Commendations Corner April-May 2017

Arrow Road: Jay Anderson, Derick Asante, Samit Bhatia, Agata Chelminska, Angela Clark, Shaun Francis: “The TTC driver was very quick thinking in avoiding a collision with another vehicle that made an illegal turn in front of our bus and ended up sideways at the curb … The driver acted quickly without any injuries to passengers aboard his bus. It was a little unsettling, but I commend him on his excellent driving skills and I thanked him when I got off at Downsview Station. Great job!!!!” … Christian Gendron, Tameka Hayles, Robert Klikorka, Michael Maguire, Dale Mitchell, Rahima Morgan, Denham Mullings, Temesgen Ogbaslase, Tejinder Rayat, Nick Stavrou, Nolan Stuart, Lisa Jo Sutherland, Mary Touma, Sivagunan Veeravagu, Alamo Wocker, Emaldi Washington, Silvija Zalcmanis

Birchmount: Mohamed Abubaker, Fredrick Babatunde, Robert Barker, Joseph Buiza: “I wouldn’t have gotten back my boots without his caring offer of assistance. What a great guy!” … Leonard Campbell, Joseph Cancilla, Vitali Chatalov, Kyle Christie, James Davis, Steve Firebrace, Ahmad Hamidullah, Dale Hawtin, Devon Henry, Neil Hermes, Antonio Hernandez, David Jardine, Jessica Kershaw, Chris Makris, Amit Maste, Melissa Noel, Quacy Mendoza, Filip Milosevic, Thayaparan Palanisamy, Kathy Peonidis, Richard Philpott, Raimondo Puopolo, Soonyuan Teng, Craig Townsend, Donald Williams, Christine Winfrow

Customer Service Centre: T’Rone Buchanan, Hanh Nguyen, Nanica Peters, Samantha Tisi

Danforth: Chris Anton, Krystal Koglin, Carolynn Smith, Zuke Uma

Eglinton: Saulat Alamgir, Yuly Alvarez, Christina Atkinson, Leah Aube, Michael Blackburn, Bruce Barrett, Kwadwo Boakye Yiadom, Adrian Bryan, Milton Cassells, Daniel Cawley, Wai Chun Chan, Charmagne Gilgannon, Scott Clarke, Erwin Cruz, Tim Cullen, Chris Day, Yvonne Desilets, Kathy Devos, Panayotis Diakoloukas, Michael Easthope, Mohamed Elkareem, Aldrin Esmaquel, Denis Filatov: “Very nice driver; made me laugh as we waved at my sister who forgot her wallet at home. I just wanted to say thank you and keep being awesome. It may have been small and meant nothing, but that made my night, thanks again!” … Christopher Gutierrez, Jimmy Hakim, John Henry, Donald Jones, Imran Karimi, Sylvie Larouche, Oliver Lawrence, Kashron Lodrick, Domenic Mandarello, Jordi McLauchlin, Robert Muirhead, Adebayo Olaniyan, Nick Ousalcas, Carlton Reid, Anne Ritchie, Andrew Ruckstuhl, Jason Santos, Luigi Spada, Festo Theresa, Mahfooz Zahid, Kevin Zenglein, Patrizio Ziccardi

IT Services: Shady Khouzam: “Just wanted to take a moment to let you know how wonderful Shady was. He helped me with a computer/tablet issue on Tuesday and even though I hung up on him (by accident) he was gracious and understanding. Everything worked out well and he provided excellent customer service.”

Malvern: Mike Arrigo, Carlos Belmontes, Lisa Crawford, Michael Cummings, Elaine Fyke, Kimberly Higgins, Philip Hoosain, Robert Hudson, Winfred Johnson, Gerald Kolten, Martin Lavallee, Jason Leblond, Allan Lewis: “Oh my gawd he was so very nice … I thanked him many times and even started to cry because he was so wonderful, I wish I knew his name because I would love to get him a Timmie’s card and thank him again.” … David Locksley, John McGreeghan, Colin McIntyre, Winston Morales, Eric Leung, Ronald Pierre Louis, Rizwan Sabri, Marcia Scott Savariau, Wayne Simpson, Kristopher Talbot, Steve Wai, Michael Williams, Everton Young

