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CEO's Report: November Commentary

The TTC achieved a major milestone last month when we surpassed 33 billion riders on the system since beginning operations in 1921. This is particularly meaningful given the impact COVID-19 has had on our ridership over the past two years.

As of the week ending November 4 (excludes November 4 due to many schools being closed), boardings by mode continue to be highest on the bus network at 76 per cent of pre-COVID levels while streetcar and subway boardings were at 54 per cent and 63 per cent, respectively. Wheel-Trans ridership is at about 64 per cent of pre-COVID. Overall weekday ridership stands at 68 per cent of pre-COVID levels.

I also want to take this opportunity to congratulate our TTC/United Way campaign team. Last month, Bay Lower Station was transformed into an immersive and interactive trick-or-treat spot that saw more than 5,500 visitors during the TTC’s first Halloween Fest event. Spooky at normal times, Bay Lower was eerily decorated for Halloween by more than 100 volunteer employees and students. All proceeds raised are donated to the United Way Greater Toronto. It was a great time for a great cause!

The TTC’s achievements are a real testament to the dedication of our workforce. Whether it is carrying billions of customers or events like the one at Bay Lower Station – none of this would be possible without the nearly 16,000 employees who work tirelessly to make these things happen. Thank you for all you do to make the TTC a great transit system.

On behalf of the entire organization, I would also like to extend out condolences to the family of Donald Morton. Donald was the former General Manager for the Facilities Branch at the TTC. He joined the organization is 1961 as a Structural Engineer in the Engineering Department. He held a variety of increasingly senior roles before becoming General Manager of Engineering and Construction in 1986, then General Manager of Facilities in 1994 – a position he held until his retirement in 1996. The TTC was deeply saddened by his passing on October 28 at the age of 85.

Diversity and Culture Group

TTC Connects: Women as Transit Operators
On October 19, the TTC’s Talent Management team hosted its latest virtual information session focused on women interested in the role of Operator, and career advancement at the TTC. The event was widely advertised and more than 1,300 people pre-registered for the session.

Through these types of events we hope to showcase the TTC as a place where women can build a rewarding and fulfilling career. In 2020, we committed that going forward every four out of 10 new hires for the role of transit operator should identify as a woman. We achieved this goal in 2021.

TTC and Dolphin Disabilities team up for a successful mentoring day
Last month, the TTC’s Diversity Department and Racial Equity Office partnered with Dolphin Disabilities and the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work in support of the Dolphin Disabilities Mentorship Day Program. The Dolphin Disabilities Mentoring Day utilizes technology to help bridge the talent, communication and knowledge gaps between business, employment and community supports, and persons with disabilities.

A total of 36 TTC employees volunteered as mentors to provide insight into their career journeys and offered networking opportunities to a talented pool of career-seeking mentees. My thanks to everyone who participated and helped organize the event.

Strategy and Customer Experience Group

2023 Annual Service Plan
I would like to thank everyone who provided their feedback during our 2023 Annual Service Plan process. The Annual Service Plan guides the TTC as we plan for the upcoming year. Along with extensive public consultation, the plan also relies on feedback from elected officials and stakeholders.

The Annual Service Plan aims to use learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, we saw ridership patterns shift as well as the important role that public transit played in supporting people in making essential trips. The plan will also include:

• Line 3 surface network changes: Line 3 Scarborough is expected to be decommissioned in Q4 2023. This plan will set out a bus replacement strategy, with improved connections from different areas in Scarborough to Kennedy Station on Line 2. It will also lay out plans to better connect customers in Scarborough to additional subway stations on Lines 1 and 4, and GO train stations on the Stouffville GO line.

• Line 6 surface network changes: With Line 6 Finch West scheduled to be completed in 2023, this plan will set out a modified bus service plan that will improve connectivity to the new LRT line.

• Network adjustments to study areas across the city: Eight areas across the city have been identified for study with the goal of improving connections and addressing new travel patterns for our riders.

