Commendations Corner - June-July 2015

Arrow Road: Jaspreet Bal: “Thanks a bunch to bus 7916 driver on the 165 route. You’re awesome! Thanks for being soo soo considerate :) 2 thumbs up for u.” … Marco Cimini, Junior Forbes, David Hoy, Ellen Jefferson, Hwiyong Kim, Michael McNabb, Denham Mullings, Joan Pitters, Paulo Polonio, Romeo Rasetta, Michael Smolcic, Tracy Tedford, Allan Thomas, Christopher Yates

Birchmount: Salman Atique, Jesse Blood, Clark Bolt, Simone Carrington, Shah Choudhury, Peter Chu, Ioannis Contanas, Kristine Cowen, Blaine Davey, James Gilbert, Neil Hermes, Stylianos Roides, David Salsbury, Oriana Stevens, David Stokes, Nawang Tharchen

Customer Service Centre: T’Rone Buchanan, Elizabeth Foeller, Matthew Hurry, Catinca Lazar, Hovig Kerkezian, Richard Leone, Arlene Quarshie, Edwin Richards

Danforth: Michael Deslandes, Sergio Diakiw

Eglinton: Bruce Barrett, Ismail Bawa: “The woman must have been carrying 10 grocery bags. The Operator carried all of her groceries across the street and assisted her in crossing safely in heavy pouring rain. He then sprints back to his bus and apologized to all of us for added delay. It was a very kind gesture on his part and was appreciated by all the passengers.” … Michael Bellomo, Michael Biladeau, Lincoln Bruney, Michael Chirico, Panagiotis Christou, Sophia Dundas, Russell Fernandes, Natalie Francis, Pirabu Ganeshanandan, Chandan Gomes, Dean Goode, David Headley, Oliver Ignacio, Wei Lee, Mathew Lewis, Brian Little, Floyd Molina, Nick Ousalcas, Mark Stoeckle, Steven Strong, Munassar Thabit, Kevin Toney, Amanda Trebolcock, Mark Vujaklija, Lawrence Wein, Brenda White, Curate Williams, Lester Williams, Neil Wilson

Engineering: Yan Chen

IT Services: Shady Khouzam

Malvern: Selwyn Ali, William Beattie, Eric Cook, Subaschandr Herpal, Gary John, Ellinton McLeggon, Plutarch Nepomuceno, Goldie Rajput, Peter Rice: “This man is my hero. He asked that the person turn down their ear bud music and quoted the TTC By-law.” … Wayne Simpson, Jermaine Swanston, Francesco Vitelli, Paul Watkins

Mount Dennis: Abdulahi Abdi, Milan Baric, Keshia Blagrove, Kannav Bedi, Kevin Borges, Pat Caramuto, Rennie Coombs, Sharon Davidson, Daniela Deus, Barbir Dhillon, David Elrick, Peter Garcia, Anthony Gullo, Hassan Iqbal, Gloria Izquierdo, Yegish Gregorian, Errol Jones, Anne Lawless, Avni Lushaku, Bruce Masters, Paul Moulton, Parveen Pathak, Helder Ramos, Gordon Robertson, Lee Schwalb, Baljit Singh, Tajinder Singh, Christopher Thompson, Dwight White, Stuart Yalowsky

Queensway: Vida Baksa, Patricia Gale, Jim Jung, Kerry-Ann Marben, Muhammad Khan, Jamie Paiva, Anna Rodrigues, Dino Riccio, Bonny Stroud, Jay Thornberry

Roncesvalles: Cameron Baxter, Vito Bellino, Faye Budree, Bruno Canino, Dorothy Dodds, Roman Dzerowicz, Ryan Gourley, Irshad Hasan, Perry Howell, Marilyn Irvine, John Jones, Terry Mannella, Malik Ataul, Wajahat Mir, Ann Nisiewicz, Peter Panagiotakopoulos, Sharman Potechin, David Peacock, Linda Randall, Sophia Sawyers, Mitchell Soares, Jennine Sudeyko

Stations: Tara De Graaff, Yan Dong

Strategy/Service Planning: Gary Lemaire: “An absolutely awesome team player … and was great at assisting passengers on what were the best routes to take to locations outside of Pan Am events.”

Russell: Jason Brenner, Stacey Curling, Nakia Francis, Brian Hughes, Brinthavan Jeyanthan, Karen Karnis, Charles Morrow, James Sun

Subway Infrastructure: Ben Giunta

Wheel-Trans: Shawn Anderson, Andre Chiotti, Keith Conway, Christopher Edwards, Norine Findlay, Raj Gill, Christina Martinez, Andres Menendez, Lisann Mento, Ziad Musharbash, Amin Patel, Michael Powell, Melissa Richards, Murray Roberston, Jason Roy, Paul Skipper, Ramona Totoraitis, Rawle Wood

Wilson-Bus: Shakeel Alam, Robert Bennett, Kevin Graham, Ethel Mercado

Wilson-Subway: Fernando Bagnasco

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