Al Pritchard

Head of Bus Maintenance and Shops

Service Delivery Group

The TTC is pleased to announce the appointment of Al Pritchard to the position of Head of Bus Maintenance and Shops effective on Nov. 26, 2017.

Al started his TTC career as a Coach Technician in 1995. After working several years as Garage Foreperson, he was appointed Superintendent of Duncan Shop in 2001. He became Senior Superintendent at Duncan Shop 10 years later before being promoted to Senior Manager of Shops in 2012.

Al has led the TTC’s major bus and streetcar overhaul programs for the last several years. He brings more than three decades of transit experience in the public and private sectors – and a  TTC Leadership Award – to his current post.

As Head of Bus Maintenance and Shops, Al is responsible for: eight operating garages (including Wheel-Trans), Duncan Shop, Harvey Shop and the overall maintenance of the TTC’s revenue and non-revenue fleets.

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