Commendations Corner - April-May 2015

Arrow Road: Stephen England, Kevin Higgins, Ponniah Jeevanathan, Spiragavan Kanagasabai, Hwiyong Kim, Clifford Kristevski, Helder Valente

Birchmount: Neil Hermes, Devon Henry, Christopher Paulsen

Customer Service Centre: T’Rone Buchanan, Rishu Chadha, Hovig Kerkezian, Cantinca Lazar, Nanica Peters

Danforth: Muhammad Aslam, Colin Asselstine, Gerrard Hanlon, Brian Parson, Michael Sage, Avindra Weerasekera

Eglinton: Paul Biazon, Michael Bilodeau: “The driver was fantastic! Very courteous. Excellent customer service. Made the morning commute start on the right foot. Thank you!” … Robert Breedon, Russell Brett, Mohammed Brown, Garfield Browne, Percilis Christopoulos, Panagiotis Christou, Ahsan Chowdhury, Liann Craig, Tim Cullen Bradley De Zilva, Roy Dobrijevich, Uhlan D’Souza, Michael Easthope, Kevin Elcock, Kevin Galgay, Anna Germenis, Peter Gunn, Steve Gutenberg, Curt Howard, Jeanard Igwe, Justin Irving, Sherry Jupp, Natasha Kerr, Ben Kiarie, Oliver Lawrence, Domenic Mandarello, Michael Martino, Sean McKnight, Jordi McLauchlin, Zelalem Moges, John Parashos, Phillip Robinson, Rodrick Shaw, Denise Stogianou, Cassandra Superville, Andre Taylor, Brenda White, Brian Williams, David Woolridge, Stewart Wolff, Steven Wrigley, Patrizio Zaccardi, Andrea Yousif

IT Services: Anthony Almeida, Herb Child, Donald Park

Malvern: Kooj Allen Dick, Geoffrey Bend, Nancy Crawford, Lee Esmonde, David Gooderham, Vern Little, Paul Manuel, John McCafferty, James Johnston, Michael Racioppo, Philip Rehana, Lapfu Yan

Mount Dennis: Caitlyn Baker: “She drove the bus carefully and ensured all the passengers were safe, and after I left the bus she said thank you and good night – it really added a nice touch to the end of my day.” … Kevin Borges, Silvana Cantarella, Jim De Vries, Patrick Edmund, David Elrick, Leslie Fodor, Osvaldo Fonseca, Kyle Doucette Goodman, Rocco Grieco, Shamsher Jaswal, Mandeep Kang, Gloria Izquierdo, Enzo Marcello, Sergio Medeiros, Anthony Morris, Mark Petryczka, Edward Pividori, Muhammad Rana, Luis Rodrigues, Elizabeth Scarff, Joravar Singh, William Wirtz, Mazlan Zakaria

Plant Maintenance: Charmaine Allen, Saleem Mohamed

Queensway: Wayne Bowen, Mike Curto, Akshay Gauba, Jim Gorrie, Amal Jama, Sohail Khalid, John Klocok, Steven Lachapelle, Ziad Musharbash, Vlad Onyschuk, Milton Pastor, Adriano Rossini, Vince Sage, Jemaine Scott, Dave Torrance, Patricia White, Errol Wilson

Roncesvalles: Peter Alleyne, Marilyn Irvine, Mitchell Soares, Lou Tomei, Guida Verissimo

Russell: Jessie Antonio, Sandra Armstrong Leat, Christine Bulmer, Maryna Butenko, Stuart Charlap, Ralph Gerry, Frank Gesualdo, Karen Hoare, Allan King, Ronald Paul, Manny Teles, Addisalem Tola, Ryan Turner

Stations: Milicia Micevski, Sherman Palasaga, Ron Stella

Strategy/Service Planning: Stephanie Wildman

Wheel-Trans: Farzad Akram, Gaston Beckles, Ellie Burtt, Gil Dicion, Omas Gardner, Christopher Karakousis, Sean Mooney, Danny Myles, Kathy Paparizos, Susan Patterson, Connie Rojas, Robert Rozynski, Marcel Salvador, Chris Scott, William Sibbitt, Jose Sousa, Brian Spragg, Danny Tavares, Roxanne Walker, Brad Zuber

Wilson-Bus: Pratima Anandjit, Artur Broda, Steve Davis, Sotirios Giaoridis, Patrick Henry, Tanya Henry, Paul Hunte, Ronald Keats, Lisa Mattocks, Brandie Medeiros: “I have had her driving in the past before and she is always polite, professional and helpful.” … Babar Mohammad, Domenic Mosato, Benyam Paulos, Ken Pollard, Glen Purdie, Joel Smith, Muhammad Syed, Kevork Tonus, Bill Traynor

Wilson-Subway: Brian Magee


Mr. Byford and Mr. Colle,

Around 10 p.m. on April 16th, my wife received a phone call that her wallet and information had been discovered around York Mills Station by a TTC employee. After the initial shock and some clarification, I drove to Davisville Station to meet someone that had Danielle’s wallet. It was there that I met Paul Hunte, a TTC employee driving the 11A route last night. Paul found my wife’s wallet and was able to track her down via Scotiabank’s customer service department.

I asked Paul why he didn’t just turn it in to lost and found and he said with the delay that it would’ve taken to get processed he didn’t think it was the best course of action at that time, ultimately expressing his worry that my wife wouldn’t be able to get home because her ID, money, etc. was in her wallet. Paul’s quick thinking and ability to stray from what I can only assume is normal procedure amazed me. What a class act and a model employee of the TTC.

Both my wife and I are daily TTC users, two busy people among thousands that experience the burdens that come from relying upon a system running at capacity. Mr. Hunte’s actions last night restored my confidence and assured me that the TTC is heading in the right direction.

There are few moments where we cross paths with someone going above and beyond the normal call of duty and feel it is appropriate to recognize and share our experience with you. The TTC should be very proud to have an employee of Paul Hunte’s calibre.

Best regards,
Adam and Danielle G.

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