2014 Milestones


  • 40 Years

    Bus Transportation: Antonio Borges

  • 30 Years

    Bus Transportation: Gerald Cobham, Steven Gould, Brian McKinney, Robert Murray, Douglas Prentice
    Materials/Procurement: Sebastian Schembri
    Plant Maintenance: Luciano D’Agostino
    Rail Cars/Shops: Vince Gallucci, Andrew Kowalewski, Pasquale Maietta, Reed Stickle
    Revenue Operations: Keith Fick
    Stations/Collectors: Charles Attard
    Subway Infrastructure: Walter McDonald

  • 20 Years

    Bus Transportation: Donald Chapman, Scottly Griffiths, Jose Marques, Edwin Martin, Garry Meadus, Oleh Metelsky, Herculano Rodrigues, Allan Stringer, James Watkins
    Plant Maintenance: Shawn Burt, Frank Vitale
    Rail Cars/Shops: Marie Mandeville
    Subway Transportation: Garry Coburn, Birender Dhuna, Aaron Foubister, Patrick Honan, Pellegrino Parato, Richard Peters, Clive Petrie, Rodney Pugh, Bruce Shaw

  • 10 Years

    Bus Maintenance: Stephen Ainey, Gregory Barrett, Osbourne Browne, Steve Cosway, Michael McPhail
    Bus Transportation: Angus Batson, Mohammed Brown, Deborah Church, Andrew Del Mundo, Colston Hale, Faycal Issaad, David Judson, Brian Leger, Giselle Lohr, Laurence March, Jose Martinez, Randy Ramsukh, Lapfu Yan
    Engineering: Adrian Piccolo
    Pensions: Helen Redmond
    Rail Transportation: Christina Henry
    Rail Cars/Shops: Frank Ciuffini, Mohammad Golzari, Andreas Siebert
    Strategy/Service Planning: Gurwinder Brar
    Stations/Collectors: Donald Brown
    Subway Infrastructure: Richie Almeida, Mike Hachey, Antonio Tramontozzi
    Wheel-Trans: Daryl Branton, Terrence Webber

    Note: Rail Infrastructure was renamed Subway Infrastructure.

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