Commendations Corner January-February 2019

Arrow Road: Maria Crescitelli, Hanefiamar Tamin: “Had a great afternoon bus ride home … the driver was really fun, patient, courteous and professional. Made my day!”

Birchmount: Michael Behagg, Damien Charles, Gerald Chou, Marcus Crouse: “It’s always the little things that make for good customer service and this guy does it all!” … Eric Dalinda, Jim Gountounas, Alexander Gymnopoulos, Wayne Halunga, Neil Hermes, Louay Kanafani, Anthony Khan, Todd Lane, Nichole McLeish, Corrado Moncada, Jose Ricaforte, Scott Taylor, Atsbeha Woldegiorgis

Customer Service Centre: Terri Hay

Eglinton: Aduardo Aduca, Saulat Alamgir, Noel Allen, Christina Atkinson, Syed Bukhari: “I want to commend this bus driver for his professionalism, respectful and calm demeanour in dealing with a difficult situation. He made the passengers on the bus feel safe and he was courageous in his actions.” … Geoffrey Caden, Andrew Castillo, Andrew Cahill, Brian Chapman, Junior Chin, William Connelly, Jamie Cordeiro, Kostakis Costa, Tim Cullen, Jason Dick, Michael Easthope, Kevin Elcock, Alexander Fitt, Carlo Gulian, Mohamad Hawchar, Justin Irving, Daniel Jackman, Terrence James, Donald Jones, Nimesh Patel, Ronald Remon, Andre Riddell, Patrick Stubbs, Amber Wilkins, Steven Wrigley, Harriet Younge

Malvern: Paul Andrews, Bernard Balian, Baldwin Bonadie, Jermaine Brown, Ashley Bullen, Kevin Carr, Jonathan Fitzpatrick, Romuald Gulbinowicz, Kester Harris, Jason Head, Kwokleung Ho, Mark Holmes, David Judson, Derek Kelly, Fathiabdo Mahmmed, Judith Martin, David So: “I was having a tough year, but it felt so long since I’ve had someone smile and tell me things would get better. Thank you for even this small gesture, which made my year a little brighter.” … Samson Surenthiran

Mount Dennis: Barbara Martinez, Scott Northcott, Ahmed Eshra, George Joseph: “It was super snowy outside and really cold … Thank you for this morning as I was on time for my class and I didn’t have my class waiting for me!” … Eldon Wickham, Dwayne Humes

Plant Maintenance: Paul Castro, Angelo Pitocco

Queensway: Loraine Boudreau, Vincenzo Meffe, Paul Da Torre, Jerry Kaluzny, Kimberley Thompson, Richard Rost, Ana Quintanilla, Kevin Emoff: “I would just like to say that in this very busy and fast-paced environment we find ourselves in it is always pleasant to have the kindness of another to be the first impression of the TTC I have on my morning.”

Stations: Chris Pereira-Jardim

Streetcar Transportation: Brenda Michaude, Naeem Tajuddin

Training/Development: John Argirovski, Stacy Graham

Transit Control: Mikael Debrincat, Michael Fotiou, Megan Wirtz

Wheel-Trans: Daryl Branton, Kayla Downey, Theresa Legge

Wilson-Bus: Robyn Barry, Noel Bissoondial, Josesilva Carvalherio, Janet Chan, Nigel Clarke, Peter Cole, Linton Fraser: “As a small token of their appreciation they have made a donation to the United Way of Greater Toronto in the operator’s name.” … Jagpreet Jassal, Theo Kolovos, Corey Melanson, Ernest Mirabelli, Vince Modica, Kelly Morgan, Max Oberlander, Janet Ramnarain, Kamaljeet Singh, Farhad Tafazzoli, Garfield Weekes, George Zebrowski

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