Commendations Corner - November-December 2017

Arrow Road: Olu Adeyemo, Nuradin Ahmed, Nadine Balthazar, Kyle Bell, Emeka Bronson, Hayley Buccella, Robert Burroughs, Cheong Chu, Audrel Clarke, Vince D’Arpino, Diane Douglas, Donna Duncan, Somaskandan Ganesa Sarma, Enrico Gasbarro, Marlene George, Sandeep Gehlot, Christian Gendron, Ranbir Goraya, David Graham, Derek Hicks, David Hoy, Nadeem Jalal, Kulwinder Lohtia, Nicole Lucienbaker, Jason Mallare, Teniel Marks, Michael Maguire, Keith Marshall, Andrew McDevitt, Jorge Mendes, Oleh Metelsky: “Operator had a major coolant leak with a catch basin five feet behind the bus. The Operator built a dam with mud and papers to prevent any contamination from entering the catch basin. Efforts should not go unnoticed.” … Jennifer Miller, Faiz Mohamed, James Panagiotidis, Jovan Parag, Anujukumar Patel, Rajnikant Patel, Ray Pennant, Frank Ragone, Robert Rose, Steve Rutledge, Khusphpreet Sandhu, Navid Shamsi, Conrad Smith, Diane Smith, Derek Spencer

Birchmount: Vannesa Adona, Mohammad Abowath: “Some idiot in a van jumped out in front of the bus cutting the bus off, which could have been a pretty fatal accident for us passengers. Thankfully with Mohammad’s expertise, he calmly and safely swerved out of the way keeping us all safe.” … Jason Bourque, Troy Buchanan, Hopeton Campbell, Leonard Campbell, Clinton David, Kristie Cowan, Gregory Dell Agnese, Weldon Guy, Alexander Gymnopoulos, Mary Haggart, Dale Hawtin, Neil Hermes, John Kapetaneas, Alex Kay, Norman Khan, Ben Kirton, Brian Kissoon, Vanessa Mckenzie, Donald Oake, Vimal Patel, Sarah Pedias, Kathy Peonidis, Dexter Philip, Dharsha Radhakrishnan, Dave Richard, Roberto Ruffalo, Alastair Suttar, Donovan Williams

Eglinton: Christina Atkinson, Bruce Barrett, Tim Cullen, Peter De Sousa, Mohamed Elkareem, Theresa Festo, Alexander Fitt, Benson Ganah, Charmagne Gilgannon, Sylvie Larouche, Brian Little, Jordi McLauchlin, Frank Ragone, Andre Riddell, Luigi Spada, Mark Stoeckle, Jonathan Tomassi: “This young gentleman is to be fully commended for his firm approach in dealing with the students who tried sneaking onto the bus through the back doors at Lawrence Avenue.” … Steven Wrigley, Andrea Yousif

Malvern: James Abraham, Mike Arrigo, Shahzad Awan, Mark Beltrano, Gary Black, Marteena Blagrove, Stephen Bruyea: “This employee had the great courtesy to wake up a sleeping passenger who was at risk of missing the stop. Also gave good detailed directions when asked!” … Ashley Bullen, Douglas Chassels, Howard Clarke, Michael Cummings, Eyarico Damene, Merrel Emmanuel, Lee Esmonde, Vincenzo Galluzzo, Charmaine Garel, Pardeep Gautman, John Grosse, Jude Guerrier, Veronica Harry, Kimberley Higgins, Nicholas Jacob, Grigorios Lagos, Jason LeBlond, Allen Lewis, Paul Liacos, Kristie Marcotte, Tennille Martin, John McGreeghan, Craig McIvor, Terrence Medford, Randy Nabert, Inparaj Navacodi, John Oostdyk, Ashwin Ram, Vanroy Simon, Thuminthan Sivakadacham, Josephine Slark, Jesus Tavarez Castillo, Mark Urrea, Chester Viaje, Sukhwinder Virk, Anthony Wallace, Audrey Wood Allen, Lapfu Yan