Mount Dennis: George Arandas, Keenan Archer, Vineet Arora, Milan Baric, Christina Bodner, Kevin Borges, Charles Campbell, Josesilva Carvalheiro, David Elrick, Brian Fell, Damian Fernandes, Leslie Fodor, Alan Ford, Michael Gamboa, Rajveer Garcha, Jagseer Gill, Amandeep Grover, Imran Hamid, Craig Hylton, Fere Kamkar, Kiranjit Jassal, Luka Jelavic, Navjeet Kamra, Mandeep Kang, Pasqualino La Verghetta, Victor Maleek, Malcolm Meyer, Levin Moci, Raymond Ouellette, Lorraine Pillar, Tony Porco, Bonnie Pritchard, Joravar Sandhar, Igor Sepa, Derrick Sinclair, Kanwal Singh, Steven Small, Andriy Tkachenko, Linda Waul: “I’ve never left a compliment before, but the bus driver I had on Monday deserves one … She was helpful and incredibly polite, greeting every passengrer and wishing them a good day when they exited the vehicle. She also drove the bus very smoothly.” … Stuart Yalowsky

Plant Maintenance: Preston Ho Sue, Luis Sanabria

Queensway: Patricia Gale, Steven Lachapelle, Robert Tippett

Roncesvalles: Masharaf Ellahi, Daniel Maxam

Russell: Tucker Axton Nore, Jessie Antonio, Christine Bulmer, Michael Golding, Thedore Grozdanis, Curtis Harewood, Timothy Hooper, Ramonjett Mallari: “Seriously brought a smile to my face to watch him bring a customer’s luggage off the vehicle for her. Exceptional service. Energy is contagious.” … Stephen Jean, Shawn Kelly, Konrad Kruszewski, Matthew McLeod, Dion Mokund, Charles Morrow, Wyatt Ramos, Curt Richards, Jeyanathan Somasuntaram, Ricardo Taylor, Robert Thibodeau, Donald Turner

Training/Development: Christian Maglieri

Transit Enforcement: James Bingham, Matt Chojecki, Jay Lawrence

Wheel-Trans: Melissa Brown, Jim Byers, Gord Falk, Philip Fermo, Elmer Gavanzo, Peter Gunn, Brian Lawrenson, Cassandra Martin, Karim Mohamed, Brett Prosper, Biagio Serra, Bill Sibbitt, Roula Silveira, Mike Slade, Magda Virtue, Helen Yurcan, Michael Zinston

Wilson-Bus: Noel Bissoondial, Stephen Bygrave, Dwight Campbell, Nigel Clarke, Theo Colangelo, Michelle Johnston: “She is such a thoughtful lady. Twice I was running late for the bus and she saw me coming. A big thank you.” … John Kalicharan, Gary Logan, Evrett McDaniel, Wadi Nassar, Rajakulenth Rajakulasingam, Antonio Vitullo

Letter: Made it to New York City thanks to TTC

Dear TTC,

I just returned home from a trip to New York City, which never would have happened without the incredible assistance of a TTC driver (Lorraine Pillar). I was travelling from Coxwell and Danforth to the Island Airport via the Bathurst bus last Thursday and departed the bus at Fleet Street at approximately 11:25 a.m.

I was already on the ferry to the airport when I realized I had left my gym bag on the bus. It contained my passport, two wallets with American ($200) and Canadian cash, my bank and credit cards, Metropass as well as my boarding pass and other items. Security at the airport suggested I try to find the bus I had left it on and so I returned to the corner of Bathurst and Fleet streets, quite despairing that I could recover my bag.

Lori was driving the first bus that arrived at approximately 12:15 and she was completely sympathetic and incredibly helpful. She made various calls and miraculously located the driver that had my bag. I stayed on the bus with her until the bus that my bag was on made a stop behind us.

Everything was still in the bag and I was able to return to the airport and get another flight that was only an hour later than my original flight. Lori kept me calm throughout and seemed as happy as I was to get my bag back! I am so grateful to her and to the TTC for this assistance. Please let her know that her help was not taken for granted and that I know she went out of her way to help me.

Amber S.

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