Rewards and Recognition Winter 2022

Congratulations to all the recipients of the Rewards and Recognition Winter 2022 program held virtually on December 12.

Customer Service Award Winners

Domenic Defazio, Supervisor – Rail Vehicles, Rail Cars and Shops Patrick Dwyer – Foreperson – Rail Vehicles, Rail Cars and Shops
Domenic and Patrick worked together, and with their technical team, to assign work in a more efficient manner. Their efforts have successfully reduced the corrective maintenance training backlog. The efficiencies they found will improve the service quality of the T-1 fleet for TTC customers.

Denis Filatov – Operator, Bus Transportation
Denis saw that there were customers waiting for a bus at a stop for an alternative route. He safely got into the right lane to pick up the customers in afternoon traffic. His quick thinking saved customers from waiting 30 minutes for the next bus.

Safety Award Winners

Nicole Ehlers – Assistant Manager – Special Constable, Special Constable Service
Nicole takes the time to check in on her co-workers if they have had a traumatic experience. She champions safety by pushing for mandatory debriefs after serious incidents. She has an open-door policy and is invested in preserving her team’s mental health.

Mihail Stamov – Operator, Bus Transportation
While operating a bus, Mihail saw a person in distress trying to harm themselves on a bridge. He secured the bus and went to help the person while emergency services arrived. Mihail demonstrated leadership in someone’s time of need and possibly saved the person’s life.

Innovation and Creativity Award Winners

Yesudas Gudivada – Procurement Analyst, Procurement and Category Management
Yesudas is a curious person and uses his knowledge in a diverse range of subjects to improve his and his colleague’s daily processes. In addition to performing his daily tasks well, he has also provided significant support to other departments. He actively listens to the needs of his colleagues and offers accessible, custom solutions to their problems.

Nima Dayani – Construction Specialist, Construction
Qi Zong – Senior Construction Inspector, Construction
When a carhouse expansion project was delayed, Nima and Qi thought outside the box and made an action plan. The plan reduced the delay by having two stages of work occur concurrently instead of sequentially. Their plan reduced the delay, saving the TTC more than $1.2 million and minimizing the impact on train service.

Leadership Award Winners

Nabil Athanathios – Construction Engineer, Construction
When he took on an Acting Construction Site Manager role, Nabil held his team together during a difficult time. He kept the team focused on the work at hand and fostered great team spirit. He showed both genuine care for his team and for accomplishing their work.

Arsen Gallosman – Category Manager, Procurement and Category Management
Arsen was the Procurement and Category Management representative for several high-profile initiatives, including McNicoll Bus Garage. He flagged critical dates and helped keep negotiation processes on schedule. Arsen was a calming and motivational influence, and was able to help resolve conflicts.

Ramill Lazar – Duty Manager – Transit Operations, Transit Control
Beyond having an open door policy, Ramill takes time to actively check in on how staff are doing. He is always the first to take on more when the workload gets heavier. He makes career mentorship available to anyone who asks, and models effective leadership.

Peter Marrello – Electrician, Wiring and Service Grade 1, Signal/Electrical/Communications
Peter takes the time to help new apprentices do their job efficiently and safely. He is leading a unique CCTV project that uses a system not used before at the TTC. He motivates others to learn new skills, and is never afraid to make a decision.

Matias Piccione – Warranty Administrator, Rail Cars and Shops
Matias has done a fantastic job of onboarding and guiding two new hires. Through his guidance, they were able to learn the tasks required to perform their jobs and start working independently very quickly. He makes those around him feel comfortable and respected.

Teamwork Award Winners

Rail Cars and Shops

Matthew Brown – Manager – Rail Vehicles
Johnathan Corrigan – Foreperson – Rail Vehicles
Jamie Davis – Supervisor – Rail Vehicles
Dan Decan – Senior Foreperson – Line Services
Camillo Di Falco – Foreperson – Rail Vehicles
Terry Hannides – Supervisor – Rail Vehicles
Bradd Hill – Foreperson – Rail Vehicles
Adrian Popovici – Engineering Technologist
Alex Skidelsky – Manager – Rail Vehicles
Vilim Spinoti – Engineering Technologist
Carlo Traccitto – Manager – Rail Vehicles
The Rail Cars and Shops team responds to subway derailments in a wide range of conditions to minimize impact to customers. They remain available 24/7 on a volunteer basis to respond to derailments at all hours. It takes hard work, planning and a state of constant preparedness to respond effectively to these incidents.

Diversity Award Winners

Gayle Hollett – Operator, Bus Transportation
During Pride, Gayle helped raise awareness of the support available to 2SLGBTQ+ employees at the TTC. By sharing her personal story, she helped a wide range of TTC employees understand the experience of Trans employees. Gayle is also a key member of the ATU 113 2SLGBTQ+ Committee.

Sameena Qureishi – Manager, Human Resources Client Services, Human Resources
Sameena helped the Corporate Communications team provide better resources to employees about Islamophobia. She helped educate others about how different beliefs impact the work and personal lives of employees. She was a leader in the use of inclusive pronouns and advocated for pronouns to be included in corporate e-mail signatures.

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