Mount Dennis: Steven Ahmad, Douglas Anglin, Francois Beauregard, Kevin Borges, Traceyanne Brown, Rony Canas, Silvana Cantarella, Pat Caramuto, Sean Caruana, Sandeep Chane, Michael Chang, Shusein Chin, Stuart Dalton, Andrew Darby, Brian DeMelo, Edmond Dervishi, Gurwinder Dhaliwal, Kyle Doucette Goodman, Roger Dow, Edward Ellero, David Elrick: “This driver is always courteous. He is friendly and helpful to all passengers. He certainly brightens up the route. Thanks.” … Michael Emilio, Sarafim Ferreira, Vince Flores, Michael Gamboa, Harpreet Girgla, Brian Griffith, Anthony Gullo, Bryan Halladay, Byron Harris, Leighann Hearne, Robert Howe, Antonio Ianniello, Kiranjit Jassal, Brook Langlois, Mark Langiano, Sherrie Lewis, Richard Lis, Gagandeep Makkar, Enzo Marcello, Malcolm Meyer, Levin Moci, Earl Nembhard, Marcel Noble, Michel Nunes, Harshal Patel, Parvieen Pathak, Frederic Peters, Jeffrey Pinchuk, Danny Rosa, Pardeep Sachdeva, Joravar Sandhar, Sandeep Sandhu, Igor Sepa, Rudy Singh, Steven Small, Marcus Spragg, Evan St. Louis, Adriano Stravino, Rudy Wilson, Rocco Zito

Pensions: Michelle Nandlall, Katelyn Steadman

Plant Maintenance: Ideberta De Melo, Zenaida Guira, Alfred Iremedio, Nick Resendes, Azeb Tewolde

Queensway: Jose Cardona, Andrew Cullen, Tony Demelo, Michael McDermott

Roncesvalles: Mohamed Aden, Paul Bacon, Robert Brown, Grubinder Dhanoa, Ashia Conliffe, Colin Heaslip, Owen Johns, TJ Mann, Leonard McMurray, Sean Mullin, Clara Powell, Vincent Pranzitelli: “Thanks to the driver on 505 to Broadview, keeping us safe from drivers who don’t stop when the doors open!” … Steve Ramsumeer, Norman Roberge, Maria Robinson, Regula Schicker, Kevin Scott, Mitchell Soares, Amit Soogrim, Moses Wajcenberg, Boning Wan, Stanley Windsor

Russell: Donald Brooker, Basil Campbell, Yin-Leung Chan, Andrew Costa, Demeque Cyrus, Gesualdo Fortunato, Jesse Goulah, Thedore Grozdanis, John Hefford, Karen Hoare, Stephen Jean, Rick Jokhan, Natasha Le Cointe, Chris Lewis, Norman Mar, Scott McGrath, Petar Milenkovic, Kevin Pett, Skylar Prendergast: “The Operator of the streetcar was really helpful with an elderly lady who didn’t know how to pay for the fare. He helped the lady in such a quick and easy way while not impacting the flow of traffic.” … Curt Richards, Shane Scott, Davendra Singh, Manuel Teles, George Zavos

Safety/Environment: Ryan Duggan, Tracy Pashutinski

Stations: Peter Greco, Hari Rathod

Training/Development: James Kavanagh, Dawn Latour, Sal Maltese, Lee Sawchuk

Transit Control: Pamela Thomas

Wheel-Trans: Michael Babsa, Heather Baskie, Randhir Bhuller, Michael Brown, Matthew Burns, Chris Cheong, Mark D’Andrea, Jose De Jesus, Larry De Sousa, Rashid Dhoore, Michael Grasso, Husam Hajjar, Ken Hall, Derrick Herdsman, Alina Lakovnik, Jerry MacNeil, Christina Martinez, Glenda Martinez, Stephanie McCanny, Wayne Meyers, Lynn Middleton, Jason Morrison, Karen Olesen, Anthony Reid, Matt Ruscica: “This driver is a very nice, respectful and caring person who provided safe door-to-door service; customer has a spinal cord injury and this drivermade sure she was taken care of.” … Jerry Silveira, Ross Visconti, Roman Zevelev

Wilson-Bus: James Cernetti, Mohammad Chaudhry, Jason Cunha, Kevin Gray, Bereket Hagos, Vito Mattace, Alexander Michailidis, Shabniz Mitha, Domenic Moscato, Devendra Narayan: “The driver was very courteous and was making sure he was not running ahead of schedule so as not to miss any passengers. As an operator with YRT, I was observing from a professional standpoint and wanted to make sure I sent you this note of appreciation about the driver.” … Ibrahim Parekh, Daniel Rotenberg, Jessie Stellato

Wilson-Subway: Matthew Barr, Jason Gibbens

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