Rewards and Recognition Fall 2022

Congratulations to all the recipients of the Rewards and Recognition Fall 2022 program held virtually on September 28.

Customer Service Award Winners

Cameron Baxter – Station Collector, Stations
Cameron provided first aid to a person who entered a station with life-threatening stab wounds. He reported the details quickly to Transit Control, and provided emotional support to the victim until emergency services arrived. Cameron’s calm, rational and compassionate response likely saved the victim’s life.

Benjamin Jose – Fare Inspector, Revenue Protection
While at Union Station, Benjamin noticed an elderly person carrying a large suitcase and offered to help. He carried her suitcase and helped her transfer to the right GO Transit bus. Benjamin is a great leader and goes above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service.

David Patino – Operator, Bus Transportation
While stopping near a hospital, David noticed someone boarding the bus who was visibly distressed and in a hospital gown. He stopped and found hospital staff that were able to ensure the patient was returned to their care team. Had David not acted, the patient may have transferred to the subway and been almost impossible to find.

Anthony Pesce – Fare Inspector, Revenue Protection
While at Union Station, Anthony noticed a visibly distraught customer who didn’t know her way home. Anthony reassured her and escorted her safely to her destination in Queens Quay. Anthony goes above and beyond for customers day in and day out.

Ricky Rideout – Operator, Wheel-Trans
Ricky received a message from Wheel-Trans Dispatch about a customer who was reported missing. He took it upon himself to start looking for the customer, and due to his knowledge of the city and the situation, he was able to locate the customer. Ricky provided the customer with shelter and safety on his bus until emergency services arrived.

Safety Award Winners

Kuldip Bir – Lead Hand-Substation Electrician, Signals/Electrical/Communications
A safety enthusiast, Kuldip consistently works safely and encourages others to work safely, too. After noticing a safety hazard in an old TTC substation, Kuldip designed and implemented a safety device to bring old equipment back up to modern safety standards. His new device now protects employees from serious injury.

Christine Triggs – Director, Safety, Health and Environment Policy and Strategy, Safety and Environment
Christine identified ways that the TTC’s current Safety, Health and Environment Management (SHEM) system could be improved. She led the implementation of a new SHEM software solution that improved processes and information management. The new solution ensures consistent SHEM best practices across the TTC.

Innovation and Creativity Winners

Nick Chaloux – Service Planning Analyst, Research an Analytics
Nick recognized the need for more detailed demographic insights about customers and a tool to demonstrate city-wide access to transit. He pitched an idea for two different initiatives and built both systems without budget or consultants. The tools he developed are being used to inform the TTC’s Five- Year Service Plan, and to demonstrate the benefits of Line 5 and the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension.

Soonmeng Chua – Senior Systems Analyst, IT Services
Soonmeng played a crucial role in the rollout and improvement of Microsoft Teams. When his team started receiving complaints about platform stability, he investigated to find the source of the problem. To fix the issue as efficiently as possible, he developed a self-service portal that was used by 1,500 employees in its first 48 hours. Without the portal, it would have taken one-two months to get the computer patch to all 6,000 TTC users.

Justin Hutchins – Electrician-Wiring and Service, Grade 1, Plant Maintenance
Justin is constantly on the lookout for electrical deficiencies. Last year, he reported 168 of them. His suggestions have made lighting reliability more stable, and enhanced lighting quality at Hillcrest Complex and McBrien Building. Even when off the clock, Justin notes items that need attention and ensures they are fixed when he returns to work.

Kevin Shen – Manager, Technical Support and Development, Research and Analytics
Kevin made incredible advances with Automatic Passenger Counters (APC). He converted APC reporting from quarterly, to monthly, then daily, enabling the TTC to track ridership during the pandemic. Kevin helped adapt the technology to inform the assignment of Run-As-Directed buses, and as a tool for customers to see passenger volumes during the pandemic.

Leadership Award Winners

Angela Brown – Senior Business Analyst, Employee Services and Systems
Angela always makes time to connect with her team and make sure everyone is keeping well. She encourages her team to provide their input and opinions. She motivates others by celebrating their achievements, big and small.

Scott Dixon – Manager-Bus Maintenance, Bus Maintenance and Shops
Scott’s mentorship has been instrumental in the development of Forepersons, Senior Forepersons and Managers. His knowledge of Bus Maintenance is second-to-none and he provides support and guidance to his employees and peers. During the snowstorm, Scott co-ordinated tow truck companies to return stranded buses to other garages, as well as his own.

Denis Nguyen – Coach and Automotive Apprentice, Bus Maintenance and Shops
Denis has helped apprentices get the best, most productive experience possible at the TTC. He organized sessions to help apprentices pass their classes and licensing exams. Denis also provided them with career and training advice. Through his mentorship, apprentices have achieved more than they thought they could.

Carolyn Ramlal – Administrative Assistant, Signals/Electrical/Communications
Knowledgeable and experienced, Carolyn is the glue that holds her substation together. Carolyn learns things outside her duties so she can help her team and other teams. She leads by example and makes other people feel like they are part of the team.

William Salazar – Track Patroller, Track and Structures
William shares his knowledge from 20 years of experience as a Track Patroller with his crew. He has found and reported many defects that impact the safety of the subway system. William is a fair person and is an integral leader within his crew.

Mohammed Shaikh – Divisional Manager-Operations, Wheel-Trans
Mohammed has developed good relationships with his staff by having an open door policy. He actively listens to employees and resolves problems quickly. Mohammed also takes an interest in the personal development goals of employees.

Mark Young – Foreperson-Rail Vehicles, Streetcar Maintenance
Mark assists employees to reach their full potential by encouraging them to access training resources like MyTTC | Learning Centre and Tuition Aid. When he finds internal posting in the employee’s area of study, he encourages them to apply and puts in a good word with the hiring contact. As a result, the employee feels like they have options with their career path, and a bright future within the TTC.

Teamwork Award Winners


Tak Chan – Design Engineer-Signals
Maurice Davis – Signal Technician
Kevin Lougheed –Senior Design Engineer-Signals
Eric Lu – Assistant Design Engineer-Signals
Christopher Ozolins – Senior Design Engineer-Signals
Peter Pliotis – Lead Hand-Transit Control Technician
Tedros Sahle – Senior Design Engineer-Signals
Henadzi Saiko – Transit Control Technician
Peter Sanidas – Signal Technician-Grade 1
Jonathon Van Der Ven – Supervisor-Signals
This team from Signals and Train Control Engineering, Signal Maintenance and Transit Control worked together to refurbish core parts of the SRT signalling system. They overcame obstacles and worked together to come up with a solution that was a good value to the TTC. Their signalling system solution will support SRT service until it is shut down.

Diversity Award Winners

Stephen Cartaciano – Special Events and Program Specialist, Marketing and Customer Service
While leading the Underground Sounds program, Stephen provided inclusive accommodations to participating musicians where needed. These accommodations have ensured a diverse roster. Stephen is respectful, uses considerate language and encourages other TTC staff to do the same.

Ciaran Ryan – Manager-Research and Insights, Research and Analytics
Ciaran was determined to develop new diversity metrics for the CEO’s Report. Though it was not a clear and easy path, he succeeded and now diversity KPIs are in a high-profile public report. Ciaran has since continued to provide support to the Diversity Group and helps them with measurement and reporting.

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