2013 Milestones


Four decades of service

TTC Chair Karen Stintz, and Commissioners, congratulated the following 13 employees on 40 years of dedicated service in late 2013:

Not pictured: Valentino DiDomizio, Operations Financial Analyst; William Hill, Queensway Operator; Lou Melito, District Office Supervisor; Wolfgang Thonert, Wilson Subway Operator; and Bev Dealhoy, Customer Service Centre (now retired).

  • 30 Years

    Bus Maintenance: Eugene Giunta, Aldo Misuraca
    Bus Transportation: Paul Bayley, Catherine Collins, David Soucie
    Materials/Procurement: Sam Abate, Eddie Cabral
    Rail Transportation: James McCuaig, Ellen Small, Douglas Smith
    Stations: Vincenzo DeVito

  • 20 Years

    Bus Transportation: Scott Bowie, Elizabeth Briscoe, Brian Settle, Constantino Sfetcos, Kenneth Trimble
    Engineering: Sonja Bogoslavov
    Rail Transportation: Craig Borotsik, John Cote, James Love
    Stations: Michael Sniderman

  • 10 Years

    Bus Maintenance: Mike Belchior, Guido Di Domenico, Colin Farnworth, Hartley Greenspan, Andrew McPhail, Carmen Miller, Eva Olah
    Bus Transportation: Gregory Blanchard
    Engineering: Michael Verdun
    Materials/Procurement: Robert Colavecchia
    Plant Maintenance: Chris Karavanas, Stephen Mapes
    Rail Cars/Shops: Lenny Ianni, Walter Logue
    Stations: Safdar Malik, Nizam Tullah
    Wheel-Trans: Karen Amoss, Stephen Brumpton, David Freeman, James Spence

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