Rewards & Recognition Gala 2017

Teamwork Award

Gala Winning Team

The Leslie Barns Project

Frank Campbell - Construction Site Manager, Construction
Bryan Chung - Senior Project Engineer, Construction
Scott Fraser - Senior Project Engineer, Construction
Charles Lee - Construction Site Manager, Construction
Anthony Leonetti - Deputy Construction Manager, Construction
Adrienne Long - Senior Project Engineer, Construction
Micheal Ruel - Senior Project Engineer, Scarborough Subway Extension
Warren San - Senior Project Engineer, Construction
Paris Savides - Project Manager, Construction
Connie Wan - Project Administrative Secretary, Construction
Pat Williams - Project Administrative Secretary, Construction
Akram Yoannis - Senior Project Manager, Construction
George Youse - Contract Administration Manager, Construction–M&P

  • The Project Management team worked cohesively and co-operatively with the Operations and Service Delivery Groups to open Leslie Barns on Nov. 22, 2015.
  • Ensured communications were kept open through regular meetings with all parties involved to resolve challenges on the extremely complex construction project.
  • Relentless effort, dedication, and workarounds ensured the goal was reached on time.
  • The Leslie Barns was the Fall 2016 Finalist Team.

Spring 2016 Finalist Team

The One-Call Team

Alicia Coke - Maintenance Engineering Clerk, Subway Infrastructure
John Galejs - Chief Surveyor, Engineering
Jenny Matharu - Development Co-ordinator, Property, Planning & Development
Andrew Park - Assistant Designer–Electrical, Streetcar
Kris Prashad - Senior Inspector–Electrical, Subway Infrastructure
Ian Pryde - Senior Inspector, Plant Maintenance
Michael Stevenson - Project Manager, Property, Planning & Development
Helen Sun - Senior Engineer–Structural Maintenance, Subway Infrastructure
Delroy Taylor - Communications Supervisor, Plant Maintenance
Dominic Tiano - Technical Review Manager, Engineering

This award recognizes groups or teams of employees who demonstrate the key elements of successful project work that advances departmental goals or the TTC mission. Teamwork may take place within groups, across groups, or within a department or section. Adjudication Committee: Chief Service Officer Rick Leary, Chief of Staff Joan Taylor and Corporate Communications Executive Director Brad Ross.

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