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The TTC’s reputation is your reputation. When the TTC’s integrity is questioned, your integrity is questioned. Report unethical conduct, fraud and other wrongdoing that harms our reputation and questions our integrity.

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When it comes to the safety and security of the TTC, employees are the eyes and ears of the system. The same holds true for the integrity of the TTC and the more than 15,000 employees who work here. With that in mind, the TTC is encouraging you to act conscientiously and report any suspicion of wrongdoing within the company that involves ethical or policy breaches, and illegal activity that could benefit an individual employee, consultant or contractor. Integrity is the ethics reporting initiative, introduced in 2013, which is designed to protect the TTC’s and your reputation.


We all have a stake in protecting the TTC’s reputation. It’s our personal integrity, not just the company’s, that’s at stake when a colleague violates a public trust. That’s why the  independent service provider, ClearView Strategic Partners, is onboard. Through ClearView’s confidential reporting systems, employees are able to submit anonymous and confidential reports about observed or suspected wrongdoing within the organization. Improper activity, such as fraud, business misconduct or unethical behaviour can have serious consequences and penalties.

Employees have been diligent about reporting these types of activities to their department heads or directly to the TTC’s Special Investigations Unit. They can, and are encouraged to continue to do so. But through Integrity, employees have an additional, formal reporting network if no appropriate channels exist or if they feel uncomfortable reporting a suspicion to their supervisor.

How to report?

Employees can anonymously report their concerns in several ways:

  • Logging in online at
  • Calling toll-free at 1-866-840-5217, and either speaking with a hotline agent or leaving a detailed voicemail message.
  • Mailing in a report to ClearView’s confidential post office box: PO Box 11017, Toronto ON, M1E 1NO.

If reporting online, or with a hotline agent, you will be assigned a secure login/password to check the status of your report while maintaining your anonymity. Only you and the internal reviewers authorized by the TTC (our investigators) will see the report. Your name and identity will be known to no one. No matter how you report an incident, any attempt by the TTC to trace the identity of a participant will be a breach of contract with ClearView, and is not permitted.

Protecting your anonymity

There are four ways for employees to submit reports using the ClearView Connects™ ethics reporting/whistleblower program. It’s important to know that no matter how you choose to submit your report, ClearView has established a secure process to ensure that your anonymity is protected and that the report will be kept confidential.

You can also help to protect your anonymity by ensuring that you do not include information in your report that would identify you (if you don’t want to be identified).

Please note: when submitting reports using the website, it’s important that if you attach any documents (and if you do not want to be identified) that these documents do not contain any personal information in the file properties – click on the Help button within ClearView Connects for instructions on how to remove this personal information.

All employees have a responsibility to report misconduct. All reports should be made in good faith and in the spirit of being a conscientious employee.

No matter how you report, ClearView protects your anonymity

Using the ClearView Connects website

  • When submitting a report, the online session is fully encrypted (using industry-leading encryption technology).
  • The IP address (or unique identifier) of the computer being used is hashed out when it is submitted into the ClearView system (this means that a report cannot be traced electronically).
  • All data resides on ClearView’s secure servers in Canada.

Calling the ClearView Connects Hotline (and speaking with a ClearView Agent)

  • We don’t ask for the caller’s name, or record the call.
  • We don’t subscribe to caller ID (so we don’t know where the caller is calling from – home, office, cell phone, phone booth etc.).
  • Call centres operate in a paperless environment.

Calling the ClearView Connects Hotline (and leaving a voicemail report)

  • We transcribe the report as soon as it is received.
  • We don’t log or track the caller’s ID.
  • All voice messages are deleted from the IVR after they have been entered into the ClearView Connects system so the voice won’t be identified.

Sending a report by regular mail to the ClearView Connects Post Office Box Number

  • We remove any personally identifiable information from the report before entering it into the ClearView Connects system (if it’s handwritten, we will transcribe it so the handwriting won’t be traceable).
  • Once the report is entered into the system, ClearView destroys the original hard copy report.
  • Only authorized ClearView personnel have access to the P.O. Box.

Source: ClearView Connects

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