Jim Fraser

Head of Capital Programming

Engineering, Construction and Expansion Group

The TTC is pleased to announce the appointment of Jim Fraser as Head of Capital Programming. The appointment was effective on Dec. 16, 2012. He was previously Acting Director of Program Management for the Transit Expansion Department.

Fraser joined the TTC in 2000. He was General Superintendent of Rail Transportation and Rail Cars and Shops. In addition, he previously held numerous positions within Rail Cars and Shops, Bus Maintenance and the former Streetcar Maintenance Departments.

Prior to joining the TTC, Fraser was a principal consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers Center for Maintenance Excellence where he provided management consulting services to a wide variety of clients worldwide.

Fraser is a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Fuels and Material Engineering. His military career as a Maintenance Officer in the Canadian Army spanned more than two decades.

As Head of Capital Programming, Fraser will be responsible for Budgeting and Reporting; Estimating; Office Services and Document Control; Scheduling; Workforce and Payroll; and two new sections: Risk Assessment and Quality Assurance; and Safety and Security. These sections will support all of EC&E in providing quality projects, on time and on budget.

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