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TTC Board Highlights September 2021

Upload your proof of vaccination

In order to support our employees in uploading your proof of vaccination, we’ve listened to feedback and made the process more user friendly. Now to reach the COVID-19 Vaccine Portal, log into and click on the tile called “Upload your vaccine proof” (it’s the one with the red band aid). If you need support, remember you can e-mail or call 416-362-7547.

Having our workforce fully vaccinated is important for the city and region as we move forward with recovery. To support this, we’re continuing to host vaccination clinics on TTC properties for our workforce and their families as well as our customers and the general public.

To date, we’ve hosted 23 pop-up vaccination clinics on property and administered more than 5,000 doses. We’ve made a real difference in this fight. And there are more clinics planned for the next couple of weeks. The latest walk-in clinics for staff, consultants, contract workers and family members will take place at Queensway Division (September 22), Wilson Division (September 23) and Birchmount Division (September 24).

We can all take great pride in the role we’re performing in partnership with hospitals and health providers to get this pandemic behind us.

Board decisions this week

The TTC Board was back in session this week after a summer break. Commissioners approved a number of key reports – a summary of decisions taken can be found in the Board Highlights below and the full meeting can be viewed on the official TTC YouTube channel. It was a full agenda where the focus was on the road in front of us.

We’re anticipating more and more customers will return to the TTC. On the heels of the City’s launch of the ShowLoveTO program to support local businesses and local tourism, and as part of our own readiness and recovery plan, later this month we’re aiming to launch our Welcome Back campaign.

Through this marketing effort, we’re going to be showcasing the many great places in the city that people can visit by taking the TTC beyond their workplaces. We want to remind customers who’ve been away during the pandemic that the TTC is a safe way to get to all the great venues and attractions the city has to offer.

Similar to our safety campaign, Welcome Back will be appearing on transit vehicles and shelters, and promoted on Spotify as well as various social media channels. The campaign will be running in multiple languages, such as: Chinese, Italian, Farsi, Tamil and Spanish.

The bottom line is we’re ready to serve riders when they’re ready to come back to us.

Stay safe.

Richard J. Leary

Chief Executive Officer

September 17, 2021

TTC Board Meeting Highlights (September 2021)

TTC Board Meeting September 15, 2021

Line 3 Bus Replacement Study Update

After receiving a staff presentation on current planning and next steps to replace SRT service with bus service in 2023, Board members approved the Line 3 Bus Replacement Study Update. The report is an update on the development of corridor alternatives and proposed evaluation framework, along with potential reuse of existing Line 3 infrastructure.

Options are being developed to use the Line 3 right-of-way for bus service to connect customers to Kennedy Station. As presented to the Board in February, there are also five initial on-street routing corridors that are options for the bus replacement service: Kennedy Road, Midland Avenue, Brimley Road, McCowan Road/Danforth Road and Bellamy Road North. Other on-street alternatives are also being studied that could have buses operate via Lawrence Avenue East and Kennedy Road to bypass planned subway construction on Eglinton Avenue East for the Line 2 East Extension.

On February 10, the TTC Board approved ending SRT train service on Line 3 in 2023 and directed staff to develop a plan to replace the line with interim bus service for the seven years until the Scarborough Subway Extension project being delivered by the Province opens in 2030.

Auditor General’s status report on outstanding audit recommendations

After a presentation from Toronto Auditor General Beverly Romeo-Beehler, Board members received for information the Auditor General’s (AG) status report on the implementation of 157 audit recommendations contained in numerous earlier reports. Results of the 2021 follow-up of previous Audit Recommendations indicate that the TTC has made substantial progress in many areas of its business, and has achieved significant cost savings, cost avoidance, improved controls, or other non-monetary benefits. As of August 4, the TTC reported 72 recommendations have been fully implemented, three recommendations are no longer relevant, and action continues on another 82 recommendations. The TTC Audit and Risk Management Committee received the AG’s report for information at its meeting on September 9.

Transit Network Expansion Update

Board members approved the Transit Network Expansion Update and a staff recommendation authorizing the TTC CEO to negotiate and execute any agreement with Metrolinx and/or Province for the TTC to procure on behalf of Metrolinx the trains required for the Line 1 Yonge North Subway Extension and Line 2 Scarborough Subway Extension, subject to full funding approval from Metrolinx and/or Province for expansion trains.

The following motion moved by Commissioner Jennifer McKelvie was also approved: That the TTC forward future reports evaluating RapidTO to the Metrolinx President/CEO and the Ontario Deputy Minister of Transportation for their consideration as a design alternative for the Durham-Scarborough Bus Rapid Transit on Ellesmere Road, between Military Trail and Kingston Road.

