Operations & Service Delivery Award of Excellence (Q3)

3rd Quarter Winners

CEO Andy Byford, COO Gary Shortt, CSO Rick Leary, CPO Gemma Piemontese and Chief Safety Officer John O’Grady congratulated the following Award of Excellence winners for the third quarter of 2014:

Armand Missir – Malvern Garage
Eva Shady – Arrow Road Division
Anacleto Lopez – Russell Carhouse
Laura Rannelli – Mount Dennis Division
Luigi Pompili – Wilson Division
John Di Censo – Arrow Road Division
John Van Boxtel – Eglinton Garage
Frank Scocco – Roncesvalles Carhouse
Stephen Hayward – Revenue Operations
Brandon Lee – Overhead
Marcela Garcia – Russell Division
Teresa MacLeod – Building Services
Jeremy Turton – Mount Dennis Garage
Arnold Ramdass – Mount Dennis Garage
Victor Galbraith – Greenwood Carhouse
Noel Lewis – Harvey Shop
Derek Carvalho – Building Equipment
Nikos Mouzos – Malvern Division
Andreas Ioannou – Malvern Division
Audrey Clark – Eglinton Division
Steven Fancey – Station Cleaning
Roscoe Fleming – Birchmount Division
Terry Murfin – Wilson Carhouse
Bryan Lewis – Danforth Division
John Tan – Lakeshore Division
Clark Bolt – Birchmount Division
Shawn Taylor – McCowan Carhouse
Lindon Rampersad – Wiring and Service
Gord Falk – Lakeshore Division
Regula Schicker – Roncesvalles Division
Stephan Pimentel – Duncan Shop
Michael Jewczyk – Wilson Division
Tony Ruffolo – Arrow Road Garage
Jim De Vries – Mount Dennis Division
Jeff Gale – Lakeshore Garage

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