TTC Board members

The TTC Board held its first meeting of the term on December 8, 2022. New TTC Chair Jon Burnside, Councillor for Ward 16 Don Valley East, leads a nine-member Board joined by City Councillors: Paul Ainslie, Ward 24 Scarborough-Guildwood; Stephen Holyday, Ward 2 Etobicoke Centre; Nick Mantas, Ward 22 Scarborough-Agincourt; and Chris Moise, Ward 13 Toronto Centre. The five elected representatives joined the four current citizen Commissioners: Joanne De Laurentiis, Fenton Jagdeo, Ron Lalonde and Julie Osborne.

TTC Governance

The TTC is responsible for establishing, operating and maintaining a local passenger transportation system within the urban area of the city of Toronto.

The TTC is a City of Toronto board and a body corporate. The TTC is governed by an nine-member Board consisting of both City Councillors and members of the general public.

The Board establishes service and fare levels to ensure that customer demand is met and budgets are balanced. The Board also: approves corporate policies relating to the operations of the TTC and its employees; directs labour and employee relations matters; and provides oversight in relation to the establishment, operation and maintenance of the transit system.

The TTC is responsible for presenting its Board with a balanced budget each year. City Council approves the annual operating subsidy it makes to the TTC. Decisions on fare and service levels are made by the Board.

Board meetings are generally held monthly in public to review policy and operating matters of the TTC. All members of the Board serve at the pleasure of City Council.

Councillors are appointed to the TTC Board by City Council on recommendation of the City of Toronto Striking Committee. Citizen members are appointed to the TTC Board by City Council through the City’s Public Appointments process. The TTC Chair is elected representative appointed by a vote of City Council. The TTC Vice-Chair is a citizen member appointed by a vote of the TTC Board.

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