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FROM THE CEO: TTC Board Highlights

The week began with the TTC Board meeting at City Hall. On Monday, Commissioners approved the Islington Station redevelopment project, new buses for Wheel-Trans and the Special Constables 2022 Annual Report.

The Board also received a detailed presentation by staff on the TTC’s service planning and scheduling process. I’m proud of how we’re working smarter to preserve and enhance our service when and where it’s needed most.

Please see below for more highlights of Commission decisions approved on May 8. The next Board meeting is set for June 12.

Station cleaning blitz underway
Our spring station-cleaning blitz is now underway.

Once again, we’re hiring 100-plus post-secondary summer students to join the Stations Department. Almost all have completed their Janitor training and job shadowing, and have been scheduled to various shifts next week. This year’s blitz covers all 75 stations, which runs to the end of August.

Last year, the blitz team was divided into 13 groups, each spending a week at a time at an assigned station. Duties included everything from manually scrubbing walls and stairs, detailed cleaning of stainless steel doors and window frames, waste receptacles, elevators, escalators, benches and other features.

Welcome summer students
Lastly, I’d like to welcome our summer students and co-op students, many of whom started this past week. We have over 400 students joining us for the summer and we are excited to have them here. If you see a new face in your department or work area, be sure to say hello and extend a warm welcome.

Richard J. Leary
Chief Executive Officer
May 12, 2023

TTC Board Highlights
TTC Board Meeting May 8, 2023

TTC Special Constable Service 2022 Annual Report
The TTC Board received the TTC Special Constable Service 2022 Annual Report. The report provides an overview of 2022 activities in relation to 2021 activity levels for the Special Constable Service, and has been revised to demonstrate the alignment with the ongoing Revenue Protection and Special Constable Service Culture Change program.

The Special Constables Annual Report will be forwarded to the Toronto Police Services Board (TPSB) as per Section 8.9 of the Special Constable Agreement between the TPSB and the TTC.

As a result of the TTC’s collaboration with the City of Toronto to extend the Streets to Homes program, the transit agency has been able to provide more comprehensive support to those in need in the city. During patrols conducted by Special Constables and outreach workers, many individuals were connected with the Streets to Homes team, which offers assistance in finding both temporary and permanent housing. The partnership also provides harm reduction supplies and food vouchers, and helps individuals access the appropriate support and shelter they require.

The Special Constable/Streets to Homes Outreach program saw 638 services offered to those in need, with 444 services being declined and 138 being accepted. Eighteen long-term housing solutions were completed as a result of this program, helping to provide stable and secure housing options for those in need. These figures demonstrate the effectiveness of the TTC’s partnership with the City of Toronto and the Streets to Homes program in helping to address the complex issues facing the transit system.

TTC Board approves contract for Islington Station Redevelopment
Board members approved the award of a contract worth $109.6 million (inclusive of all taxes) to Kenaidan Contracting Ltd. for the Islington Station Redevelopment project on Line 2 Bloor-Danforth.

The Easier Access III program and redevelopment scope of work under Contract W4-18 includes:

• New street-level bus terminal and dedicated driveway.

• Underground pedestrian tunnel for access between the new bus terminal and the existing Subway Concourse Level.

• One elevator and two escalators for access between the new bus terminal and underground pedestrian tunnel.

• One elevator for access between the existing Subway Concourse Level and Platform Level.

• New street-level entrance, in the northwest corner of the Islington/Aberfoyle intersection, with ramps for access to the existing Station Concourse Level and their associated works.

The new bus terminal at Islington Station will be constructed on an adjacent portion of the main TTC commuter parking lot, north of the existing terminal, and constrained by the existing Hydro One corridor, Islington Avenue and the future extension of Aberfoyle Crescent westward to service the future residential development by CreateTO. The new bus terminal will include five bays and layover spaces. One bay will additionally be designated for Wheel-Trans stop.

The intersection of Islington Avenue and Aberfoyle Crescent will be modified and equipped with traffic signals for flow of TTC buses, riders, residents, and pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the area and the new bus terminal. The remainder of the main TTC commuter parking lot has been designated for future residential development by CreateTO. The existing street-level bus terminal is planned for demolition in its entirety by CreateTO following the completion of the new bus terminal as it is included in the site identified for their future residential development.

Construction is scheduled in phases to minimize disruption to riders, residents, pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the area. Work is scheduled to begin in Q3 2023 and is expected to continue beyond 2025.

Board approves the purchase of new Wheel-Trans buses
The TTC Board approved a contract amendment worth $14 million (inclusive of all estimated costs, including contract change allowances and applicable taxes) with Creative Carriage for the supply and delivery of 52 six-metre, ProMaster buses for the Wheel-Trans fleet. The new vehicles are scheduled for delivery in 2024-25.

This procurement uses an existing contract with Creative Carriage, which was competitively sourced through Metrolinx’s Transit Procurement Initiative. These vehicles will replace the first generation six-metre ProMaster buses, which have all reached the end of their design life.

In 2023, the TTC is scheduled to receive 23 six-metre and 76 seven-metre ProMasters to replace the 157 vehicles due for decommissioning. The 52 six-metre ProMasters approved by the Board, along with a future procurement of the TTC’s first battery-electric buses, will complete the replacement of these vehicles by the end of 2025.

Service planning at the TTC
Commissioners received a presentation from TTC staff on the service planning and scheduling process at the TTC. The TTC has a continuous service monitoring and improvement process that includes components, such as service frequency and route adjustments, seasonal service changes and on-time performance and construction impacts.

The Service Planning and Scheduling Department engages with all communities in the city, City partners, transit partners and priority groups, and acts on equity and diversity throughout the process to ensure services are protected where they are needed most.

CEO Rick Leary announced as a result of listening to TTC customers, and a lower absenteeism rate among frontline Operators this year, the TTC will be adding the trains to restore six-minute service in the late evening after 10 p.m. Monday to Friday, and in the evenings after 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Line 2 weekend service was not changed and remains every six minutes or better at all times on Saturdays and Sundays.

In addition, staff provided an overview of the TTC’s demand-responsive service comprising extra buses, streetcars and subway trains. Planning and operations teams work weekly to adjust the deployment of these extra vehicles based on ridership monitoring, co-ordination with construction and disruptions and customer feedback.

Continuation of electronic participation in TTC Board meetings
Commissioners passed a motion moved by TTC Chair Jon Burnside to permit electronic participation in TTC Board meetings to be in effect for a one-year period, and that staff report back with recommendations for consideration of permanent electronic participation in Q1 2024. Board meetings will continue to be hybrid, with both in-person and virtual participants.

Next meeting of the TTC Board
The next scheduled TTC Board Meeting will be on Monday, June 12.


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