Commendations Corner February-March 2017

Arrow Road: Vincenzo Calautti, John Di Censo, Janaudis Ferreira, David Hoy, Christian Gendron, Michael Maguire, Elijah Mapgaonkar, Benjamin McBean, Oleh Metelsky, Faiz Mohamed, Denham Mullings, Tejinder Rayat, Dario Selak, Nick Stavrou, Nolan Stuart: “I wish to take this opportunity to thank one of your drivers, Nolan, for going above and beyond his duty to be kind and to comfort a frightened old person. He ensured that I was told exactly what would be wise for me and sat with me while we waited for EMS.” … Lisa Jo Sutherland, Jason Thompson, Emaldi Washington

Birchmount: Lester Abarquez, James Cavanagh, Randy Clarke, Anthony Cornacchia: “Somehow he saw that my ID badge had dropped from my belt and stopped the bus to let me know. I found that very considerate and kind. I wasn’t expecting it so I don’t think I expressed my gratitude to the driver appropriately. If you could let him know that I am truly thankful.” … Natalie Dawood, Cheryl Durnin, John Foster, Scott Grant, Dale Hawtin, Neil Hermes, Kent Holliday, Carlos Hope, Thomas Leithwood, Sean McLean, Filip Milosevic, Sandesh Prashad, Sugunthan Shanmugathasan, Danisius Tisseverasinghe, Craig Townsend

Customer Service Centre: Barbara Gallegos, Hanh Nguyen

Danforth: Susan Craig, Mehboob Jeeva, Todd Schott

Eglinton: Aldane Barrett, Craig Benedict, Donna Campbell, Peterson Cheung, Panagiotis Christou, Kostakis Costa, Laslo Eter, Muhammad Fahmy, Theresa Festo, Helen Fotiou Stefanc, Jimmy Hakim, Michael Hutchison, Christine Jewnandan, Kevin Karacorovski, Michael Marges, Jordi McLauchlin, Tim Mitchell, Ahmed Mohamed, Nikolaos Papas, Agostina Plati, Andre Riddell, Anirudhrar Sewraj, Nadir Shah Nagji, Steven Sleightholm: “Motorist called to compliment the Operator of the 67 route. She witnessed the Operator get out of the bus and helped an elderly man in an electric scooter who was stuck in the snow. The Operator assisted him in continuing his journey.” … Luigi Spada, Norman Wilson

Malvern: George Boulter, Mike Arrigo, Cheryl Chiasson, Derick Diaz, Shahriar Eskandary, Jahfa Fari, Vincenzo Galluzzo, Feroze Hameem, Veronica Harry, Jason Head, Kimberley Higgins, Chad Hill, Martin Lavallee, Shane O’Neal, Michael Racioppo

Mount Dennis: Pasqualis Athanasiou, Kannav Bedi, Ross Bendle, Keshia Blagrove, Kevin Borges, Josesilva Carvalheiro: “I was very impressed by the way the driver helped a man who was on the wrong bus. The driver took a minute to help him find where he needed to go. He was also very friendly to everyone who go on or off. People don’t often commend drivers for a job well done, but are usually quick to complain. I would like to see that your driver gets the recognition he deserves for being an excellent TTC employee.” … Edmond Dervishi, David Elrick, Brian Fell, Damian Fernandes, Angelo Flabiano, Osvasldo Fonseca, Alan Ford, Kenroy Ford, Michael Gamboa, Rajveer Garcia, Amandeep Grover, Morra Guglielmo, Jimall Harvey, Miroslaw Jacyniak, Kiranjit Jassal, Jinhee Lee, Samuel Logan, Levin Moci, Abdul Mohar, Michael Nunes, Juan Carlos Oviedo, Rudy Singh, Grantley Soudine, Stuart Yalowsky, Brian Yu

Queensway: Guarav Aasdhir, Christos Petropolous, Patricia Gale, James Gorrie: “Shout out to the 192 driver today on the 8009 bus for being rad.” … Gianluca Iacobellis, Steven Lachapelle, Isidoro Pizzo, James Roach, Anna Rodriguez

Roncesvalles: Michael Bajolek, Tricia Brown: “It was raining and a truck was blocking the view of the road. I hadn’t quite made it to the stop when the streetcar started to leave. The driver saw me put up my hands in a prayer and she stopped for me to get on. Very appreciative of the gesture on her part as the Long Branch cars are few and far between.” … Yolan Fairclough-Nelson, Colin Heaslip, Frank Lapadula, Sheldon Morant, Mark Toste

