Year in review 2007

February 1: The old, silver aluminum tokes were no longer accepted as payment to ride.

February 2: The accessible bus fleet reached the 1,000 mark when the last of the 150 new, hybrid diesel-electric buses (hybrid #1149) entered service.

February 9: York Mills became 27th full accessible subway/rt station.

February 18: Streetcars began operating between St Clair Station and St Clair West Station on a portion of the new, dedicated right-of-way.

March 6: Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced a one-time commitment worth up to $697 million for the Spadina Subway Extension to the Vaughan Corporate Centre in York Region.

March 21: TTC Chair Adam Giambrone announced the TTC’s Toronto Transit City – Light Rapid Transit Plan, a network of dedicated and fully accessible streetcar rapid transit lines.

April 1: The TTC introduced its 100th accessible bus route.

April 8: HVAC crews attained 1,875,000 hours of injury-free work, the TTC’s longest running zero-injury streak.

April 23: Equipment Operator Antonio “Tony” Almeida died in a tragic industrial accident in the subway tunnel south of Lawrence Station.

May 26: Harvey Shop and Bay Lower were opened to the public during the TTC’s inaugural Doors Open Toronto participation.

May 27: TTC Roadeo winners: Arrow Road’s Michael Enright, Rod Defend, Peter Cerone; Wilson’s Scott Babcock; Wheel-Trans’ Bill Petelka; Arrow Road’s Edward Mernaugh.

June 1-2: Greenwood Complex played host to the APTA International Rail Roadeo.

June 12: Arrow Road Operator Raymond Thomas was named Transit Community Watcher of the Year.

June 27: Gary Webster was appointed Chief General Manager of the TTC.

June 29: Inducted into the TTC Suggestion Hall of Fame: Roger Schmidt, Vito Martino, Michael Darragh, Mark Angeli, Tony Precopi, Douglas Cummings, Paul Manherz, Joe D’Ambrosio, Mark Sheridan, Rosario Trimarchi, Rene Deveau, Walter Marroquin, Arnold Whan and Mike Kargov.

July 12: The TTC’s Station Modernization Program was officially launched at Pape Station.

July 16: Rick Cornacchia was appointed General Manager – Operations.

July 20: At an emergency meeting, Commissioners deferred service improvements and the opening of the new Mount Dennis Division/Garage to help eliminate the City’s cash crunch.

August 10: St Clair became 28th fully accessible subway/rt station.

August 27: A public consultation survey asking Toronto residents what kind of TTC they wanted received close to 25,000 responses.

November 4: TTC fares increased in response to the City’s cost containment request; the Metropass is priced over $100 for the first time.

November 14: Commissioners approved engineering and design work for the first three Transit City LRT lines – Sheppard East, Etobicoke-Finch West and Eglinton-Crosstown.

December 6: The Commission approved free travel on the TTC on New Year’s Eve.

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