Rewards & Recognition Gala 2017

Customer Service Award

Gala Winner

  • Backpack turned in and Daniel followed procedure to look for identification and notify CIS.
  • $50,000 cash found in backpack left by a customer who had lost his mother and was making funeral arrangements.
  • Successfully reunited the backpack with its owner, demonstrating honesty and integrity. 
  • Overall, a respectful, polite, customer service oriented employee.

Spring 2016 Finalists

Fall 2016 Finalists

Daniel Clavette - Operator, Birchmount Division

This award recognizes TTC employees who consistently demonstrate an exceptional commitment to the TTC’s goal of delivering excellent customer service. These individuals display that they clearly understand the diverse customer groups that the TTC serves, and how to most effectively meet their needs. Adjudication Committee: Deputy CEO/Chief Customer Officer Chris Upfold, Chief People Officer Gemma Piemontese and Corporate Communications Executive Director Brad Ross.

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