Commendations Corner - February 2016

Birchmount: Dave Ballantyne, Ebrahim Bulbulia, Marco Baldassarra, Chester Ferdinands, Stephen Fielden, Nicola Givans, Neil Hermes, Derek Hicks: “Very, very courteous driver! He waited for a regular rider who is visually impaired. Even though the rider did not show up in the end, it was very nice of the driver to wait a little bit. We didn’t mind as we are all regulars.” … Ilias Hristopulos, Ryan Jairam, Harshvir Kahlon, Michael MacNeil, Christos Nikoletopoulos, Tina Pilgrim, Charles Providence, Antonio Puglisi, Edmond Rodney, Brian Tucker

Danforth: Michael Deslandes, Luke Donovan, Ryan Wilson

Eglinton: Angshu Choudhury, Mustaq Manjra

Malvern: Louise Couto, Reza Dadfarnia, Wayne Dent, Derick Diaz, Zeno Felthman, Jason LeBlond, Arturo Miranda, Trudy Mussard, Fred Pfanzelt, Moises Quetulio, Rizwan Sabri, Kirk Williams

Mount Dennis: Eric Aranilla, Kevin Borges, Daniel Campos, Paul Culling, Darnell Davis, Joseph Demedeiros, George Doukas, Adam Elfiki, David Elrick, Kevin Emoff, Angelo Flabiano, Damion Foster, Yegish Gregorian, Amandeep Grover, Anthony Gullo: “I had just finished at a doctor’s appointment with my daughter and was walking towards the bus stop. I saw the bus coming, but was unable to run for it because my daughter has a broken foot and is on crutches. The bus pulled up to the stop and I was yelling at him to hold the bus. The bus driver (Anthony) waited for me and my daughter and made sure she was sitting before we began to move to avoid her falling.” … Antonio Ianniello, Bill Keys, Grant Kobay, Nelson Machado, Victor Maleek, Salvatore Novielli, Franco Pitruzzella, Mark Reed, Carlos Rodrigues, Nelson Rodrigues, Nadia Roubos, Joravar Sandhar, Igor Sepa, Samson Shekool, Navindra Singh, Eulalee Smith, Francisc Szilagyi, Anthony Wallace, Mark Wilson

Pensions: Anna Puccia: “I would like to thank your department and commend Anna for her help in dealing with an issue that may have made me make a hasty decision regarding retirement. Anna was accommodating, helpful and informative. Her advice was, and is, appreciated.”

Plant Maintenance: Preston Ho Sue, Scott Jones, Aurelio Vinluan

Queensway: Sean Ekladious: “I want to say thank you to Sean and the TTC from the bottom of my heart for waiting one minute; it was a freezing night so it means a lot.” … Dalbir Dubb, Paul Da Torre, Bill Dimitradzos, Sean Ekladious, Michael Fotiou, Patricia Gale, Robert Giles, Peter Ginko, Oluwole Kushimo, Paul Linton, Dennis Papadatos, Randy Ramsukh, Richard Roglic, Jennifer Saunders, Himanshu Sharma, Megan Smith, Michelle Spiteri, Bob Stinson, Ashford Williams, William Wirtz, Helen Yurcan

Roncesvalles: Jessica Aguiar-Ninguem, Malik Ataul, Paul Bacon, Luis Barreiras, Mark Bingham, Rick Chase, Veronica Chiarelli, Chris Crowe, Sanjeev Dhaliwal, Barry Doyle, Roman Dzerowicz, Azhar Hussain, Sunny Ladher, Anika Lattibeaudere, Sheldon Morant, Leo Morrison, Brandon Ogden, Mitchell Soares, Kim Thompson, Stephen Welch, Kathleen Zitnak: “Kat was incredible in the snow today. She was fair, but firm with rules and passengers. Not one argument on the car today despite it being filled with cranky passengers.”

Russell: Chris Abdulbaki, Jessie Antonio, Elias Argaw, Alton Barton, Bonny Belfry, Chris Bourgeau, Jason Brenner, Benjamin Escultor, Glen Franks, Thomas Gill, Trevor Glassco, Scott Gregoire, Allan King, Geeta Kumarsingh, Joseph Martinez, Charles Morrow, Chris Perrin, Wyatt Ramos, Alvin Ramzan, Addisalem Tola, Starlet Vieira, Kelvin Webster, James Williams, George Zavos

Wheel-Trans: Zaldy Alba, Shawn Anderson, Ramanan Arulanantham, Mariusz Barlog, Gaston Beckles, Robert Bennett, Lenore Benoit, Harry Blakey, Trevor Blunt, Daryl Branton, Ellie Burtt, Vince Caputo, Keith Carvery, Marlon Cooper, Chris Cheong, Gil Dicion, Anthony Dilorenzo, John Dreyer, Damien Egan-Wyer, Steve Fitzgerald, Omar Gardner, Rhonda Geldart, Eric Gottlieb, Jackie Graham, Casey Grenier, Trevor Haripersaud, Scott Harrop, Vincent Hatchett, Chris Heidinger, Shelley Hollingsworth, Chris Karakousis, John Lombardi, Dan Mclean, Vishnu Maharaj, Christina Martinez, Jason McGill, Danielle McNab, Michael McParland, Karim Mohamed, Ed McAskill, Andres Menendez, Sean Mooney, Jennifer Myles, Jason Nimmo, Tony Policelli, Michael Powell, Charles Robinson, Melissa Richards: “My wife and I were picked up and driven to hospital; first time using Wheel-Trans and told the driver; she was sorry for driving so slow, driver was amazing! She made my wife feel comfortable and well-looked after, I cannot say enough good things about her.” … Kurt Walker, Trent Ward, Rawle Wood, Brad Zuber

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