Russell: Younane Abdulbaki, Glenny Alishah, Raza Ahmed, Mitchener Chapman, Andrew Costa, Surendra Deosaran, Benjamin Escultor, Kester Fitzpatrick: “Operator spotted a female passed out on the sidewalk close to the curb. He expressed his concern and Control was advised. Emergency services were dispatched. It’s Operators like this that provide the care and concern when other members of the public turn a blind eye to possible matters of concern.” … Marcela Garcia, Kimberly Gottschalk, Thedore Grozdanis, Paul Hayden, Chris Lewis, Terry Mannella, Ryan Manza, Matthew Mekler, Mohamed Ousman, Michael Ozi, Curt Richards, David Skeen, Michael Smith, Trisha Strachan, Ricardo Taylor

Stations: Rob McGrath

Training/Development: Nitin Sharma

TYSSE: Theresa Buck, Brian Cheung, Cathy Cummings, Christina Joseph, Josh Kellar, Duane Lovelace, Fatima Mahomed, Mick Oliveira, Ronan Olwill, Anna Lissa Oquinena, David Panici, Bhavika Patel, Jerry Pimentel, Carmelo Tancioco, Daniel Taylor

Wheel-Trans: Mike Brown, Mathew Burns, Joven Datoon, Frank Dillon, Candice Donovan, Damian Egan-Wyer, Philip Fermo, Roy Fleming, Mario Georgatsellos, Corrado Guido, Rob Gullason, Shelley Holingsworth, Adam Jackson, Louis Liabotis, Cristina Martinez, Walter McIsaac, Joshua Mohammed, William Muise, Osama Musharbash, Susan Patterson, Mike Perrocchi, Nigel Richardson, Brian Spragg, Mitra Stergios, Kin Tong, Anne Webber, Helen Yurcan

Wilson-Bus: Roberto Giraldi, Roberts, Sen Sabu, Gary Thompson

TTC Receives Engineering Project of the Year Award for TYSSE

The Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension (TYSSE) has received the 2016 Engineering Project of the Year Award from the Professional Engineers of Ontario – York Chapter. The award was recognized by TTC Chair Josh Colle at the TTC Board Meeting on Feb. 21.

“It is my pleasure on behalf of the Board to announce that the TYSSE Project was recently awarded the Project of the Year Award for 2016 from the Professional Engineers of Ontario – York Chapter,” Chair Colle said. “The award highlights a high degree of engineering and leadership demonstrated in conjunction with the three station design teams – AECOM, ARUP and TSGA – in categories such as innovation, sustainability, commercial viability and impact on communities. Congratulations to the TYSSE project team.”

The Professional Engineers of Ontario – York Chapter award recognizes the contribution, both to the engineering profession and to the local community, by an organization that has completed (to 90 per cent or more) an outstanding project in the year.

Toy drive raises $38,000 in donations

Dear Coupler,

On behalf of the TTC Toy Drive, I would like to thank the following people for making the 2016 drive a success and raising a total of $38,000 worth of toys for the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness:
> Pharmacy: Tania, Karson, Kieran Kane. Cole and Jake Netherton, Kennedy Wright, Ken and Val Markle, The Duck family. Sam Mclean and Liam and Chris.
> Islington Store: Tracey Brown (Mount Dennis), Drew Stollick (Arrow) Angis Clark (Arrow), Mike Bogodonow (Queensway).
> Runnymede Store: Eulalie Smith (Mount Dennis) Adrene Chalmers and Larvia Galloway.
> Morningside Store: Dave and Sue Salsbury, Nancy and Savannah Rumford, Ron and Tara Wilson, Ariella Jones, Cathy Rizzuto Collins, Robert Rizzuto Collins, Ann Louise Rauch, Brenda Wagonhoffer.

Many thanks to the following as well: Andy Byford, John Derringer, Ryan Parker, John Garbutt, The CCAA, Tom at Star Box; all divisional managers and garage managers for the buses; Walmart Canada for the continued support; Crayola Canada; all participating Rec Committees; Ed Wahl; Scarborough Ice Raiders; Dave McConlin and Chris Nottbeck from Birchmount Rec; Donna Riddell from The Duke Tavern; Marcela Garcia; Pizza Pizza; Tamara for coming and thanking us for what we do; Jimmy and Bob DJ extraordinaires. Thanks also to Mike DeToma for helping spread the word every year.

Bigger and better next year!

Kevin Kane
TTC Toy Drive organizer

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