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FROM THE CEO: TTC Board Highlights

I’d like to wish a prosperous and Happy Lunar New Year to all who are celebrating. This year is the Year of the Rabbit and we have wrapped several buses and streetcars to celebrate the occasion. Starting Sunday (January 21), our customers will be able to enjoy these vehicles.

Buses and streetcars decorated for Lunar New Year are running along the following routes: 510 Spadina, along Spadina, through the core of Chinatown; 506 Carlton, along Gerrard Street, Chinatown East; 25 Don Mills; 39 Finch East; and 102 Markham.

We also know many of our employees celebrate Lunar New Year and one of our wrapped vehicles will be making its way across the Commission so everyone has a chance to see it. Please see the schedule to find out when it is coming to your work location:

23: Wilson, Leslie Barns
24: Mount Dennis
25: Malvern
26: Arrow Road
27: Danforth
30: Sheppard West
31: Head Office

1: Wheel-Trans
3: Birchmount
6: Hillcrest
7: McNicoll
8: Eglinton
9: Queensway

January 19 Board meeting
Commissioners voted on a critical state-of-good-repair report regarding the subway closure schedule for this year as well as scheduled upgrades for the streetcar network.

The report approved yesterday summarizes the work we achieved in 2022, including initiatives that were implemented to improve service reliability during closures. While we design closures to minimize customer disruptions as much as possible, the 2023 Subway Closures Forecast supports critical projects, such as: ATC Line 2 enabling work; Line 1 Yonge North extension project; Line 2 East extension project; and Easier Access and Station Finishes programs.

A personal highlight from the meeting was publicly thanking Subway Supervisor Ben Kirton. Earlier in the week, Ben performed live-saving First Aid that prevented an infant from fatally choking at Coxwell Station. Ben arrived on scene, took control of the situation and performed consistent back blows that cleared the child’s throat. On behalf of everyone at the TTC – thank you for your quick thinking.

Please see below for more highlights of Commission decisions approved on January 19. The next Board meeting takes place on February 28.

Richard J. Leary
Chief Executive Officer
January 20, 2023

TTC Board Highlights
TTC Board Meeting January 19, 2023

Commendation for TTC Subway Supervisor
The TTC Board began its meeting by congratulating and thanking Subway Supervisor Ben Kirton for lifesaving actions performed on a choking infant aboard train at Coxwell Station.

On January 16, Kirton responded to an Emergency Alarm on a train at Coxwell Station. He arrived to find a 15-month-old infant choking and in distress. He immediately used his past experience as a paramedic and began emergency First Aid procedures. His quick work resulted in an object being cleared from the child’s airway. When Toronto EMS arrived, they confirmed the actions were “lifesaving”.

2023 subway closure and streetcar diversions plan approved
After receiving a staff presentation, the TTC Board endorsed a report detailing the TTC’s 2023 subway closures and streetcar diversions, including the following recommendations:

• Endorse the 2023 Subway Closure and Streetcar Diversion Forecast, and direct staff to report on changes to the Closure/Diversion Forecast through the Chief Executive Officer’s Report.

• Direct staff to forward this report to the General Manager, Transportation Services, City of Toronto for information.

The 2023 forecasts are similar to 2022 overall with an increase in the number of planned streetcar diversions and a slight reduction to planned subway closures.

In 2022, the TTC planned 35 full weekend subway closures, eight late openings, 177 nights of early closures and 20 days of station by-pass. Due to the return of City events, some of the originally planned closures were cancelled, resulting in a total of 24 full weekend subway closures, six single-day closures, eight late openings and 116 nights of early closures actually utilized.

The 2022 subway closures performed on Line 1 Yonge-University-Spadina and Line 2 Bloor-Danforth allowed for a significant amount of work to be completed, particularly on Line 1 to maintain the schedules for the Automatic Train Control and the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit projects.

Last year on the our streetcar network, the TTC conducted 26 full diversions, 89 nightly diversions and 12 capital projects (i.e. capital projects are defined as work scope that extends more than one service board period – six weeks).

New entrance connection approved for 65 Cumberland St. redevelopment
The TTC Board approved an accessible entrance connection to Bay Station within the redevelopment at 65 Cumberland St. and authorized the execution of an Entrance Connection Agreement, and any other agreements arising as a result of the Entrance Connection and closure of the existing entrance connection, all on terms and conditions acceptable to the TTC’s General Counsel.

The Development at 65 Cumberland St. is located on a portion of the property with the current municipal address of 2 Bloor Street W., which is owned by the City of Toronto and subject to a ground lease with the owner of the development.

TTC Board approves contract for supply of bus tires
Board members approved the award of a contract worth $11.6 million (including applicable taxes) to Bridgestone Canada Inc. for the supply of bus tires for an initial contract term of two years commencing May 1, 2023 and ending April 30, 2025. The Board also approved the following recommendations:

• Delegate authority to the Chief Executive Officer to extend the contract yearly, up to five years (for successive periods of various time), and up to $36.2 million (including applicable taxes) to the contract with Bridgestone to cover the cost of tires during the maximum optional extension term (May 1, 2025 to April 30, 2030).

• Authorize an amendment to the existing bus tire contract with Goodyear Canada Inc. to extend the contract by 15 months, from April 30, 2023 to July 31, 2024, and add an additional $6.3 million (including applicable taxes) for the transition period.

The TTC has an ongoing requirement for the supply of bus tires in order to operate its fleet of approximately 2,058 buses. In 2021, the TTC received more than 8,500 bus tires for use from Goodyear.

TTC Board approves contract for supply of Cummins factory-remanufactured engines
Board members approved the award of a contract worth $7.2 million (inclusive of HST and core charges) to City View Bus Sales and Service Ltd. for the supply of 117 Cummins factory-remanufactured engines for the TTC’s Nova 12-metre (40-foot) buses.

TTC Board approves request for industrial space lease
The TTC Board authorized staff to request the City of Toronto, Corporate Real Estate Management, to negotiate and enter into a new lease agreement on the TTC’s behalf, on terms and conditions summarized in a confidential the report and in a form acceptable to the TTC’s General Counsel.

The TTC is seeking the Board’s approval to enter into a lease for industrial space for a period of 10 years with up to three, five-year renewal options to meet the needs of the Automatic Train Control (ATC) project and Signals groups, subject to the terms and conditions outlined in this report.

Next meeting of the TTC Board
The next scheduled TTC Board Meeting will be on Tuesday, February 28.


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