The Annual Service Plan is expected to be before the new TTC Board for consideration in early 2023.

Honouring Remembrance Day
As we do every year, the TTC paused all service for two minutes in honour and memory of Canada’s fallen on Remembrance Day. All subway trains were held at station platforms, bus and streetcar operators held their vehicles at a regular service stop and Wheel-Trans operators held their vehicles at a safe location.

On October 28, the TTC joined Canadian veterans and students from Davisville Public School at Leslie Station to launch the Toronto Royal Canadian Legion’s annual TTC Poppy Campaign, which continued until Remembrance Day. In World War II alone, more than 600 TTC workers enlisted for service. Their names are remembered on the TTC’s Honour Rolls, including a dozen who were killed in action.

As in previous years, the TTC was honoured to provide current and former members of Canada’s military with free rides on Remembrance Day. The TTC’s Honour Guard also proudly represented our workforce in the Remembrance Day service at the Cenotaph at Old City Hall.

Operations and Infrastructure Group

Updates to track projects
There were numerous streetcar rail and infrastructure renewal projects underway in 2022 to maintain our streetcar network and continue essential state-of-good-repair and modernization work.

Working with the City, some of the key projects underway impacting service include:

• Scheduled TTC track work and City of Toronto streetscape and cycling infrastructure work along College Street is to be completed early next year.

• Track reinstatement work on Adelaide Street is progressing well, with project completion of both water main and track work in spring 2023.

• City water main and TTC track intersection replacement work at King-Shaw will be completed in early December.

We will continue to communicate all the closures and diversions associated with this work so our customers can plan accordingly ( As always, we appreciate the patience of our customers during this work and we will continue to provide updates on the progress. TTC staff are scheduled to bring forward to the Board the 2023 schedule of planned closures in the first quarter of the new year.

Transportation and Vehicles Group

Winter readiness
Winter readiness planning is a year-round assignment at the TTC. The summer is used to review contracts and agreements to ensure all our winter inventory and equipment is replenished and ready. The off-season is used to enhance employee training and make necessary modifications to our severe weather operations plans.

As we head into the colder months, the TTC’s Transit Control Centre constantly monitors the weather and road and rail conditions for possible impacts on overall service, and co-ordinates specific actions across the network based on those conditions. The control centre also maintains regular communications with City Transportation and Emergency Services among others. Winter preparedness is a multi-departmental effort at the TTC. Staff have meticulously mapped out planned subway closures, streetcar diversions and bus replacement service for the upcoming winter season.

Every mode of transportation has prepared for severe weather. Wheel-Trans proactively contacts its customers to cancel or postpone non-essential trips. On the subway system, we de-ice power rails when snow or ice is forecast. We also store subway trains in tunnels overnight to prevent freezing. We’re also prepared to supplement service with buses as required and we can remove stops from service on routes that are historically impacted by poor weather conditions.

During inclement weather, customers are reminded to leave extra time in their commutes, to be careful of slippery conditions, and to check ahead on the status of service by following @TTCNotices on Twitter or by signing up for eAlerts.

Safety and Environment Group

The TTC to launch new safety awareness initiatives
The Safety and Environment Department is launching three new employee safety awareness initiatives. These efforts are designed to keep safety top of mind and continuously promote a positive safety culture.

Along with issuing communications on Eyes and Mind of Task and introducing guidance and job aids for Real-Time Hazard Analysis to be used by workers prior to starting a task, the TTC will also be implementing a Safety Moment initiative .

A Safety Moment is a short conversation about a specific safety-oriented topic intended to get employees thinking about safety. It typically occurs at the start of a shift or meeting and can be led by any member of a work crew or staff employee.

At the TTC, the safety of our employees and customers is always of paramount importance to us. I want to thank all our customers for sharing their thoughts with us and helping us continue to be a great transit system.

Stay safe.

Richard J. Leary
Chief Executive Officer
November 2022

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