Rewards & Recognition Q3 2015 Winners

Leadership Awards

  • Brings staff together to reach a common goal.
  • Has the ability to bring harmony to unsteady relationships.
  • Efforts result in increased productivity and a sustainable workforce.
  • Encourages a calm, focused work atmosphere.
  • Always maintains a positive, proactive approach.
  • Inspires others and is an excellent decision maker.
  • Always helpful to new Operators.
  • Explains information clearly to staff.
  • Motivates and inspires colleagues.
  • Motivates others to be positive ambassadors.
  • Leader in using social media to connect with customers.
  • Volunteers to attend special events to represent the TTC and develops connections with others.
  • Took on leadership role when a colleague suffered a tragedy by stepping in and completing colleague’s duties as well as her own.
  • Kind-hearted, hard-working and dependable.
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