Commendations Corner - October

Arrow Road: Paul Annon, Jaykumar Ariaratnam, Diego Ardizzi, Sabrina Chora, Brian Dunham, Ted Elliott, Stephen England, David Forget, David Hoy, Vaughan Morant, Jovan Parag, Rakeshkuma Patel, Salvador Piccininni, Vito Rubino, Mohammed Shaikh, Michael Sotto, Tracy Telford, Lynnmarie Wilder

Birchmount: Tony Fay, Nicola Givans, Neil Hermes, Eric Hildebrand, Darryl Howard, Sean McLean, Kasi Morgan, Stephen Niezen, Todd Skinner, Surinder Sharma, Errol Thompson: “I am on crutches due to surgery and was coming home late from a movie … a bus approached and offered to give me a ride up to the top of the hill. He did not ask me for a fare or if I had a transfer, rather kindly picked me up and dropped me outside my front door and waited until I had gone up my walkway.”

Customer Service Centre: Vijanti Damji, Elizabeth Foeller, Terri Hay, Robin Houthuys, Catinca Lazar, Nicole Morris, Moira Mullen, Nanica Peters

Eglinton: Christina Atkinson, Jermaine Beazer, Rennie Beekharry, David Benjamin, John Chassels, Christopher Dale, Casey Farhall, Loann Felix, Theresa Festo, Rosario Figliano, Benson Genah, Gary Hess, Devon Kenlock, Natasha Kerr, Andre Lall, Sylvie Larouche, Jason Maxom, Melanie McDonell, Walter McIsaac, Tim Mitchell, Milton Morgan, Arshad Mullabhai, Debbie Phillips-Shepherd, Kevin Robertson, David Schram, Kendra Scrimgeour, Luigi Spada, Brian Stanworth, Maxwell Thom, Robert Tuccitto, Graham Whittle, Jacqueline Wiebe, Curate Williams, Norman Wilson, David Woolridge: “He was great, funny and happu to be doing his job. He said hello, how are you, have a great weekend to every passenger that came on and off the bus.” … Stephen Wrigley, Kevin Zenglein

Malvern: Paul Andrews: “Just boarded 1132 38 eb, coolest driver!!” … Jainarine Besai, Sanjeev Bhalla, Shaun Bridge, John Brown, Derick Diaz, Shelley Dunbar, Albert Fernandes, Maureen Grey, Steven Hadfield, Kathyann Charles, David Naccarato, Michael Norman, Ulando Robinson, Harbhinder Sandhu, Kosmo Silimanis, David So, Lapfu Yan

Mount Dennis: Cosmore Alexander, Jorge Ames Vilches, Obasola Awobajo, Ches Bilka, Kevin Borges, Craig Brown: “I wish to thank Craig for helping me locate a student who got lost coming down to our program … Craig was absolutely amazing. My students and I were so touched by his kindness and generosity. He helped me teach a valuable lesson to not be afraid to ask for help.” … Jose Silva Carvalheiro, Peter Cole, David Coomby, Paul Culling, Sharon Davidson, Natalie Dawood, Mikael Debrincat, George Doukas, Emanuel Douldouras, David Elrick, Brian Griffith, Dawit Hailemariam, Dwayne Humes, Thomas Kawczynski, Keith Kinsella, Albert Kwan, Avni Lushaku, Elizabeth Michalias, Daniela Moura Alves, Michel Nunes, Juan Carlos Oviedo, Ana Pereira Jardim, Nelson Rodrigues, Alwyn Stephenson, Mark Wilson, Sean Xavier, Namik Yusufov

Queensway: Vida Baksa, Danny Carvalho, Patricia Gale, Beth Kielty, Mark Resczynski, Tajwayne Ruddock

Roncesvalles: Malik Ataul: “Kudos to the 501 eastbound driver for car 4042; annoucncements, poetry and enthusiasm; what more could you want on a grey Friday!” … Cameron Baxter, Byron Dawson, Enriquito De Lariva, Barry Doyle, Roman Dzerowicz, David Freitas, Christian Gheorghe, Angelo Haralampous, Perry Howell, Shazard Khan, Michael Kulpinski, Terry Mannella, Nect Mitropoulos, Jim Perkins, Mitchell Soares, Kevin Turner, Suhrob Vafoev, Stephen Welsh

Russell: John Ambraska, Mohamed Bakharia, Jason Brenner, Christine Bulmer, Maryna Butenko, Anthony Carroccio, Hong Cai, Kevin Caissie, Ryan Churchill, Mike Civello, Vincent DeLaurentis, Karen Delay, Leonardo Ferreira, Lorne Flannigan, Lori Hughes, Jeremy Morrison, Charles Morrow, Billy Papas, Steve Petrevski, Duane Smith, Ricardo Taylor, Addis Tola, Rudy Tomlinson, Jason Watts

Stations: Claudius Wright

Wheel-Trans: Zalby Alba, Frank Asiamah, Michael Babsa, Peter Bakker, Dushan Barudzjia, Kelly Bland, Jim Bloxam, Alan Bouchie, Ellie Burt, Anthony Cornacchia, Tara Cormier, Patricia Dickinson, Norine Findlay, Eric Gottlieb, Roger Gramaliauskas, Eveyln Gartner, Mike Greico, Heaver Hoover: “The customer’s leg gave out. The driver caught her preventing a fall, and helped her to the seat on the bus.” … Yusuf Kaka, Christopher Karakousis, Simon Kelly, Steve Kentish, Lawrence Knight, Barbara Kurelek, Rajesh Lobo, Cecil London, Cassandra MacNeil, Vishnu Maharaj, Cleveland Martin, Christina Martinez, Doran Maxwell, Jason McGill, Donna Melnyk, Daniel Myles, Karim Mohamed, Gerard Pacey, Bill Petelka, Hilborn Philip, Kevin Portener, Sergio Rizzo, Murray Robertson, Charles Robinson, Chris Scott, Mehboob Shaikh, Abraham Stepanian, Jerry Silveira, Michael Slade, Hugh Spence, Mitra Stergios, Shelina Thompson, Mark Woodhouse

Wilson-Bus: Sujata Rao

Wilson-Subway: Alfie Hokan, John Keating, Drew Watson

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