2022 TTC Workplace Violence Policy

The Toronto Transit Commission is committed to providing a safe work environment and service that is free from violence. The TTC will not tolerate any workplace violence against or by any worker or customer utilizing TTC services. The TTC has established the Corporate Program – Workplace Violence, which sets out measures and procedures to protect workers from workplace violence from all possible sources. The TTC will assess workplace violence risks for all workplaces and activities and control the identified risks, establish means of summoning immediate assistance in the event of a workplace violence incident, provide a process for workers to report incidents, and ensure workplace violence incidents are investigated.

Workplace violence is defined as any:
1. Exercise of physical force by or against a worker in the workplace that causes or could cause physical injury;
2. Attempt to exercise physical force by or against a worker in the workplace that could have caused physical injury; or
3. Statement(s) or behaviour(s) that is reasonable to interpret as a threat to exercise physical force by or against a worker that could cause physical injury.

If a person who has a personal relationship with a worker, such as a spouse or former spouse, current or former partner or a family member, physically harms, or attempts or threatens to physically harm that worker at work, this domestic violence is considered workplace violence.

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, a worker can refuse to work if they have reason to believe that they are endangered by workplace violence.

TTC management will:
• Read, understand and uphold the requirements and obligations of this policy and program;
• Communicate and educate workers on this policy, workplace violence risks, and hazard controls specific to their work location;
• Not engage in, allow, or condone any behaviour contrary to this policy and/or program;
• Assess workplace violence risks based on the nature of the work and work environment and implement appropriate control measures to reduce the risks and protect the safety of employees and customers;
• Promptly respond to worker concerns and reports of workplace violence;
• Promptly notify TTC Human Rights of reports or incidents of workplace violence;
• In consultation with TTC Human Rights, investigate all reports of workplace violence with diligence and impartiality; and
• Review and update this policy and program on an annual basis.

TTC workers will:
• Read, understand and uphold the requirements and obligations of this policy and program;
• Not engage in acts of workplace violence against any persons;
• Report immediately all emergency incidents of workplace violence to Transit Control at 416-393-3555 and their Supervisors;
• Report all workplace violence incidents that do not constitute an emergency to their Supervisors;
• Co-operate with all efforts to investigate and resolve matters that violate this policy and/or program; and
• Act respectfully towards others and work together to prevent workplace violence.

Richard J. Leary
Chief Executive Officer
January 1, 2022

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