Commendations Corner - February

Arrow Road: Thomas Alcantara, Muhammad Amin, Daniel Annis, Gary Cabral, Philip Carreiro: “I have been a TTC rider for over 10 years and this is the first time I’ve ever left a compliment … The driver was very kind as I got on and greeted me. He really made my night and I just wanted to say thank you again.” … Sue Cipollone, Marc Collins, Vince D’Arpino, Colin Grima, Dwayne Heimbecker, Silvio Iaboni, Christian Maglieri, Michele Michaud, Earl Montague, Katherine Owen, Rishi Pablo, Frank Palermo, Hemant Prasad, Frank Ragone, Franklin Robb, Heather Sanford, Roy Simmonds, Davinder Singh, Diane Smith, Wayne Stewart, Lisa Sutherland, Robert Sutton, Pearl Tita, Paul Villani, Roy Vitelli, Richard Wafer, Chris Yates, Tyrone York, Richie Yuan

Birchmount: Linda Baker, Mark Basha, Jeremy Cassidy, Radcliffe Chambers, Raul Chimbo, Dan Corkery, Anil Dhingra, Tony Fay, Cearan Headley, Neil Hermes, Wendy Hubner, David Jardine: “Very friendly gentleman. Wonderful communications and customer service skills. It’s always a pleasure getting on his bus.” … Ruth Johnson, Kevin Kane, Gary Lux, Chris Nottbeck, Maurie Ramdial, Nancy Rumford, Valerie Sale, Rajeevkumar Selvakumar, Jose Songco, Todd Switzer, Vito Telesca, Edward Wahl

Customer Service Centre: Moira Mullan, Hanh Nguyen, Arlene Quarshie, Cheryl Woodhouse

Danforth: Amer Awan, Malcolm McPherson, Larry Pavlov, John Su

Eglinton: Esmael Abdurahman, Juleesa Anthony, Christina Atkinson, Christopher Baker, Mohammed Brown, Gary Chislett, Keri-Ann Craddock, Perry Christopoulos, Peter De Sousa, Kenneth Dias, Trevor Evans, Pirabu Ganeshanandan: “I had spent all day at Billy Bishop only to have my flight cancelled because of the snowstorm. No cabs at the airport and I couldn’t find any to get home. Driver picked me up on Lakeshore in the storm and it was a blessing. Nice guy and deserves credit for it. Thanks to him.” … Andrew Gould, Cheddie Grey, Curt Howard, Craig Hunter, Stephen Jeffery, Nanor Kavassian, Sylvie Larouche, Geoffrey Lewis, Matthew Malandrino, Christopher Mancini, Melanie McDonell, Donald McKend, Pragat Mehra, Geronima Murphy, Evagelos Ntinos, Patricia Paul, Susan Paul, Ken Pelletier, Daniel Price, Johannes Scherpenberg, Deborah Shannon, Dirk Spill, Ravinder Verma, Norman Wilson, Steven Wrigley, Ahmad Yahyayi, Patrizio Ziccardi

Mount Dennis: Steven Ahmad, Saulat Alamgir, Robert Anderson, Ross Bendle, Shirley Bishop, Christine Bodner, Kevin Borges, Kurt Bowman, Craig Brown, Devon Brown: “He stopped his bus, told us again what he was doing, got up from his seat and held the lady’s hand and helped her navigate over a mound of snow safely.” … Tracey Brown, Sean Caruana, Ming Chung Lo, Russell Connelly, David Coomby, Linda Cozzupoli, Sharon Davidson, Vito De Pasquale, Orazio Diluciano, David Elrick, Rhonda Felix, Angelo Flabiano, Leslie Fodor, Damiano Galloro, Jasgeer Gill, Arthur Gitin, Carlos Gois, Amir Hyseni, Robert Judd, Pasqualino La Verghetta, Odean Noble, Mica Nooks, Michel Nunes, Harshal Patel, Ana Pereira Jardim, Mauro Pistillo, Alphonso Quatrale, Joanne Simpson, Jasbir Tambar, Foster Thackaberry, Jason Thorne, Ernest Titus, Sean Xavier, Mark Wilson, Rudy Wilson, Dana Wing

IT Services: Sue Noble

Malvern: Roberto Arroyo, Angus Batson, Paul Campbell, Iqbal Chana, Nasir Chaudhry, Pardeep Gautam, Roger Gray, John Green, Gregory Lamoureux, Terry Medford, Tina Musciagna, Inparaj Navacodi, Glenn Phillips, Allan Pryke, Donald Proulx, Marcia Savariau: “She has excellent customer service and a pretty smile early in the morning.” … Paul Truelove, Roger Wiggins, Mark Wizzard