The report states that within the next decade, the TTC rapid transit network will expand by approximately 60 kilometres; the streetcar network will be extended along the Toronto waterfront, and the space dedicated to fast and reliable bus services will increase. TTC network capacity improvements are proceeding in parallel to meet future public transportation demands.

In addition to the TTC’s need for 80 additional subway trains required for Line 1 growth and Line 2 train replacement by 2031, the Province requires new subway trains for the Yonge North and Scarborough extensions.

Among the rapid transit network expansion projects described in the report are the TTC’s Bloor-Yonge Capacity Improvements; and the Provincial Priority Subway Program: Yonge North Subway Extension; Scarborough Subway Extension, Ontario Line and Eglinton Crosstown West Extension.

TTC ridership today and tomorrow outlook

Commissioners received a staff presentation on the TTC’s ridership scenario planning. The presentation examined current and future ridership demand outlook over the next two years, and factored in key considerations, such as changes to travel demand due to the pandemic and the level of return-to-office and return-to-school initiatives and policies. TTC staff forecasted two possible scenarios for ridership recovery in 2022 and 2023 based on ongoing research and data collected as of August 30.

Streetcar Vehicle Cleaning and Servicing

Commissioners approved the award of a contract worth $3.7 million (inclusive of all applicable taxes) to TBM Service Group Inc. for streetcar servicing and detailed cleaning at three TTC streetcar carhouses (Leslie Barns, Roncesvalles and Russell) from notification of award to December 31, 2023, with the option to extend for two additional one-year terms.

McNicoll Bus Garage – Facility Maintenance

Commissioners approved the award of a contract worth $28.6 million (inclusive of all applicable taxes) to ENGIE Services Inc. for the facility maintenance of McNicoll Bus Garage from notification of award for a 10-year term with the option to extend for one additional 10-year term.

Duncan Shop Bus Hoist Replacement

Commissioners approved the award of a contract worth $19.2 million (inclusive of all applicable taxes) to Maystar General Contractors Inc. for bus hoist replacement in the Revenue Repair area in Duncan Shop.

Duncan Shop is the largest facility for repair and maintenance of the TTC’s fleet of accessible buses and non-revenue vehicles. The existing bus hoists have exceeded their expected service life cycle of approximately 25 years as recommended by the equipment manufacturer. The scope of works under this contract includes the replacement of 29 of the 31 existing bus hoists in the Revenue Repair Area. A total of 23 standard and six articulated in-ground post hoists would be replaced with new in-ground cylinder post type bus hoists, including all associated structural, mechanical and electrical works.

TTC adopts City safety and newcomer reports

The Board received two City of Toronto reports forwarded by City Council for TTC adoption and collaboration:

> SafeTO: Toronto’s Ten-Year Community Safety and Well-Being Plan, provides a roadmap by which the City and social systems that serve Torontonians, such as community services, healthcare systems, education systems, justice systems, police and businesses, can work collaboratively across different sectors and across governments to support community safety and well-being.

> Toronto Newcomer Strategy 2022-2026, a roadmap and guiding principles for achieving a greater impact for newcomer success through a City-wide strategy focused on diversity, flexibility and equitable access.

Commissioner’s Motion: Community Benefits Program for Eglinton Crosstown LRT Hiring

The following motion moved by Commissioner Denzil Minnan-Wong was approved by the Board:

1. That the TTC make special efforts, including advertising and job fairs in the targeted communities, as part of their 2022 Outreach Plan, to encourage and promote recruitment from Neighbourhood Improvement Areas (NIAs).

2. That the TTC report back by November 2021 on an outreach strategy. The strategy should include a goal of 50 per cent new transit operator hires being from diverse NIAs.

Commissioner’s Motion: TTC Farecard Request for Information

The following motion moved by Commissioner Denzil Minnan-Wong was approved by the Board:

1. That TTC staff approach transit authorities that have purchased services from vendors participating in the Farecard Request for Information approved by the Commission, and request an assessment/information with regard to their experience with the relevant vendor. Such requests for information to include:

- Positive and negative experiences;

- Disputes; and

- Litigation.

The findings from this research should be used to improve the contractual agreements that will be signed by the successful vendor.

2. That TTC staff report back to the TTC Board with their findings by January 2022.

Next meeting of the TTC Board

The next scheduled TTC Board Meeting is on Wednesday, November 17.


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