Commendations Corner - January 2016

Birchmount: Musa Bana, Joseph Buiza, Colleen Carr, Clinton David, Jason Crandell, William Currie, Maninder Dhaliwal, Roscoe Fleming, Devon Henry, Myriam Huard, Ryan Jairam, Harinder Mandla, Tina Pilgrim: “She reminds every passenger to watch their step as they get off the bus, thanks people and tells them to have a great day and to keep warm.” … Eva Potiriadis, David Stokes, Kim Tye, Ed Wahl, Scott White

Customer Service Centre: Catinca Lazar, Nanica Peters, Puja Rai

Eglinton: Timothy Cullen, Ernesto Delasalas, Michael Easthope, Alan Evans, Ellen Golding, Tameka Hayles, Andrew Holmes, Mayurathan Kanagalingam: “He noticed a child standing at the corner of Sheppard and Birchmount in a bad rainstorm without an umbrella or a hat. He immediately called over the child and gave her his umbrella. That was one of the few times I have clapped together with the rest of the bus. Small things matter and he is real proof of it. I salute this gentleman for the service and his kindness.” … George Karastamatis, Anand Khelawan, Kote Kozovski, Richard Ong, Rayan Sterling, Amanda Trebilcock, David Ward

Malvern: Giovanni Auciello, Cheryl Bauer: “I was extremely impressed with the way your driver handled a situation with some young ladies at the back of the bus. The driver waited until she had a red light and discreetly went to the back and addressed her concern with the young ladies very calmly and quietly, then returned to her route. I did not hear what she said except that it was delivered to make her point so these girls knew they were busted, but she did not make a scene or cause them embarrassment. My hats off to this driver.” … Jainarine Besai, John Brown, Richard Cantin, Douglas Chassels, Natalie Dawood, Andrew Del Mundo, Merrel Emmanuel, Paul Garrett, Grigorios Lagos, Darren Lee, Hing Lee, Paul Liacos, Jake Ligsay, Claire Mineque, Randy Nabert, Michael Norman, Fred Pfanzelt, Denis Rajroop, Michael Sheridan, Paul Stapely, Kristopher Talbot

Mount Dennis: Andy Ataide, Michael Benjamin, Shirley Bishop, Craig Brown, Torres Castro, Alberto Cieplik, Robert Culling, David Elrick, Angelo Flabiano, Allan Gibson, Kyle Goodman Doucette, Rajveer Garcha, Jerome Graham, Robert Green, Candace Grey, Brian Humphrey, Lisa Ivens, Thomas Kawczynski, Timothy Kelleher, John Kolliopoulos, Gaetano La Marca, Mario Langiano, Sergio Medeiros, David O’Neill, Ryan Rajmoolie, Jagdeo Ramoutar, Nadia Roubos, Nelson Rodrigues, Alain Sanchez Valdez, Carlyle Santhiapillai, Rupinder Shahi, Sam Stalletti, Christopher Thompson, Mark Wilson

Plant Maintenance: Baiu Abo, Dean Allaham, Steven Athanas, Kingsley Atkinson, Philippe Bellinger, Nives Bernard, Anacito Calado, Eric Chan, Mick Chan, Alan Costain, Regienald Cunanan, Maciej Czyzykowska, Delroy Dillon, Tony Gabriele, Wei Gao, Preston Ho Sue, Johnny Hui, Scott Johnson, Sutharman Kanagaratnam, Andrew Keller, Roberto Lemus-Lopez, Sam Lindo, Norm Macdonald, Walter Marroquin, David Moore, Tyler Pettigrew, Adrian Popovici, Daniel Raghunath, Shane Seguin, Alex Skidelsky, Mahendra Sharma, Henry Snagg, Danny Weinstock, Jeremiah Wilson

Queensway: Vida Baksa: “Operator is wonderful, thank you for providing such an engaged, caring driver. Driving in a snowstorm, yet able to make sure everyone from the Westway to Islington Station boarded and was accommodated.” … Giuseppe Ciardullo, Robert Carrine, Patricia Gale, Suzanna Mahabir, Roberto Mancini, Kerry-Ann Marben, Adrian McCann, Domenico Porfido, Terence Waring

Roncesvalles: Bruno Canino, Angelo Haralampous, Alan Niewegloski, Jackie Rodriques, Everton White

Russell: Younane Abdulbaki, Irshad Ali, Jessie Antonio, Elias Argaw, Steve Bruce, Christine Bulmer, Maryna Butenko, Ivan Castillo Alvarez, Michael Civello, Paul Cristovao, Benjamin Escultor, Joseph Fox, Karen Hoare, Shawn Kelly, Charles Morrow, Patrick Nolan: “He exhibited great customer service in synchronizing the service for the riders this morning. Thank you sir and have a great day.” … Debora Sherwood, Gareth Stewart, Anne Thompson, Sophia Vincent, Pat Zambri

Wheel-Trans: Iftikhor Ahmad, Steven Bennett, Alan Bouchie, Loucas Coemtzis, Guido Corrado, Frank Currie, Anthony Di Lorenzo, Luciano Di Pasquale, Christine Fursman, Evelyn Gartner, Mario Georgatsellos, Eric Gottlieb, Danny Jeffries, Andrew Keenan, Simon Kelly, Karen Kimball, Coywell Lalor, Matt Lombardi, Bill MacKinnon, Jerry MacNeil, Stephanie McCanny, Cindy McDonald, Urmar Memon, Andres Menendez, Chris Moher, Sean Mooney, Gerard Pacey, Tyrone Pedro, Boris Petrusiw, Arvin Pinlac, Ken Pollard, Quentin Rambaransingh, Charles Robinson, Jeff Rock, Kimberly Ross, Andrew Scott, Bill Sibbitt, Paul Skipper, Kosta Stephanidis, Mitra Stergios, Danny Tavares, Bill Traynor, Mati Ullah, Michael Verma, Terry-Lynn Weese, Lyn Whitmore, Rawle Wood, Richard Wunderlich, Brad Zuber

Wilson-Bus: Rocchetta Pierri

Wilson-Subway: Ryan Holme

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