Commendations Corner September-October 2017

Arrow Road: Amandeep Brar, Mohamed Abdul Carim, Christopher Conboy, Davis Drepaul, Christian Gendron, Mark Giles, Marc Hollingworth, Ricky Hosein, Peter Kalamaris, Robert Klikorka, Javad Malik: “I was lost and confused after venturing into a driver’s test centre. I was suffering the effects of the stomach flu and your driver made me feel safe and well taken care of that day. Thank you for having the best caring, helpful drivers.” … Philip Padula, Frank Ragone, Ruminderjit Sandhu, Karambir Singh, Sambor Sobiepanek, Robert Sorrenti, Jeremy Thorne, Dave Todish

Birchmount: Elizabeth Briscoe, Michael Ceres, Paul Everest, Roscoe Fleming, Mark Graham, Sandy Guido, Leon Gusvaris, Dale Hawtin, Neil Hermes, David Jardine, Rose Mastroangelo, Alexander Ong, Kyle Smith, Wendy Statt, Oriana Stevens, Keino Thomas, Chris Williams

Community Relations: Christina Joseph

Corporate Communications: Mike DeToma

Customer Service Centre: Puja Rai, Ronald Sly, Jeffrey Wen

Danforth: Neville Burger, Andrew Myer

Eglinton: Christina Atkinson, Dave Breau, Devon Brown, Erron Brown, Kostakis Costa, Liann Craig, Chris Day: “Very nice TTC driver. One passenger was swearing a loudly on the phone and the driver requested him not to do this in a bus. Passenger misbehaved, took the driver’s picture while leaving the bus and threw a mud stone on the bus in the bus as it was raining. Please thank the driver and his action from my side and other passengers’ behalf, too.” … Ernesto Delasalas, Keith Doucette, Ryan Gallant, Andy Ghansam, Leda Halle, Gary Hess, Matt Hopkins, Justine Irving, Jody Kerr, Sylvie Larouche, John Mallia, Howard Mooney, Brian Roberts, David Schram, Mihail Stamov, Jim Themelis, Festo Theresa, Norm Wilson, Andrea Yousif

Malvern: Mike Arrigo, Charwyn Bahadur, Kevin Birtles, “A very elderly couple was trying to cross the street through traffic when your driver stopped for them and other drivers finally stopped too following her example. They crossed safely finally. She pulled over to them and asked if they were trying to catch the bus. She lowered the bus and even made sure they were seated before continuing. She was so patient and pleasant. The gentleman was so touched by her that she held her hand and thanked her repeatedly! I would feel comfortable with my grandparents taking transit.” … James Cook, Joseph Donnelly, Jonathan Fitzpatrick, Kimberly Higgins, Philip Hoosain, Fourse John, James Johnston, David Judson, Eric Leung, Ellington McLeggon, Allan Murray, Randy Nabert, Craig Nelson, Dayne Patrick, Donald Proulx, Wayne Simpson, Peter Stanislaus, Audrey Wood Allen, Michael William

Mount Dennis: Douglas Anglin, Daniel Annibale, Vineet Arora, Robel Boka, Kevin Borges, Ronald Bull, Angelo Capistrano, Josesilva Carvalheiro, Daniel Chojnacki, Nichola Cousins, Rana Debaissi, Carlos Debrito, Lyndon D’Silva, Angelo Flabiano, Cyril Fortune, Karen Fydenchuk, Robert Green, Tammy Hendry: She informed the lady that she was going to take a look at the card attached to her wheelchair, and upon doing so, greeted her by name. She made sure the lady was safely and comfortably positioned in the wheelchair area, and communicated as best she could where the woman had to get off. Watching this interaction brought tears to my eyes.” … Robert Howe, Jennifer Johns, Grant Kobay, Pasqualino La Verghetta, Joshua Lyall, Gagandeep Makkar, Earl Montague, Michel Nunes, Marcus Richardson, Rupinder Shahi, Derrick Sinclair, Tom Sinclair, Denroy Stewart, Hanefia Tanim, Robert Thomson, Sherene Williams

Plant Maintenance: Beatriz Bedoya Ortega, Nickesha Luke

Queensway: Patricia Gale, Aleksi Kabadozov, Steven Lachapelle, Carlos Naccarato

Roncesvalles: Bruno Canino, Mario Sandoval, Gregory Shean, Mitchell Soares

Russell: Dominic Bogacki, Christine Bulmer: “Just had the most pleasant experience I have ever had on a TTC vehicle in my whole life even though the streetcar was full beyond belief because of an earlier accident. The driver made it pleasant with her politeness and cheerful disposition.” … Andrew Cornet, Thedore Grozdanis, Stephen Jean, Shawn Kelly, Chris Lewis, Ryan Leeson, Terry Mannella, Brenda Michaud, Charles Morrow, Brandon Ogden, Curt Richards

Subway Infrastructure: James Nugent, David White

Training/Development: Sandro Manera, Patrick McLaughlin, Richard Pereira

Transit Control: Cillin Grealish

Wheel-Trans: Derek Abdool, Marlon Castro, Philip Fermo, Jennifer Karlein, Alina Lakovnik, Karim Mohamed

Wilson-Bus: Andrew Baird, Curtis Batson, Willie Chisholm, Maria Christakos, Alexandros Michailidis, Shabniz Mitha, Vincent Modica: “The driver quickly and safely stopped the bus and prevented it from colliding with a car by mere inches, after the driver of said car made a right turn on to Avenue Road in front of us – she clearly didn’t see the bus as she was looking at her mobile phone. The driver immediately asked if we were all okay and then calmly continued on.” … Devendra Narayan, Agostino Pagano, Gary Thompson, Heather Titus, Jermaine Watkins


The TTC officially received its 2017 Transit of the Year Award from the American Public Transportation Association last month. It took its rightful place on the top shelf in the McBrien Building trophy case, placed there by CEO Andy Byford. The award sits alongside other recent trophies to the TTC, including: Best Diversity Program, Public Sector Safety Award of Excellence and one of the GTA’s Top Employers of 2017.


Congratulations on two classes of Special Constables who formally received their diplomas at the Toronto Police College in the summer:

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