Queensway: Vida Baksa, Joe Barbieri, John Bossio, Danny Carvalho: “I lost my new and fairly pricey hat on Monday. The driver was away on Tuesday and the replacement driver didn’t know. This morning I asked the regular driver if it had been turned in. He had picked it up and saved it for the Wednesday run. He pointed it out to me with a big smile. He made my day!” … Ryszard Frankowicz, Marlon James, Remo Minchio, Henrique Pacheco, Angela Piccolino, Dave Torrance, Marco Tucci, Ishmail Tufail

Roncesvalles: Jessica Aguiar, Raza Ahmed, Terry Amaral, Larry Bancsi, Colin Barracks, Vito Bellino, Mark Bingham, Derek Brackett, Gord Campbell, Julie Clark, Chris Crowe, Leonardo Debenedictis, Frank Figliola, Shelly French, Dave Gokhool, Robert House, Adrian Kasolka, Frank Lapadula, Alexander Louie, Terry Mannella, John Miranda, Steve Mouland, Timothy Nash, Ann Nisiewicz, David Peacock, Sharman Potechin, Linda Randall, Lindsay Richardson, Michael Sdrolias, Mitchell Soares, John Thacker, Eduart Uka, Stephen Welch, Gary Yu, Edward Zahra

Russell: Cynthia Belbin, Mike Bowles, Christine Bulmer, Janet Cluett, Vanessa Coughlan, Albert D’Cruz, Renwick Felix, Christopher Gonsalves, Renata Harper, Karen Hoare, Shawn Kelly, Jason Kmiecik, Christopher Lewis, Geoffrey McCaul, Kevin Pett, Dimitrios Sarantis, James Sun, Rudy Tomlinson, Yonatan Yemane, George Zavos

Stations/Collectors: John Komakech, Michael Murphy, Ross Scolaro

Wheel-Trans: Youssef Abi Nader, Margaret Abraham, Anthony Annibale, Harry Blakey, Alan Bouchie, Mike Brown: “Customer is hard of hearing and walks very slow. The driver came into the hospital and found her speaking very loudly so that she could hear. She was worried about missing her ride because of her hearing impairment. Thanks for your kindness and car.” … Matt Burns, Marlon Castro, Chris Cheong, Rhonda Cunningham, Mark D’Andrea, Anthony Delmedico, Ed Duncan, Maurice Fairweather, Steve Fitzgerald, Amir Ganjbakhshfard, Cristina Garcia-Polanco, Darcy Gaudier, Chris Gayhart, Mario Georgatsellos, Raj Gill, Eric Gottlieb, Elizabeth Grant, Bill Greco, Anthony Gunpath, Steven Gwin, Ken Hall, Michael Hardie, Heather Hoover, Brian Howard, Dan Jeffries, Mark Kahansky, Andrew Keenan, Andrew Kizik, Barb Kurelek, David Lam, Gary Lawson, Tom Leithwood, John Lombardi, Brian Lucas, Ray Lumubos, Cassandra MacNeil, Cristina Martinez, Stephanie McCanny, Omar McFarlane, Paul McLay, Andres Menendez, Sean Mooney, Tom Morrissey, Ed Olorunfunmi, Gerard Pacey, Amin Patel, Joe Paton, Susan Patterson, Gary Pattison, Tony Policelli, Roy Smith, Cheryl Spence, John Tiernan, Jason Tomchuk, Bill Traynor, Rhonda Walker, Trent Ward, Ataulmajeed Zafar, Mike Zinston

Wilson-Bus: Vince Gentile, Matthew McLeod, Seyed Moosavi, Vittorio Zeppa

Wilson-Subway: Jerry, Guilherme, Patrick Hanson

Grateful customer thanks Patrizio for pointing

On a busier day than normal, I was headed to a great job opportunity (interview) and couldn’t afford to be late. I found myself leaving right on time and ready to catch all the buses needed to get to my destination.

While I was at York Mills transferring to the Don Mills north bus, I noticed my Don Mills bus at the intersection, however I was faced with a red light. The bus had a green light through the intersection, and I was going to miss my bus and potentially an opportunity to impress at the interview. Luckily you (the TTC) have more than just employees working for your organization, you also have good people. The driver (Eglinton’s Patrizio Ziccardi) noticed me and assumed I was trying to get on the bus as we made eye contact. So he pointed to the northeast corner.

I waited on that corner and the driver stopped the bus letting me and several others on. I typically do not expect this type of personal service from many organizations, but it was certainly welcomed. I am still waiting to hear back about my job opportunity, but I would not have been able to make it if it wasn’t for this kind bus driver going out of his way to ensure I was able to transfer onto his bus. I hope this note will be passed on to the driver, and that he will be recognized for his efforts.

Phil F.

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