michael Brown, Adam Bryson, Matthew Burns, Alonzo Cardozo, Andre Chiotti, Chris Cheong, Tara Cormier, Derek Counsel, Bruce Crosby, Damian Egan-Wyer, Teresa Gale, Jackie Graham, Elizabeth Grant, Peter Gunn, Vincent Hatchett, Chris Heidinger, Christopher Karakousis, Coywell Lalor, Jason Langley, Lise Laprise, Theresa Legge, Louis Liabotis, John Lombardi, Christina Martinez, Andres Menedez, Jeannie Minnie, Sean Mooney, Jennifer Myles, Jason Nimmo, Karen Olesen, Amin Patel, Hilborn Philip, David Robinson, Nino Rossi, Abraham Stepanian, Mitra Stergios, Dwight Thomas, Rajinder Toor, Kurt Walker, Trent Ward, Clifton Wedderburn, Ian Whelan, Weston Williams, Helen Yurcan, Brad Zuber

Wilson-Bus: Don Canhoto: “He had a difficult and needy passenger who was going to a destination she was unsure of … The driver dealt with her in a patient, respectful and understanding way and even helped her on the street when she got to the stop, which he thought was closest to where she needed to go.” … Cheryl Lee, Chiufai Man, Shabniz Mitha, Preston Pilgrim, Tanya Saunders, Kerry Willis, Vittorio Zeppa

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